currently listening to:satellite stars and an ocean behind you by the submarines

say hi to Unicorn, my new macbookpro. ever since yesterday I’ve been marveling over the pretty backlit keys and the smooth curved finish and lifting it up with one hand just to prove i can. (my previous laptop was really heavy.)

in other news, I’m pretty sure my throat is gone- i blame the combination of late nights and oversinging- and as of 6am this morning i have decided that never again will i stay up till such an unearthly hour to finish my assignments, its disgustingly tiring and i started muttering various escape plans to avoid friday’s class to myself when the clock approached five.

i know I’m being infuriatingly silent on my hair, but that’s only because i have a photoshoot with @apostrofeee on friday for the ad and i’ll post it up then together with the details of the discount that the salon is giving all my readers. This much i will say: the beauty salon that sponsored my hair is called Bonafides Beaute, and their main branch is at Centerpoint, Somerset, they do everything from hair to nails and spas.

And this slightly blurry pic is all the preview I’m giving for my hair, so knock yourselves out.

i already foresee a whole slew of blonde jokes coming my way. Just so you know, I’ve heard most of them already so if you’re going to be making a hey dumb blonde hahahah I’m so funny joke you better make sure its really funny.