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Remember that extremely odd red suit i wore a few posts back to meet Samantha at Number 5?

It was part of a social experiment organized by the Council of Third Age and Oglivy to raise awareness re: ageing. Basically, the Red Suit simulates old age by weighing down your knees/joints, makes it harder to move (sticks where the joints are), harder to see (the glasses which simulate cataracts) and harder to text and bbm (latex skin gloves).

Question posed: How does ageing affect your everyday life/things you do on a normal basis?

To be honest i dont cook clean skate ride bicycles etc etc on a normal basis, it is not part of my everyday life (though this might change now that i am living alone), but what i do imagine most teenagers do regularly would be to party.

I dont know at what point in our lives do our interests melt from shopping and hanging out to like.. taiji? but i do know that you’re never going to catch me sitting in an arm chair watching Ai. Anyway, im rambling too much. Here’s a sample of my experience:

Read the rest of it here.
Syaf was also involved in this social experiment and here is hers: click!

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