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So today i got it into my head that i would go for an adventure. It was to be my first time sending my film for developing, and several people had recommended Triple D down at Burlington Square. Instead of taking the conventional route (MRT then walking), my newly adventurous spirit decided to take only a bus.

When i alighted in the middle of nowhere i had no idea where i was and because i underestimated the time the bus needed to travel, i had six minutes exactly to get my ass to Burlington Square (repeat: no idea where/what it is) before tripleD’s closing time.

Needless to say, i cabbed.

The cab got stuck in winding, winding traffic and i almost died. MY HEART CANNOT TAKE THIS KIND OF SHOCK.

The next time i start feeling adventurous, i need someone to take me firmly by the shoulders and slap me.


Well anyway. It was @gogengoh’s surprise party at night, hosted at @mavistlj’s newly revamped place!


The rest of the photos up tomorrow, gotta go crash now. Hope you enjoyed yourself Gen! <3 In other news, i've also re-read The Constant Princess by Philippa Gregory (Catalina of Aragon’s sortof autobiography) and have just started on Hamlet/Shakespeare which i am ashamed to admit, i have never read before. Just started a planning/packing list today as well. Hm.