Currently re-reading:The Time Traveller’s Wife
Status:Sick. Also, kind of excited

Independence day takes on new meaning this year, new significance.

My first solo trip, and to New York, Alicia Keys i’m going to hold you to your word, i expect to have all my dreams come true by the time im back. Including but not limited to: 1. suddenly turning into a 165cm tall brunette with softly curled hair 2. magically having huge eyes which sparkle like the morning dew 3. world peace and free education for all kids in the world! 4. Also, the blackberry 9900 wont hurt.. heh. love the blackberry emphathy, unfortunately its still a concept phone only– now, that is one smexy phone.

On a more serious note,
cant wait, am slightly nervous, maybe even scared, thoroughly excited, still.. sick. Going to pop by the doctor’s later to get some medicine before going to the airport. Will still be consistently tweeting (@jemmawei) and blogging here thanks to wonderful, wonderful stable broadband over in Manhatten.

When i get back, university starts, another chapter.