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“Stars in the night,” he said. “Something something something something, some delight,”

Maybe its the news that kept me up up up till three am

stumbling over words

washed my face

after awhile i realized i was talking to the grey notebook with the pink embossing on the cover and cream paper so i opened it, flipped to a fresh page, put a granite pencil to my mouth and started to sketch

in the middle of a plaited maxi dress i nearly laughed at myself re:talking to inanimate objects
if they talk back i will start worrying
not before

i found myself wanting
a stranger
i cannot think of anyone

i found myself laying all the options on the table
there are no options.

in memoriam;
conversations on replay, and i cannot stop it
people grow old, not up.
it does seem rather bleak doesn’t it, dearest.
this continuity used to envelop me in comfort, like watching the gentle rise and fall of the pedal of your bike,
wouldn’t really call it comfort anymore
you talk about a tunnel
but i doubt the existence of that fabled light.
what light

today i stared but didn’t see