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Wow the internet here sure is wonky. The suite is really awesome though, complete with four poster bed- cant believe i forgot to bring my DSLR wire so i cant blog with pictures on the go! :/ AIYAAAH ok even if i did bring it, honestly the internet is so slow i wouldnt be able to upload anything. Tried to upload a crappy 1.3mp webcam photo of my room and the internet nearly had a coronary and died.

So anyway, Life BP Church invited my dad to speak at their camp and paid for our entire family to go (thank you!!!) which explains why we’re here in the sunny sunny island of Bintan where there are beaches and pools and resorts and i saw an iguana.

It was HUGE.

So Anyway, there was this bit in the talk today which got me laughing. Pastor was trying to illustrate the point that God takes all sin as a personal offence against Him:

Imagine, there’s a law in this state saying you cannot punch a girl in the face and break her nose. This guy does just that and goes to court. When its his turn to stand for trial, the judge asks him “Did you know that that law was proposed and passed by me?”

And the criminal goes “uh oh, im in trouble.

And the judge looks at him and says:
“Did you know the girl who’s face you punched and nose you broke was my daughter?”

The criminal knows he’s a dead man.

I thought it hit the spot pretty well.

Anyway, i walked into the conference hall today and the first thing i saw was the banner and i was like ooh dayyumn, that font is sexy! and my sister looked at me and went did you know that you’re really, really weird sometimes?

But then i let her play Tiny Wings on my ipad so she took it back.

That’s about all for day one. It was raining when we got here (ON A BOAT!!!!! i feel so Old Spice. I’m on a boat. dum dum dum di dum dum.) so we didnt get to go to the beach, plus i was kind of dizzy from the boat ride because i am a Nauseous Traveller. Also i spent a large part of the afternoon working on my paper, i didn’t officially take leave from work so i’m sort of “working from home” except.. im not home.. yeah. Explaining why i brought my laptop.

Okay im poppin off to sleep now so i’ll be all fresh tomorrow! BYE