Currently listening to:I wanna hold your hand by The Beatles
Status:Jetlagged. Therefore. Not making much sense

Hi all,

Moved in to my new place this morning. Pretty nice. Very proud of my maroon furry throw i lugged back on the plane i argued with stewardess about. Re: I dont want to stow my throw in the luggage compartment. I want to hug it on the plane.

New address, got me all excited, new space to call my own!!!!! This requires excessive exclamation marks. Here you go, a few more. (!!!!!!!!!) Requested POSTCARDS on twitter to mark my new address because taking in the mail always makes me excited. Realized that i didnt know my own address past the fact that i’m in hall 13. Mumble Mumble. Embarrassed. (Yes my appeal was successful praise the Lord!)

Back to MJ. Forgot: Singapore. Hot. Has it always been this hot? Take off your jacket its so damn hot but i replied i cant, im wearing a tank top and there are children here! J1s are not children. Debatable.

Tea with XQ at canele, are muscle aches a side effect of jet lag? All my bones hurt. My eyes hurt. informs me that yes! also, you will be experiencing moodiness and irritability! and possibly a sore throat! Oh dear.

bought three books- Homer’s The Odyssey, Austen’s Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice. Literature, stacked up, one day i will be able to build a wall of books to divide between this room and that, maybe one day, a house divided by walls of books. What happens when i want to read one?

I am speaking like this because i am so very tired. Coherent sentences dont form. It is vaguely depressing. I have lost coherent speech. Stringing a sentence together. I speak in staccato. Here. There. Pause. Rub eyes. Resist the temptation to crash. Jet Lag will only get worse. Hate. Jet. Lag.

The first being i saw when i entered my hall today: Cat. Cat! XQ: “you are going to grow old with 27 cats you weirdo” Is this some sort of omen. But i like cats.

I have not been for any camps. Orientation. Hall camps. CCA camps. Dont know anyone. I see my future. It consists a friendless and slightly depressing college life. I will give myself two weeks to make a friend. After two weeks, i am going to determine the center of campus and stand there with a sign: WHO WANTS TO BE MY FRIEND?

If noone responds to my Sign. I will make friends with the Campus Cat. If it has no name I’ll call it Rabbit. We could have lunch together.

Sounds like a plan.