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I think you can tell that my first roll of film was quite the fail. These are the better ones already, the rest looked like the town got attacked by monster brown mist. sigh.

Any comments/advice/help?? Please offer some constructive criticism/tell me how to fiddle with the settings/HELP- email me/FS/tweet or something ok! Much appreciated. I shoot with Dmtri, my Smena8m and this was using Lucky 200SHD film.

In other news: I’ve recently started (today) on The Perks Of Being A Wallflower which i’ve heard mixed reviews about, we shall see.

Also, of late i’ve been frequenting the theatres so often they should give me a big fat loyalty card. Watched The Hangover II, Xmen: First Class and Kung Fu Panda 2. I found the Hangover II slightly disappointing: cliché, jokes sounded forced, and i cannot comprehend why that gorgeous asian girl would marry that dentist. And dont give me that love is blind drivel..

Xmen was a whole different story though. IT WAS SO GOOD even though it wasnt completely factually correct if you read the comics.. IT WAS SO GOOD. Every single minute the audience was thoroughly engaged: this is coming from a girl who sat IN THE FRONT ROW. it was absolutely fantastic though, loved every minute.

Kung Fu Panda 2 was funny, but there were two kids who kept shouting out commentary and screaming laughter behind me so.. (thanks for the gift of tickets though, Nuffnang ^^)

Also watched V for Vendetta and rewatched Inception this week. I loved V for Vendetta (believe it or not, first time!) NATALIE PORTMAN IS SO GORGEOUS ok not the point but SHE IS SO GORGEOUS cries. The 1812 Overture is my favourite orchestral piece,i had no idea they used it in the film, it was a pleasant goosebump-kind-of-pleasant surprise.

Lastly regarding my terrible movie/show habit: im done with big bang theory season one and well into season two it is so hilarious i find myself screaming with laughter in the middle of the night alone and get a pillow in my face from my irate (sleeping) sisters.. oh dear.

Sorry for the onslaught of boring posts these days guiz. I’ve been so terribly sleepy at the end of each day i dont even. Oh well.