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Hi Guiz!

So, instead of beautiful photos of the beach, you get crappy 1.3mp (or is it VGA?) webcam photos of my face sitting in the suite doing my work, observe Exhibit A (yesterday) and B (today) above. This is primarily because i 1. didnt bring my DSLR cable and 2. refuse to bring my laptop out to the beach just so i can webcam the beach. That’s retarded and the locals would stare.

Bintan’s finally gotten sunny (it was kind of rainy yesterday afternoon,tragic) so i guess i’ll hit the beach later with my offline work. Currently reading The ROI of social media (ITS AS THICK AS HALF MY PALM!!) because i have to write a paper on it, and The heart is a lonely hunter by Carson McCullers.

“Owing to the fact he was a mute they were able to give him all the qualities they wanted him to have.”
— Carson McCullers (The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter)

The book seems promising- okay well of course it is, since its on the top 100 books to read of BBC or something like that. Hm.

The talks have all been pretty good so far! I’m hoping i will come away from this camp (although the word camp suggests some sort of wilderness-ness and rustic quality to our lodgings and truth be told it is quite lovely..) closer to God and with a better understanding of the person i need to be. I had a discussion with one of my friends once, and he asked me why do all you christians always want to be better and better, why cant you be satisfied with who you are and i said we live striving to be a better person more like Christ because as we are, we are not enough

Other wise, spending time with the family is good as well, im always too busy/theyre always too busy/time has never been a prerequisite for closeness to me as mentioned a few posts beforehand, but it is to them, they are always complaining that they dont see enough of me and that the two sisters will grow up without me. So far, as a family we have:

1. watched Monsters Inc which was showing on Indo-tv
2. Sat in the suite in comfortable silence while sisters study for their major exams and i do my work
3. I taught dad how to use his new iPad which was a gift from his friend, now he thinks he’s all tech savvy.. !!
4. Parents were too hungry and couldnt wait for me to finish waking up/changing/brushing my teeth and abandoned me in favor of the breakfast restaurant this morning. AHEM FAMILY TIME AHEM.

We’re going to a Kelong tonight for dinner with the rest of Life BP church!

(okay my skype is pinging i think i need to get back to work now bye)