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I got really excited when i saw today’s Google header animation (idk what the proper term for it is) and i ran around the entire office telling everyone to go and have a look and my colleague got so amused that he did some mumbojumbo and downloaded it for me so now i dont have to keep refreshing to watch it how nice!

Here it is.

I dont know why i get so easily excited over things like that.

Anyho. there was this day in phuket where all my colleagues abandoned me to go off exploring some island (WHY?!?!) and i roamed what felt like the entire length of phuket alone, planning my escapade from one air conditioned abode to the other. phuket is really hot.

it went something like this: hotel room –> first manicure shop i see –> first massage parlour i see –>OHMYGOODNESS A MACDONALDS GREAT AIRCON –> eh wait there’s no aircon in this macs wth cheat my feelings –> first air conditioned shop selling random things i see–> that was how i ended up in a fish spa sooner or later although i wasn’t planning to bare my feet to a whole bunch of hungry fish.

it was interesting.

anyway. travelling alone is pretty exhilarating (came back earlier cos i had something on). At the airport before boarding i leaned against the wooden bookshelves in this magazine store, counted my leftover money and bought

1. TIME Magazine’s special commemorative edition for the royal wedding. (about 10SGD)
2. Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami (about 20+ SGD)

I almost bought Blind willow sleeping woman too but i had run out of Thai Baht. Was asked to watch the movie (NorWood) several times but i have this bad habit: if i know the movie was adapted from a book, i have to read the book first. And i kind of do want to watch the movie so i thought i’d better buy the book.

I started it yesterday and im on page 237 now- i told myself i’d take my time with this one but somehow it didnt pan out that way. Right before this one i was on Persuasion (Austen) and this is a pleasant change. The book seems to have an innate rhythm, like someone beating time, breathing in out in out in out slowly. I was going to say the language was luxurious, but i dont think that’s the word exactly.

I wish i could read it in its original language but i dont know japanese and it’d all be squiggles and dashes to me.

“I didn’t have much to say to anybody but kept to myself and my books. With my eyes closed, I would touch a familiar book and draw it’s fragrance deep inside me. This was enough to make me happy.”
Norwegian Wood

Slated: the great gatsby (Fitzgerald), the awakening (chopin), Emma (austen), invisible (Auster)

Anyway sometime in May, Diva Universal Network invited me for the preview party of their new series, Fairly Legal and i brought xtel along as my +1.


With xtel. It was a pretty well organised party (PR company: SPRG) held at Chambers, Old Parliament House. They got this company- Shots.Asia– to manage the bar and they packaged up the potent little drinks in takeaway mini glasses which you could slip into your handbag to drink later- you can check them out if you want something novel for your party.


With the bloggers from The Neo Dimension.


Met Ingrid and her boyfriend there too: she’s one of my fellow finalists for Standard Chartered’s WCI competition last year end. You guys will probably know her better as @iammyy on twitter or the radio DJ (if im not wrong) for SMUBE.


The entire place was set up like a courtroom, complete with Judge and Jury.

The show itself was pretty interesting, though i have to admit it started off only average. It’s easy to like, complete with catchphrase “Dont Litigate, Mediate”, pretty chirpy, though nothing mind blowing. The main lead (Sarah Shahi) is really pretty though- i know her eyebrows looked kind of weird in the poster but she’s really pretty in the show.


Anyway, the show premiered on 5th May, so catch it if you have the time/starhub cable! I dont have cable myself, so i haven’t seen the tv spot we did for the show yet. But maybe that’s a good thing, because God knows i looked ridiculous sticking out my tongue on tv while making a failed attempt to whistle like Kate.

Promo video for the series:

And yes, i know i’m lagging behind on my blog posts. I feel extremely inefficient. Will blog about Italy, Phuket, and the Microsoft’s Xinsational party soon. People keep pinging me, telling me they’ve seen the photo of Xtel, Glenn Ong and I on XinMSN/Microsoft/Idk what but i cant seem to find it there. You can actually see some of the photos on Lifestyle Asia but dont judge, i look really terrible in all of them. I was running a 38 point something fever. (nods to self and continues making half-assed excuses)