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Today i sat on the fine white powder with my iPaddington reading my ebook, working on my paper, wondered how this could pass off as sand when it looked so much like talcum baby powder. (Coincidentally im done with The Red Pyramid by Rick Jordan/yes i do read fiction the likes of Percy Jackson/what can i say it makes for easy reading/also a secret disney girl at heart)

Finally it got too hot and i started to worryingly resemble a crab so i went for a swim in the sea. It’s quite the tragedy, but i completely cannot tan. I can lounge in the sun the whole day and bake to a honeyed red brown, but the next day i’ll be back to alabaster.

One thing i have to say about Bintan, though, amidst all my complains that it’s overrated and overpriced is that the waters are gorgeous! So clear and there are fishes and coral and its just the right temperature and the light reflects off prettily..

Well the minute we hit the waters, my sister went completely into crazy overdrive

Sister (On all fours in the shallow waters chasing fishes): FEE FI FO FUM I AM A GIANT! FEE FI FO FUM I AM A GIANT!

I feel obliged to point out that this is my second sister, not the baby. She is sixteen. Apparently.

Sat in the shallow waters soaking in the sun keeping completely still, after awhile the fish forgot i was human and came over to swim around me…!!! They probably thought i was a rock or a piece of coral, but thats not the point. FISHES!! SWIMMING AROUND ME!!!

In the evening we went to watch scores of baby sea turtles released into the ocean.

Yesterday, disaster struck. Was out for a photowalk exploring the island when suddenly the autofocus function on my dslr lens stopped functioning! As did my heart. Like seriously, one minute i was shooting a baby squirrel eating a nut of some sort and the next moment it stopped working!!!! I was seriously all down and moody the whole of last night. At least if i had dropped it there would have been some sort of explanation as to why it stopped working… 🙁

Probably have to start looking for a new lens now. The only thing is, i busted all my money on new york… sigh.

We’ll see how it plays out. Meanwhile, i’ve learnt how to shoot on manual, first time yesterday thanks to circumstances. Things could be worse.