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Last night, G and I stayed up to watch Disney’s Tangled on her Mac. I pointed to Rapunzel: she;s my role model, i want hair like that.
G tried to force me to go and get my hair cut today.

This morning, bumbling around in the kitchen produced two bowls of noodles and eggs which are the best food in the world if its a cold day, which it kind of was. We ate, sat on the carpet, watched Fox Pictures’ Anastasia, pointed out details, there were no shooting stars in the morning so we wished on our home cooked msg-filled noodles that we were princesses.

Starbucks had an insane queue so we went to get lattes from this mobile cart. I loved it- its so quaint and it gives really good coffee too! There are so many things in New York i want to bring back to Singapore, over the past week we’ve drawn up thousands of business plans. If we pull through, G and I are going to be millionaires of our sculpted city.

Victoria’s Secret, Harold’s Square.

Stepping into VS was like leaving the real world and entering barbieland. The row of awkward looking men sitting by the doors- HILARIOUS. Even funnier when you think about the fact that VS actually installed a whole row of benches there precisely for this purpose.

Girls of supermodel height holding swimsuits up to their bodies, twisting around in the mirror, saleswomen spritzing their latest line of perfumes in the air, ladies applying various shades of lipglosses on the back of their hands. I took the escalator up to level two smelling like i ran a marathon through a polly pocket fashion departmental store.

I got converged on by a saleswoman who attacked my face with bronzer- the saleswomen are smartly positioned by the makeup section brandishing wands make up brushes, it’s their mission in life to go after vaguely crappy looking girls (that would be me) and transform them with the likes of eyeliner and bronzer and shelves full of makeup. I was sorely tempted to get their bronzer after that (NEVER REALISED HOW TRULY AMAZING A DIFFERENCE A GOOD BRONZER CAN MAKE) but i stopped myself because i realized that i was going to be studying literature in HSS next month where i would in all likelihood wear a paperbag over my head everyday to hide my dark eye circles, not become a runway supermodel.

I love the huge dressing rooms in every single NY store! This one is the VS changing room, it has rows of doors with sweetheart/flirt/bitch/princess and other names inscribed individually in pink on each black door!

Also hit Sephora, H&M (i love it, so excited that they’re coming to sg this fall) and Aldo today, and i do have to declare that i am so in love with my new Aldo platforms it should be criminal.

I also should probably mention that i have rediscovered my HUGE and possibly quite unhealthy obsession with paper bags. Mum got so mad with me some time back because i was literally collecting starbucks paper bags, i loved them so much. Now i have paper bags from Roxy, VS, and so on… G is staring at me in disbelief.

Somehow, while trying on some touch up hairspray which turned out to be brown, i managed to spray my new Roxy white tank top down. KNDSKJFNSDJKFNJKDSNFJKDSNFJKDSNFJKDSNFJNAJKDNSA. Have i yet mentioned that it’s NEW? And its the nicest tank i’ve ever bought! AND ITS WHITE. I nearly died. Used my long hair to visually obscure it from the rest of the world because this is New York and you do not do stains, sloppy or dirty in NY, went home to scrub it off with detergent.

See, my long hair is useful so quit telling me to cut it!

Took the subway down to Brooklyn for sushi. This is from Sushi Gallery, it’s apparently the best sushi place for miles around and its got FANTASTIC sushi. My tastebuds testify. For anyone intending to visit NY, it’s right outside the Brooklyn subway station where you exit. I think its the Borough Hall / Court Street-Montague Street station. Above pictured: the explosion roll. So… my tastebuds exploded.

ROFL bad pun.

George and Jon, had to post this up because it cracks me up i have no idea what was going on with her face dont look at me

Went for a walk down Brooklyn bridge at night together with all the other tourists, felt like a tourist for the first time since coming to NYC. Preferred living in the city rather than visiting it, there is difference in established comfortable routines you fall into with the slow discovery of new things, everyday, and the mad rush of tourists with their cameras, experiencing the city through their camera lenses rather than drinking it in. All grey perhaps, but different shades of grey.

Back in the apartment today i was introduced to hat hair. ie. What happens when you wear a hat.

I now know that if i wear a hat out, i am never taking it off in public.