Currently listening to:Meplalian by AHSChoir 2007
Status:Really. Sleepy.

Just got off skyping with Miss New York. I’ve missed her dreadfully. Even just sitting here, dead exhausted after work today, listening to her voice ring with laughter and that lilting american accent she is so unaware of was enough for me. I was too tired to talk much, so i satisfied myself with settling back and listening to her like a downloaded podcast. When i wasnt rubbing sleepy moisture from the corner of my eyes and yawning, we discussed our future plans. Road trips to DC, Miami, staying in her NY apartment when i go over. She told me about her MTV friends- producers, stars, cast of jersey shore (which i dont watch) (but seriously) (cool or what) and we contemplated music, business, housing.

It was almost like old days, when we were hopping from one place to another, taking random buses to see where we would end up, making pasta in her kitchen (i melted a bowl) (it was an accident i swear) (what lah), or as we did most of the time, just lie somewhere and talk about the first thing that came to mind.

I am so grateful that our friendship did not suffer from this 15412.61km between us.

Oh in other news the photographer has finally released the shots from Diva Universal Network’s Fairly Legal preview party, so i guess i’ll be blogging about that soon.