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thought i’d pop in to share longchamp’s latest ad for their new bag, the Balzane. a combination of two things i really like- effective and entertaining use of social media channels, and pretty bags. the ad stars model Audrey Marnay, and bloggers Rumi Neely, Eleonore Bridge, and Jing Wang. Its youtube based but customized to be interactive, the concept is similar to that of the amazing interactive youtube campaign for desperados beer.

if you’re at home on a friday night, 1. why? 2. join the party here. Of course you have to be of legal age (they ID at the virtual front door) and i trust none of you will fake your d.o.b, but I guarantee you’ll enjoy it. I also suggest you go for the connect to Facebook option so you can get your face tattooed on a hot woman/man’s collarbone at the end. Which could be pretty interesting.

you are welcome.

♥ jem