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This was last saturday with the Saturday Night Bitchaz.

There are about two hundred photos but i am not posting them up because 1. i was having a bad face day i looked crappy and 2. half of them are of shruthi avadhani taking photos of her own face and going “ooh dayummn baby i am so hot”


I was at work today and i thought to myself: it is scary how time has passed so fast. Where has it all gone- its nearly midway through 2011. At the beginning of this year i promised myself this would be the best year of my life.. well. I can certainly say its been the most extreme.

I also realised that i am no longer the New Girl at work, it has been five months since i started writing here. I feel incredibly lucky that im doing something i love: writing. I know i have said this before. Language is a luxury.

Things i like about my job:

1. typing.

2. Ever since i started work i feel as though i’ve become more sensitive to coffee. Before, starbucks, coffee bean and the nescafe vending machine at school consisted all my coffee consumption. Since so many client meetings are at small coffee cafes tucked away in quiet corners, i feel as though i have come to appreciate coffee more.
I still like starbucks though. I like the smell of starbucks.

3. Financial independence. I like being able to buy gifts for my family and friends and i like not taking money from my parents.

4. Perspective.

5. I have really funny and cool colleagues. We have the stupidest conversations and almost always end up laughing till we have to grab our sides and double over and try not to fall off our chairs and our brain hurts from the lack of oxygen. Today we matched up colleagues to disney/cartoon characters. Xtel is jessica rabbit obviously and i am hello kitty. sup guys.

6. I can stand up in the middle of the day and shout I THINK HELLO KITTY IS GREAT and everyone will just pitch in and go no iron man is cooler or are you kidding me? Have you seen BATMAN? and the entire conversation will end up descending into a who-is-hotter-natalie-portman-or-jessica-alba debate instead of slapping me and asking me to shut up.
God knows i would slap myself if i were a twenty five year old working on some contract of international importance and the eighteen year old girl next to me just decided to pitch up and declare her love for hello kitty.

I am really annoying sometimes aren’t i.

7. I learn all sorts of things i would otherwise be completely ignorant about. Did you know that there are exactly 10 starbucks outlets along orchard road? Did you know that a Singapore Sling has enough alcohol content in it to rival half a bottle of wine? Aha.

8. Travelling. Okay I have only been to Phuket with them so far but there is Bali coming up and maybe.. hee hee wont say anything as of yet.

Things i dont like about my job:

1. Lotus Notes. It crashes an average of 7.893 times a day.

that is all.

In approximately 2-3 months i will be swinging a bag over my shoulders, sipping a morning latte and heading off for lecture again on campus. It will be exciting.

I realized that i have become increasingly satisfied. As in without compromising on ambition: yes, i do want more and to get better and improve constantly and i do have day dreams (what sort of person doesn’t honestly). But i have become someone who finds herself in a situation, prods it a little to figure out if anything can be changed/improved, and if not then i will settle and be happy there. I am immensely happy with my job now but i am increasingly sure i will be completely happy back in school too. And if i continue working and take a gap year (still undecided on that) i am sure i will be happy too. Things happen for a reason and being unhappy is a waste of time. I dont know how to explain it. It is probably a good thing. I think it is a good thing.

Everything is more intense these days. The significance of time has started to impress itself upon me.

I am rambling again, aren’t i.