Currently listening to:the really annoyingly cheerful BGM of sims social which i cant figure out how to mute

Besides the fact that my Sim keeps going to stand in the toilet and stare at the showerhead like a woman possessed whenever i dont slate any actions for her to do, EA’s sims social is actually pretty remniscent of my childhood days where i would make my sims frenemies and then friends and then woohoo! I know Sims is supposed to be reflective of real life but since when is giggling together a designated action of any girly hangout session? oh wait.

ever since reading the prediction that sims social was set to overtake farmville (which i never quite got into) and cafeworld (brief period in j1 where i was obsessed by this game but stopped because my chef turned out to be a ungrateful crazy bitch) after the 2011 EA’s press conference, i’ve been waiting to try it out. So far all i’ve done is make her learn to play the guitar and toast to her health with neighbors. Which actually kind of reminds me of real life excuses for alcoholism.

play sims social.

in other news, the blogger collaboration i did with Campus magazine for their fashion issue is apparently out already, although i have yet to actually see it. The filming session is next week so i’ll probably upload it when they send it to me as well. Also, noone is allowed to laugh at the incoherence of my column because i was approached for this collaboration when i was still in New York and therefore wrote it 1. at 3am in the morning 2. on a tight deadline 3. with a word limit of 150words and if my PW experience is anything to go by, i am not good with word limits.. so do pardon the incoherence, and i promise a better one the next time.