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One of those rare imageless posts because i am a genius and brought my dslr home for the long weekend, yes, but didnt bring the connecting cable. That makes it sound like I’ve been shooting away at everything that moves, which i have not, so.

Think i came on today to talk about the weather, which i find wickedly funny because 1. i have been told that i have an odd sense of humor 2. isn’t weather the stereotypical thing everyone talks about when you don’t know what to talk about? and 3. i actually legitimately enjoy talking about the weather.

I digressed.

Anyway, as much as i hate to subscribe to gender stereotypes, if the weather were a woman i believe this would be what we commonly label pms, what with the ridiculously sizzling sun and the sudden dense downpour yesterday. And if there’s one thing i learnt from years of watching free to air tv, besides How to kill someone and hide their body (CSI), is that storms with lightning and loud thunder is always occasion for DRAMATIC behavior

and embark on dramatic behavior i did, head full of spontaneous notions and excessively emotional nostalgia, and turns out i had a pretty good day despite the wet hair.

on the plane of normal though, I’ve also been reading almost nonstop, finished Sexing the Cherry/Jeanette Winterson, One Day/David Nicholls, and I’m re-reading Homer’s Odyssey for school as well as plunging through Tina Fey’s Bossypants. It has never been as apparent that language is a luxury. Conversely, real life seems whitewashed in comparison, I’ve been wondering if my life were a novel how many people would read it and for this i blame that SAF Navy advertisement which was plaguing all the train station television screens at one point in time, re IF YOUR LIFE WERE A MOVIE HOW MANY PEOPLE WOULD WATCH IT???????? What an existential dilemma, wondering if one’s life is good movie/book material.

k gonna have reunion dinner with the extended family soon, we’re NOT having yu sheng (i am very disappointed about this i like yu sheng) but on the other hand we have salmon, also today i washed the car, is this worthy book fodder?