Currently listening to:Shruthi screaming from like a million miles away…skype conference.
Status:Skype conferencing with shruthi, xq, dan, shar, daph.


yesterday the SNBs kidnapped the sentosa girl. the awkward moment where a patrolling policeman stared suspiciously at the bunch of teenagers holding on to the blindfolded girl was successfully averted with a series of very quick ninja hand gestures..

the unforeseen side effect of living on campus: ALL YOUR CLOTHES ARE ON CAMPUS. my weekend outfits are getting stranger and stranger. This one consists MNG jeans and a black oversized top that makes me look like a bat. i can even flap ma wings.

guess who joined us from down under! the wonders of modern day technology and skype.

and this photo required the terrorizing of some random passing girl at harborfront mrt ..

besides accidentally bopping random strangers with the balloons and confusing tourists as to why there were teenagers sprawled all over the wooden observation deck at vivocity i think yesterday went pretty well. it is nice, comfortable, to sit and catch up with friends you havent seen for awhile. between lives. i havent seen most of my friends for quite awhile actually, but i am comfortable enough with them to leave it that way without worrying about the time factor straining the friendship, knowing it wont. Its something i find honestly quite precious.

Today i organized my new closet and sprayed perfume over all my bedsheets so that i would immerse myself in lime and coconut (surprisingly nice!) when i go to sleep later. i know people dont normally do this but this is what i call Innovation. converted and downloaded all my lecture notes and readings into the paddington. feel ridiculously accomplished and satisfied, hide yo kids hide yo wives i am in the mood for GETTING THINGS DONE.

so i should probably get to those notes now. i had forgotten how thick literature readings can get.