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With bby sister kickin in the back seat with dad’s MBP yesterday. hi ladies and gentlemen she wants to go into politics and she is twelve years old.

I was just thinking-i am pretty grateful i have a job that enables me to do what i love: writing, basically. Everyday I sit in my office and tap away at my keyboard, do research, tap some more, write papers, meet clients and drink coffee. Today two interns came in so i now have a Research Assistant woohoo i feel all grown up and all now.

I was also thinking about how nice Chocolate Flavored VitaSoy was. Its like hello panda but.. liquified. Sorta.

In other news, it is May. I spent the second day of May at the grandma’s for her birthday followed by wandering around town for two hours with my Jane Austen and a cuppa waiting for XQ so we could go watch Thor. It had not much of a storyline but it was full of really goodlooking people so i guess that evens out. I learnt that Natalie Portman was a Havard graduate. I officially hate good looking, hot and intelligent girls SPOIL MARKET ONLY PLEASE.

Cant stop watching Portman movies.

It is May. It was supposed to be the start of 2011 where has all my time gone?