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Photos shot with the 50f1.8 prime lens, courtesy of @alkanphel

At the Esplanade concert hall post concert, still riding on the exhilaration of the concert high. It was almost as if we were fuelled by pure stage exhilaration, the farther i walked from the Esplanade the more exhaustion swathed itself around me and the more my feet dragged, the more attractive the bench right there at that corner looked, the more feasible it seemed to just take a .. five.. minute.. nap.. for.. awhile..


A Conversation which took place lately

I have never seen anyone as driven as you

Me? You have to be kidding, have you seen how lazy i can get?

Its not that.. Its not ambition, i dont know how to phrase it. It’s like how the rest of us have daydreams, but you’re utterly convinced that whatever it is will happen. I have never seen anyone so completely, absolutely convinced that they’re going to go to new york, or marry a member of royalty, or anything.Its almost like it has never occurred to you that it might not happen.

Isnt that a good thing

It depends. Sometimes its good, this conviction you have, as senseless as it can be. But at other times when it catches you out and whatever you believed would happen doesnt, it can crush you.

would you like a dose of perspective with your coffee this morning, miss?

I have also been thinking of perming my hair lately, into the huge soft curls which start from your nape/gently looping from just below your ears. Have gotten bored of my long, straight locks/my face/my entire look/want a change/want to look vaguely interesting to myself, but I’m just terrified that it might damage my hair- any opinions on this guys?