currently listening to:bruises by chairlift
status:tired. very. tired.


this week has been hectic, meetings till one, two am, realizing that i have a graded presentation due on friday, lugging the laptop around and participating (check it out im actually awake in class!!) in class debates. im so very tired- wait what do you mean its only tuesday? i thought we must have been at least halfway to the weekends by now, dangnabit.

anyway. just dropped in to say that this is my last official day with a black mane of hair. pretty excited about tomorrow’s sponsored appointment in town, i’ve settled on an ombre and i cant stop shouting it at everyone i meet. after realizing just now that my hair is now so long that half of it had been sandwiched in between the car doors without my knowledge just now, i may just get a incy wincy trim as well.