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It looks like a total of seventeen hours of sleep in the past two days have done me plenty of good because i (think) i am alright now, so please discount the previous i dink im sthick post. And also like i promised, here’s my update on the Jersey Shore road trip G and I took last month! Bet you thought it’d never see this side of christmas.

Full update after the jump

G and I went on a pretty impromptu road trip down to New Jersey last month, and we stayed with Sarah and Sabrina! It’s only about an hour ++ drive down from New York.

Breakfast at Clark’s Restaurant, Brooklyn, which i absolutely adore. It has the most amazing breakfasts ever.

Car ride down to NJ! Hahah sian i have such a “brb dying” expression i remember we literally woke up and went OMGOMGOMGOMG WE ARE LATE and threw a bunch of things into the duffel bag then went down to meet them at Brooklyn so we were really tired! This was the day after the Dishwasher Incident which i will, uhh, update about another time.

Sarah’s place! Her dad very kindly drove us up and down New York and New Jersey, so we didnt have to take the bus (which i suspect we would have missed anyway, this bachelorette lifestyle we’d been swinging for that month did not agree with regular sleep timings..)

Also, her dogs

IS THIS PHOTO NICE OR WHAT. After taking this photo i looked at it and went dayyumn! im pretty good at this animal photography thing! I must have some sort of hidden talent! in a somewhat congratulatory manner so i spent the rest of the day chasing her dogs trying to get pictures of them….. turns out i just got lucky for that one shot.

Went down to the public pool after that where they were having some sort of family day

The last two photos were taken with Dmtri, my smena! It’s so much cheaper to develop film in USA, kind of regret not taking more shots now.

Also I am pretty sure they audition lifeguards at the Jersey public pool via level of hotness im not even kidding i felt like i was on some sort of tv show.

G and I soaking up the sun back at Sarah’s backyard while the Sooy sisters play lacrosse.

My bedfellow! This little fella crept up into my bed and stole all the blankets.

Woke up the next morning to Sarah preparing breakfast and a picnic for our trip down to the beach.

She’s gorgeous and she can cook! Spoil market only this girl.

G and I are pretty hopeless in the kitchen (cue: mysterious Dishwasher Event) so we went out to look at the deer family which came poking around in the morning.

i dont know if you can see the deer. there was a whole FAMILY of them!!! I got so excited, Sarah’s family was so amused. Started waving my hands and yelling HEY DEER! HERE DEERY DEERY DEER but that did not, in fact, induce them to come over and feed off the breadcrumbs in my hand or whatever idyllic anne of green gables imagery that comes to mind. The deer family sort of just looked at me suspiciously and Deer Dad herded the rest of his family away.


K so anyway Sarah’s dad drove us down to the beach after that! It was another hour’s drive i think, you honestly have to drive everywhere in NJ. That actually explains why the teenagers who cant drive yet are so slim, they probably walk or cycle everywhere.

Their town is so beautiful! It’s very community style which means everyone knows everyone and everyone sort of grew up together, which i imagine can get either pretty awesome or pretty awkward. Still. Their emphasis on family is something we could take a leaf from.

Oh yes random fact! Most of you know that New York is called the Empire State thanks to Alicia Keys and her piano on the steps of Times Square, but did you know that New Jersey is called the Garden State? Now You Do. If you check out NJ during the harvest time, you’ll understand why.

We reached the beach after an hour (in which i, uh, fell asleep) !! Please do not touch the crabs!!

Yes it is.
(Gift shop along the boardwalk)

Introducing: the JS boardwalk!

G holding up the PapaSmurf plushie i won for her in one of the boardwalk games! She got a little grumpy after i told her that she reminded me of a smurf cos she was so small hahahah

Also i think i’ve mentioned this before but its hilarious how when you ask any NJ people if they watch Jersey Shore they get all offended and go That show ruins our reputation.


Pretty amazing how cold, cold surf can transform us from teenagers on the cusp of adulthood to squealing giggling little girls. I have never stepped in cold seas like Jersey’s! It was FREEZING. In caps lock, for emphasis. FREEZING.

Check out the old man checking out G’s ass. Tsk.

oops little georgie had an accident.

We went for a last walk up and down the boardwalk after that to play more games because it was getting a little late and we had to factor in the driving time back to our apartment in Manhattan.

CANDY!!! G got some toffee fudge (slightly too sweet for my liking) and i got CANDIED APPLES!!!!!


I FELT LIKE A CHARACTER IN AN ENID BLYTON BOOK!! CANDIED APPLES!! SUMMER DAYS!!! Next think you know i’ll be prancing around to Grease’s Summer Nights. I’ve wanted to try one ever since my parents went to the states WITHOUT ME four years back and tagged me in their candy apple photo along with the note candied apples! very yummy! miss you girls, xoxo.

More boardwalk games

Everywhere was selling candied apples lol i wonder if people would go for them if we brought them back to singapore.

heh heh the panda pillow pet sarah won for me from one of the water gun games. For those of you unfamiliar, a pillow pet is basically a plushie in the shape of a pillow, except it has velcro on the tummy so you can fold it up and it becomes a.. jang jang jang jang.. PET. I dont know why i was so amused by this. It’s sitting in my dorm room now.

So anyway, that concludes our two day road trip to New Jersey.It was pretty awesome, i’d say that out of the month i spent in the states, New York is more American Dream where you get young adults working as waitresses and cashiers to fund their dreams while auditioning for broadway at night, etc etc, but New Jersey is more family oriented, and it’s really homey and sweet. AND THEY’RE ONLY ONE HOUR APART! (Cue: hanah montanna’s the best of both worlds. ok on second though, scrap that. i hate that song.)

On a side note, America got hit by a bitch of a hurricane this week, Hurricane Irene. 8 people off the eastern seaboard have died so far, the news driving me into a highly panicked state while i tried to contact all my friends and family there… Anyway, predictions are that Wall Street will be hit the worst, news which i took with much dismay because omg thats where i stayed!!! 🙁

Pretty worried for my friends in New York, and the Americans in my extended family (the american cousins live slight off the edge of Philadelphia), so im going to make like a peter pan/tinkerbell and request your prayers/wishes for them. Keep safe, new york.