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So, because the Mac and the DSLR still refuse to kiss and make up, here are some shots of yesterday from syaf’s compact camera! We went to ayam.. okay. i cant get that name right. Aya something.

Announced in the middle of muji ion: i am going to make like a 500 days of summer and pretend this is my living room.

i tend to fall in and out of my jeans phases. Some days i cannot understand how people want to walk around with legs like blue sticks, other days i embrace it like a second skin. living on campus and consequently moving 90% of my wardrobe there unleashed the unintended effect of the i have nothing to wear! dilemma which every girl is terrified of. Rediscovered the incredible convenience of jeans.

i now have pictorial evidence that the pgc terrorizes random members of the general public. check out the dude with the (:|) face in the superman tee, first pic.

celebrated national day today by catching up on my reading list (unfortunately, non academic related, i really need to start reading the beowulf poem) and then sleeping. Seriously, i dont know what’s wrong with me because i cant stop drifting off to sleep. woke up ay 11:08am (i remember this because mum keeps reminding me, ie “YOU ARE HORRIBLE, WHO SLEEPS TILL 11:08??” uhh, me.) read off my ipad’s flipboard which i must say is one of my favorite paddington apps, and then went back to sleep from 4-7pm.

Also, despite establishing the Shoe Covenant with PGC last night, I went ahead and broke it by ordering two pairs of shoes on urbanoutfitters online..

the shoe covenant:

You may not buy more than one pair of shoes at a time because you will love one less than the other and wear them unequally.

if it helps though, one of them are black and red.. and the other pair is white! so if you mash them up and squint so that you ignore the black, i really did buy my shoes in national day colors.

sort-of patriotism.