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Event: Mediacorp’s Wild Wild West party for XinMSN’s first year anniversary

Because i am a boring person and do not party further than CHECK IT OUT GUIZ ITS CANADIAN PIZZA R U THINKING WHAT I AM THINKING B1?!?!?! i dont have photos that resemble partying beyond these, which were taken at a mediacorp event this year when i was having a 40 degree high fever explaining the very weird facial expression and retarded smiles so refraining from commenting on those would be very much appreciated.

So where was i going with this again.
oh yeah.

ANYWAY. I know I’ve mentioned before that I was approached sometime last month and am now collaborating with Campus magazine in their blogger engagement programme, and this also means that I get first hand notifications on their contests/events/whatnots. This month, Campus is holding a Thank God I’m Hot photo competition, with the top prize being a Thank God I’m Hot Butter Factory membership card. The two runner ups also get priority entry for Butter Cookies. Because I dont club myself, i looked at this and wondered why they would be giving out biscuits… then realized i probably shouldnt ask.

If you want to win the Thank God I’m Hot membership card, you’re going to have to:

1. Like the Campus Singapore facebook page and
2. Quote jemmawei and submit a photo of yourself in your favorite clubbing outfit to

Contest closes on the 25th August and photos with the most likes win. So, if you think you’re hot…..

All the best!

In other news, I’ve been my way across campus for the past two weeks, and I’m still as lost as ever. The campus is beautiful, but i highly suspect it’s also vertically confused. How else do you explain the ground floor being B5… I wonder if i’ll ever get the hang of this.

I’ve also just started on Game of Thrones the book series, and it seems pretty good so far but everyone tells me its the cats pajamas. Also my literature lecturer seems to be head over heels with the television show, so i guess this is gonna be a good one.


Cold yakult and grapes in my room! My life is complete.