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A few photos from Bintan.

The rest are still uploading/processing- somehow i managed to take 500+ photos, even with a grumpy lens throwing a bitchfit which still hasnt been resolved. Looks like i have to buy a new lens 🙁

After arriving in Singapore at about 430pm yesterday, i headed home to bathe and change before the Nielsen networking party at the Tawandang (spell?) microbrewery, Suntec, and then after that, the Firefly Video Launch+Tribal Fusion party at the Pan Pacific Hotel’s Stereo Lounge.

Exhausted doesnt even begin to cover it, but last night was fun: hanging out with the starcom people-

“so, do you really know nicole seah?”
“i bet you get that a lot…”

and then the inSing and Yahoo! guys. A spot of promotion for them: inSing is having this crazy GSS daily deal thing where the lowest unique bid for their product of the day wins the right to buy it. So far, this guy has walked away with an ipad 2 for 10 cents… what the hell. Here you go- go on, try your luck. You need an inSing username to join. Click here.

Thank you Jason for throwing the party last night- had lots of fun!

Went home and crashed all the way till this morning- so very tired. Today, i find myself back in the office. Feels vaguely like i’ve been watching a tv series and skipped an entire season, things progress so fast. New developments, more work, more meetings, all of which are interesting so i don’t mind. Walking to work today i felt strangely nostalgic, wondered what it would be like when i stop working and return to school. For so long, i’ve been defined by this job hi, (handshake) nice to meet you, where are you from, hi, likewise, i’m a writer for Havas Media (exchange of namecards) it will be odd when i go back to being hi, nice to meet you, im jemimah from the literature department, i like hello kitty.

Feels as though i am living out the Curious Case Of Benjamin Button where the protagonist grows backwards, job, work, million dollar clients and meetings and contracts, then university.

I will miss this job.