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I have discovered a great new favorite place for high tea, you all.

Spent the afternoon curled up in my new favorite cafe with my coffee and books. A chance find really, happily discovered while searching for a nail parlor. It’s a cafe society concept by Ashley Isham. The entire place is gilded gold and there are plush chairs and couches everywhere, screens showing the latest runway fashion shows, gold mannequins on the huge steps donning the latest Ashley Isham designs and collections. Quiet too, not many people streaming in. For almost six hours i was the only customer, which i liked very much.

Had a Chocolate Silky Velvet cake and a mocha latte- cake wasn’t fantastic, slightly too dry for my taste, but then again I’m fussy with my chocolates. And you’re really paying for the ambience. Price range: slightly lower than that of Antoniettes (significantly smaller variety too though), pleasantly surprising.

It opened in June 2011, and is tucked away in the folds of Orchard Central, which probably explains the lack of human traffic. I loved it though, the absence of ongoing bustling in a reflective bubble atop the busiest street in the city. Finished rereading The Odyssey (Odyssey gave me such a headache, 375 pages worth of hubris and headache) and read Hunger Games- loved them both, thank you all who recommended HG especially XQ and the FS reader awhile back.

Boutique and Parlour By Ashley Isham
#01-27/ 02- 07 Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
Tel: 6509-5408

Recommended: Yes, definitely.
I love it so much that i want to keep hush about it really, in case it suddenly gets insanely crowded, but i cannot because it would be a crime not to share.

In the evening, a bunch of us PGC + aman kimmy tang khair, met up to surprise Rabbit for her 20th.

Happy 20th Surprise, A+ girl

Fountain of sin, you all.

I think it is a general consensus that when you make the birthday girl cry, your surprise is a SUCCESS. All credit to R4dy and the resident Cherokee.

Memorable snatches of tonight:

Nams: you listen to music like The Washing Machines right?
syaf: the washing machines?
Nams: Yes, something nightingale.

Besides that I was highly allergic to my dinner. The last time i broke out in chills and bumps was in secondary three during my choir camp when i broke a light stick by accident and it leaked its toxic waste all over me and i was convinced i was going to grow a third eye.

I have since purchased anti histamine from a clueless looking pharmacist at ION and also made a beeline for apples at JP Fairprice in a bid to raise my entire vitamin C level and hopefully my immunity. Allergies, it is ON. The solution for everything to life, apples.

Hope you have a lovely transitioning from Rabbit to Sparrow, dearest.