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Lets assume you asked how my day was, what i did, why thank you very much for asking i am very well indeed.
Woke up today, realized i was in an unfamiliar environment. Tried unsuccessfully to find something to eat for breakfast. Calls to mind Bella Swan’s Watch me hunt for my food! and subsequent cringe did i just make a twilight reference? and even more subsequent cringe i used to be a twihard in secondary school! oh well. we all have our little dark secrets.

In spite of very helpfully labelled cute COFFEE! cup pictured above, i did not, in fact, have coffee. I need to either install a coffeemachine in my room or get a juice blender so i can make smoothies. Currently picturing a very dreamy scene where i run an illegal juice bar in my room (come on its a totally feasible business plan HAVE YOU SEEN HOW HOT SINGAPORE IS?!) and make a million dollars before getting hunted down by angry campus authorities.

Went back to my office in Raffles to visit and tie up some stuff, its odd how i feel more comfortable in a crowd of working people than on campus. Miko says its a sign of Youth Lost which makes me sound like some really creepy jaded emo kid, but i assure you i am not. Zip, back to the west for dinner with Dan at Billy Bombers after his bookout. Thank God for NS friends near school! Human Company!

ALSO: leaving aside the fact that i was wondering around trying to figure out how to get out of the school for the longest time, HAS ANYONE SEEN THE SIZE OF JURONG POINT?! it’s near NTU and its HUGE. No wonder Stooffi doesnt want to leave the west. I dont want to leave the west. I have also made friends with the friendly barista at Jurong’s Starbucks who complimented my jacket. The underlying message being that if you compliment me i will befriend you. Swear.

The last few minutes of the day was spent screaming and trying to chase a huge bug which flew into my room, out of my room, with a random senior who was walking by and very nicely offered to lend me her LAN cable because i was being frustrated at the relatively temperamental internet connection here. Look at that! Bonding over insect extermination. How lovely.

There you have my relatively drama free day, besides the whole shrieking and chasing huge flying bug thing. I keep thinking back to that old Navy advertisement where they write in CAPS across the screen:


Well.. does anyone know if bugs are good showbiz material?