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Went for Shakespeare in the park: Macbeth today by the Singapore Repertory Theatre, courtesy of Audi Classics. (Thank you! I dont drive but i like your cars!!!!!!!!) Brought Rabbit along and while all around us, people sipped vintage wine and ate frozen grapes and expensive chocolate, we sat on $2 daiso ponchos and ate shaker fries and kfc. Sup.


Gothic Gate. The queue was terribly long: very grateful that it wasn’t raining! We were so worried about the weather the entire day because it’s open air and queuing/watching in the rain would be such a dampener.

In the morning, while waiting for Ern’s parents, we were ASSAULTED by rain from all directions i tell you, assaulted.


We thought we were early

They were earlier

I dont even know what time they started queuing omg.


Selling Macbeth merchandise at a Macbeth play. Ern told me to caption this [Duh] heh heh.


Check out our ponchos!!!! Neither of us have picnic mats at home and we were out the whole day anyway. Mine’s the maroon one. It worked pretty effectively actually, and we didn’t even have to lug it home since it was more or less disposable ^^


“Why everyone around us eating raw fish, frozen grapes, chocolate cake and drinking wine?! We only have shaker fries!”


The three weird sisters/witches! They were the most interesting part of the show- always cackling and doing weird witchy stuff. It made us laugh.


Curtain Call. (Didnt take many photos during the play itself.)


Singapore Repertory Theatre’s (SRT) goal is to provide a platform for Asian artists both on and off stage and to give Singaporeans and visitors the opportunity to experience Broadway, the West End and the richness of Singaporean culture.
They’re a non-profit organisation earning money only from ticket/merch sales (tis the life of struggling artists) (jk i dont think they’re struggling) (but do help them by buying tickets to their shows/merchandise anyway okay support the arts scene please!!!)

CONFESSION TIME Ern and I have both not read Macbeth itself (we are contrite with guilt/still call ourselves lit students sia) but we are PLANNING TO. Like, tomorrow.

We though Macbeth was really good though. Besides Macbeth, we’ve watched Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale by The Bridge Project at the Esplanade two years back, Taming of the shrew last year (the actor spilt beer on me when he was walking on to the stage cuz i was in the first row :c ) and she’s been for Much Ado About Nothing by SRT.

Macbeth was well executed though, trust me when i say this is not something you take for granted at a play, i’ve been to a play once where the actors forgot their lines. Sound and light system was great (i got a really bad shock at all the gunshots), jokes were weaved into the character’s speech effortlessly and we weren’t strangers anymore when we were laughing, we were in on the joke, we were a huge audience body united by mutual appreciation of the characters.

“Good Day! I though you were women, but your moustaches confuse me!”

“Eh that actor hot sia”
Ern’s inner SPG has been revived.

Best part of the play: ADRIAN PANG.

When he came on, all i could hear was this immaculate british accent and i was like goodness, who’s that angmoh dude? And when he turned around i was like DUDE. THAT’S ADRIAN PANG. (didn’t have time to read up beforehand so i didnt know he was playing macbeth paisei)

He had such a perfect british accent and it flowed so well from him even though he was a chinese! Next to him the rest of the actors (poke poke lady macbeth poke poke) just sounded kind of artificial, but it brought out the perfection of his accent even more. It sounded so natural! And honestly, i’ve always thought it was harder for asians to pull off english plays because of all the thee thy thous which would just sound odd in our accents (imagine leticia bongnino’s voice going thee thy thou blah blah!) and honestly, not that many asians can pull off the british accent without sounding artificial.

Adrian pang why you so fly. ~

Better put a picture of an Audi here since they very kindly invited us


Reminds me of F1 cars with all the red bits! Macbeth is part of the Audi Classics Series this year.
Actually that car reminds me a little of the Mini Coopers too. I think it’s the slightly boxy shape.

Macbeth is showing at Fort Canning Park till the 22nd May!

Wed – Fri and Sun shows
Standard – S$48 (Event Day)
Advance Ticket – S$38 (available until one day before performance)
VIP Package – S$75
(Includes a seat, two glasses of wine or soft drinks, canapes and a souvenir programme.)
20 seats per VIP tent, free seating.

Sat shows
Standard – S$55 (Event Day)
Advance Ticket – S$45 (available until one day before performance)
VIP Package – S$80
(Includes a seat, two glasses of wine or soft drinks, canapes and a souvenir programme.) 20 seats per VIP tent, free seating.

Book your tickets here.

Would we recommend it: yes! Ern and I have made plans to attend the next Shakespeare in the Park/ organise our own movie showing in the park, and bring proper picnic baskets and champagne and frozen grapes and chocolate and sandwich platters. The guy next to us brought a mini cooler ok we felt so inadequate with just our takeaways + 1 bag of twisties from the Indochine mini stand.

Thankyou Audi and Sid!!!! 🙂

At the teaparty earlier today we met a senior with this film camera


Diana Mini in White.


In other news, we are in the midst of making life-changing decisions. Mak and I all but attached ourselves to a student ambassador we met ten minutes ago and got her to show us her room and around the campus. Thankyou for the campus tour, Jade!!! Appreciate it so berry much.

Oh! Also, part of one of my latest projects included looking through pictures of goodlooking people! Thought i’d share some of them with you.


I like the last one! What happy looking people.

..Actually i like all of them.

Done with: The Great Gatsby/ F.Scott Fitzgerald and The White Queen/Gregory.
Starting on: The Awakening/ Kate Chopin and Macbeth/Shakespeare (need to DL/ buy it first though)

Memorable bits:

“You see I usually find myself among strangers because I drift here and there trying to forget the sad things that happened to me.”

“Her face was sad and lovely with bright things in it, bright eyes and a bright passionate mouth, but there was an excitement in her voice that men who had cared for her found difficult to forget: a singing compulsion, a whispered “Listen,” a promise that she had done gay, exciting things just a while since and that there were gay, exciting things hovering in the next hour.”

“The exhilarating ripple of her voice was a wild tonic in the rain.”

Recommendation by @SupremeSu. I can understand why it’s her favourite book. It was also mentioned in Norwegian Wood (read it early this week) as one of the favourite books of the narrator Watanabe and Toru- if im not wrong, Toru said something along the lines of any friend of Gatsby is a friend of mine.

When you find references to other books in a novel, i take it as a pretty strong sign that it’s a book you have to read. I think that’s why i read Brave new world/Huxley back then too, it was mentioned several times in other books i read.

I am thinking of buying a new shelf for all my books- right now i’ve taken to storing them in all my handbags because 1. shelves are full 2. books in bags help to maintain the bag’s shape… (yeah right i just dont have anywhere else to put them lol)

Check this out. Pretty awesome shelves.

I’m moving out soon though, and i dont think im allowed to nail anything onto the walls of my dorm. Oh well.