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so besides the realization that the inspiration which struck at 3:12am going yes, its a great idea to start sketching with your eyeliner pencils! was not, in fact, sensible, and therefore the consequent need for new eyeliners now (who knew they ran out so fast)-

-above being the scan of the photo i had hastily cut-and-stuck on my nomination form for the 8th HSSMMC because it was the night before the deadline and i only had my developed kodaks from a month ago.. presented to you because of the comment i overheard today while casting my own vote

“this girl looks like she’s solicitating for votes!”

before a horrified

“oh are you this girl!?”

i might point out that a prim and proper pastor’s daughter does not solicit but ..oh well, whatever works, right?

Would go on rambling about all the things i want to do now as the 8th’s social director but my fingers are freezing off in my room in fact im sure they’re turning into dodo frozen fishsticks. Uhh. Anyway. Thankyou to all who voted, reaching out for the nim jom pi pa gao or however you spell it before i get hounded down by people demanding their songs, now lets party!