#2071 | World Lipstick Day! Favorite Lip Products


Hey guys,

So the other day whilst we were on shoot, Roz picked up my handbag and casually asked if I made a habit of just carrying a brick around. Honestly, how heavy my bags get has long been a mystery to my friends and I, right up till Roz followed up with asking if she could borrow a lipstick before we started filming..

I started pulling lipsticks out of my bag left and right and trust me no one was more surprised than me. We counted a total of nine lip products in my tiny crossbody. My producer couldn’t believe it, she asked, are you a vending machine or what. And to nobody’s surprise suddenly my bag was significantly lighter. Ohhh.

Anyway, it’s world lipstick day and it seems I am a bona fide lipstick addict. So here are my favorite lip products on rotation! I more or less decided to write this on the fly, so I didn’t have time to swatch all the products. As a result, all the photos here are pulled from a quick google images search, and I take no credit for them! Also, I wish I could include more products because honestly, so many brands have great lip products. This is by no means an exhaustive list. But here are the ones that have truly impressed me over the years:

1. Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in 01 Honey


I only recently started using Clarins because I always thought it was a more mature brand. I now see that that impression stemmed from the fact that all their strengths are rooted in solid, classic skincare practices. It’s something I’m appreciating more now, especially since I’m increasingly looking for makeup that has skincare enhancing properties. I’ve tried a bunch of products from Clarins over the last couple of months, and the ones that stood out were their SOS primers, shaping facial lift, and the water lip stains. All of them are products designed to enhance rather than stand out, so you’ll find that they’re reliably good in making you look like a glow-ier version of yourself.

Anyway, my absolute favorite product from Clarins thus far is their lip comfort oil, which is so lush. It contains jojoba and hazelnut oils, and works great on its own or as a top coat. I do a lot of camera work, and I find that the sheen, while pretty irl, looks amazing on camera. My favorite is the honey shade, which smells like a dream. Your lips definitely feel protected and moisturised after, and I find it makes for a great mid-day lip moisturiser for people who work in air conditioned office environments.

+ points for great packaging (super gorgeous metallic top with clear body.)
– points for not very hygenic applicator (it’s a doe foot applicator, which means if you’re using this as a top coat, you’ll see it being stained by other colors over time.)

2. Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in 610 Addiction


This has been a mainstay in my handbag for a really long time.. maybe too long, I feel like it might actually be expired. Haha. Anyway, the Ultra HD matte line is so great – it’s a matte liquid lipstick that really stays on forever, with a really intense color payoff, and the 610 Addiction shade is just so flattering too. It instantly makes your skin tone look cooler, and the dark pink is (i find) a more interesting look than an outright bold red.

The Revlon Matte Balm is also very good, as is their Superstay Lustrous range. Actually Revlon as a brand is just damned good, especially for lip products. The best thing is, Watsons is always having random buy one get one sales for Revlon products, so I’ve gotten the Matte Balm for as low as $10 a few times already.

+ points for sexy bullet packaging, the frosted glass style matte body really stands out
+ points for great value for money
– points for not being very hygienic with the doe stick brush applicator

3. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask


This isn’t really a lipstick, but you can mix it in with your lipsticks or use it as a primer, even. The lip sleeping mask has long been one of Laneige’s bestsellers, so it’s not like this is a hidden gem or anything, but it still bears a mention because it’s so damned good. It comes in a thick, silky consistency, which doesnt feel greasy at all. Apply a layer before you sleep and you’ll wake up with baby smooth lips, which stays nice and moisturised even post-morning cleanse. I bring it on flights with me all the time too, I find it really helpful because flight air is so drying. I like the apple-lime flavor, which approximately no one else likes, but the original is the most popular.

+ points for uniquely cornering the market in this genre – I think this is the only product that comes to mind when you’re thinking of an overnight lip product
+ major points for being so damned good
– points for not very hygienic application style – it comes with a little brush, but realistically, theres nowhere to keep the brush so it gets lost really fast and youre always dipping your little finger in the pot to get the product out anyway.

4. Laneige Stained Glass stick in 02 Rose Quartz


This is a recent release from Laneige, and i feel it’s one of their better lip products. Laneige is one of those brands that has consistently good products, including some majorly underrated ones like their quad eyeshadow palette, their silk intense lipstick range, and their eyebrow cushion cara. But the thing is, although they have great products all around, people tend to overlook korean brands in favor of their western counterparts when it comes to bold looks. Whereas when it comes to the soft, girly looks, none of the western brands can really compete with Laneige (and other korean brands).

This particular line is impressive because despite looking like a balm, it’s really a stain – the initial payoff is a smooth jewel like shine, which over time fades to leave color-stained lips. The watery finishing is very natural, it looks as if you just had a cold drink. It also smells amazing, and there’s zero tug when you apply it. It’s a good alternative to the dior lip glow – also a great product, but pushing it slightly at $48. I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t like this – it’s a great product, very classy and understated, even for non habitual lipstick wearers.

+ points for cool metallic bullet packaging
+ points for the quartz like gem at the end so you know what color youre getting even before opening the product
No minus points

4. Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Color in Bitten, Baby, and Babe


I’ll admit I have a soft spot for the crushed lip color range because I hosted their launch last year as their resident #girlcrush. Hoho. But yes, I have a lot of love for this product as well. In the same way that the Laneige glass stick looks balmy and works like a stain, the Bobbi Brown CLC looks like a lipstick but works like a balm. The finishing is really pretty too, it’s very casual and cool, like lipstick that’s been blotted and lived-in already. Because of this, you actually dont need a mirror to apply the crushed lip color, just swipe and bite your lip, and youre kind of good to go.

It’s the very definition of wearable – it sits comfortably on your lips without any of that waxy feel that comes with intense pigment. The product does not bleed at all, so it’s perfect even without a lip liner. I really like the packaging too – it’s a simple black bullet, with a color band running through the middle so you know exactly what color youre getting. Because of its effortless finishing, I find it works best in rose to nude shades.

+ points for smart packaging, with the color band
No minus points

5. Maybelline’s Color Sensational INTI-MATTE NUDES in Hot Sand, Purely Nude, and Beige Babe


Maybelline is another drugstore brand that is not-so-secretly excellent. I’ve found them to be really good for mascara and lipsticks, and their Their Inti-Matte range is actually fantastic. I do really badly with nude lipsticks, they usually wash me out and make me look really ill. I’ve only been able to wear nudes from four lines – maybelline’s inti-mattes, urban decay’s heat capsule collection (fuel), revlon’s super lustrous line (bare affair), and sephora’s house brand lipstories series (brunch date).

The Inti-mattes range are, firstly, all matte nude shades, but more than that, they’re all warm tones, so they’re very flattering. The formulation is really creamy, so you dont get dried out lips – which is normally the problem with strong mattes. If you’ve already got dry lips I would suggest layering a lip primer (or the laneige sleeping lip mask) underneath it anyway.

The only thing is, I find their color swatches to be pretty inaccurate. The product itself is great, but many times I’ve chosen a lipstick based off the printed color swatch and found the actual product to be a totally different color. Sometimes the difference is really too big to be ignored haha. So I would go to the store and try it out instead of buying it online!

+ points for punny name
+ points for great value for money
– points for inaccurate color swatches

6. Urban Decay Bad Blood Matte Revolution Lipstick


I’ll have to admit that I no longer have this because I was on my second or third tube which melted in my handbag after leaving it in the sun.. and I’m trying not to buy new lipsticks until I finish the ones I’m currently using. But as far as red lipsticks go, the UD Bad Blood has always been the most iconic red lip for me. It’s a universally flattering deep red with a cool undertone, and the matte formulation is surprisingly non-drying. Urban Decay’s strengths have always been in pigmentation, and this one gives you a great color payoff with just one creamy swipe – no need to slowly build the color up. It’s also doesnt get patchy through the course of the day, although the color does bleed a tiny bit. All in all I feel like this is the red lipstick for me, and I’ve already repurchased it several times.

+ points for great price point for a cult product
+ points for long lasting formulation

7. MAC’s SIN lipstick


Despite the Taylor Swift Ruby Woo hype, I actually find that MAC shines when it comes to their darker lip colors. SIN is a cool toned deep burgundy berry, and it’s a very sexy shade. It’s easy to apply because of it’s intense pigmentation, which gives you great color payoff in one swipe! It’s definitely a darker, bolder color than the Revlon 610 I mentioned above, but it’s not unwearable at all. I’ve grown up using MAC lipsticks because they’re one of the first brands you reach for when phasing into “adult” brands, and they’ve been consistently reliable.

*Mac is also giving away a full sized lipstick with any purchase today, in honor of lipstick day.

+ points for intense pigment, and all round iconic colors
– points for being drying, combat with lip primer or moisture balm before.
– points for not being able to tell what color youre using before you open the product, all the MAC lipsticks come in the iconic black and silver bullet so if you have more than one you wont be able to tell which is which when the cases are closed.

8. 3CE MOOD RECIPE #221 Mellow Flower


I honestly bought this in Korea because of its extremely gorgeous packaging. 3CE really knows how to market – I’m lowkey in love with all their models, and every time I see a new post from them on instagram I just want to stab myself for not being a korean. But it’s a hit and miss brand for me – I’ve tried several products from 3CE previously which I didnt like, leading me to feel like they’re more a cult brand than anything. Still, I cant help but reach for their products whenever I’m near their booth in the duty free store..

This product was really a sleeper hit for me. It reminds me of the Kylie Jenner lip collection with its sultry mauve shades meant to emulate a certain moodines, and it has a great formulation that goes on smoothly. It’s pigmented, though not as intense as the Urban Decay or MAC pigments, which means you can actually blot it out for a blurry effect. This color in particular is somewhere in between a pink and a red, and the final color kind of depends on your skin tone. For me, I find it’s a bit orangey-red (although you dont find that description anywhere on their main site), but you’ll see from their official website that it can come off cool-red or pinkish too. The kicker? Everytime I wear this, someone asks me what lipstick I’m wearing. That’s got to be a good sign.

+ points for cool name
+ points for aesthetic packaging


So those are my favorites! To be fair, I’m also including some lip products that I did not like so you know what worked and what didn’t work for me. Some of the following products are really highly raved about too, which just goes to show that there’s no one size fit all for beauty products.

Do not like:

Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink

I love Maybelline, but this line just did not work for me. It’s a liquid lipstick line with extremely saturated colors (and I actually love the packaging because it’s matte with a huge color swatch out on the front), but I really disliked the application. It doesnt dry quickly, and when it does, it settles into the lip lines, giving a kind of stretched out, dry look. I find it has kind of a patchy finishing as well as time goes by. To be fair, it is very long lasting, which is what its name promises. But overall it just didn’t work for me.

Colorpop Lippie Stix

I kind of hate the Colorpop lippie stix although I think the Ultra Matte Lip is really good. It smells funky and I’ve always found it to be a bit chalky on the lips. And when I apply it I always feel like I’m a child at risk of eating some crayons and getting food poisoning for months after. Anyway, Colorpop’s main draw is its price point, but I feel like there’s no point paying any money at all for a product that’s so weird when there are so many good alternatives.

Etude House Dear My Glass Tinting Lips Talk

Etude house has so many great products but this is just not one of them. It has a super cute interchangeable packaging, but that just makes me wish it followed up with an equally cute product. In reality when I put this on I just felt confused. It’s not an outrightly bad product, but it doesnt feel comfortable on the lips either. It claims to be a lip tint, but it’s super sheer, so it’s more like a balm? The sheer color also made me feel like there’s such a thing as a product being too buildable – you have to go over it again and again to get a pigment close to the promised swatch, and after all that fuss, the product doesnt stay on for long (which to be fair, is true of most glossy lipsticks). Also, the name is too long.


It breaks my heart to say this because I adore Rihanna, and I love what she’s doing with her make up brand. But this is a classic case of loving the message more than the product, because nothing from Fenty has worked for me so far 🙁 I hated the foundation, felt impartial towards the highlighter, and the lipstick also didn’t impress. I found that the colors weren’t flattering, and application was just alright, a bit uneven, which required blending out.


This post has gone on for a bit too long, but there you have it – my hits and misses. I’m sure I’ll discover more products that I love and hate along the way, but for now, these are the ones that have stood out to me. Feel free to send me recommendations if you have them, and if you’ve tried any of the products above and liked them, tell me too so it doesnt feel like I’m perpetually shouting off into the void. Yeah? Yeah.

Happy World Lipstick day, yall!


#2153 | Skincare sundays – Skincare for students


just chillin n multi masking, as one does

Hey guys,

So many high SES/low SES jokes floating around the internet these days, unintentional courtesy of the Singapore government. Not gonna deny that it hits a bit close to home thanks to my own broke student background. Homegirl’s current disposable income is a brand new thing, is what I’m saying, and a big part of why stress or no, I’m loving being an adult. So yeah, side note to all broke students reading this – hustle it out and it does get better.

Anyway, I digressed. My point was, growing up, my skincare consisted of two steps: 1. drinking a lot of water and 2. not washing my face. I only started on skincare proper in university – moisturiser, sunscreen, the works, and it’s because I straight up couldn’t afford it growing up. Which is why I was so pleasantly surprised when I got my hands on L’oreal Paris Skincare’s latest clay mask range, which is priced so affordably. It comes in three variants and each jar of 50g costs SGD14.90. Perfect, I thought immediately, for students.

I must clarify at this point that L’oreal Paris paid me to do an ad for this on my instagram, but this blogpost is not part of that agreement, nor do they know that I’m writing this. I only take up ads for products I like on my instagram, and whether any of those filter down to my blog content really depends on how impressed I am with the product because I rarely take up paid blogposts – perhaps 2 per year? Anyway. I was approached to do the clay mask ad for IG, brought the masks with me when I travelled, and also tried the masks together with my sisters at home. I was suspicious, in other words, of how effective a cheap mask could be. But after a week of trying the masks out, I returned to L’oreal agreeing to do the ad on one condition – that we also hold a giveaway exclusively for students for the set of three masks. Happily, they agreed. The giveaway is now live on my instagram, so students – open a new tab and head over.

But back to the masks themselves. They come in three variants – detoxifying, illuminating, and anti-pore. The idea is that you use them in varying combinations on your face to multi mask, but honestly, I do end up reverting to doing a mono-mask most of the time because it’s just the most hassle free. The masks are targeted to individual skin concerns – the anti-pore works to mattify oil-prone skin, the illuminating mask exfoliates, and the detoxifying one is a straightforward clarifying charcoal mask. And the most important thing: the masks are very good. My personal favorite is the detoxifying – it’s a classic charcoal + clay mask that glides on and washes off to reveal fresh, clear skin. My modus operandi is keeping the masks in my home toilet, applying them once I get into the shower, and washing them off just before getting out (after shampooing, conditioning, brushing my teeth, and the like, it’s about time to wash it off anyway). The recommended leave time is 10 minutes but I’ve left it on for longer, either ways my skin still feels ridiculously clean and smooth post-masking. I checked in with my sisters too and they loved the masks. Student and adult approved, is what I’m saying.


Is this the best clay mask I’ve ever used? No. The best charcoal clay I’ve used is still the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask from The Body Shop. But that is twice the price at SGD32.90 and therefore you may purchase that when you are earning an income. Other clay masks suitable for people earning actual incomes – the Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal mask, which is fantastic, and Fresh Beauty’s Umbrian Clay purifying mask. The main point, though, is that although the L’oreal clay masks may not be the best masks on the market, they are pretty damned good, and when you take into account their price point, they become, well, excellent.

Western beauty brands can be so pricey, but this is really a great mask series and at such super value too. Recommended: a millenial yaaas, three as included. x


#2097 | Skincare Sundays: The Multitasking Masking Millennial


Hey guys,

So, as far as superhero names go, I feel I did quite okay with the multitasking masking millennial? We’ll see. But yes, back again with skincare sundays, and addressing a question that I asked a lot when I was first getting into the masking game (very late, compared to my peers): How do you find the damned time?!

The rise of platforms like Snapchat and Instagram Stories have led me to realise just how late i was, getting into masking. Flipping through my nightly updates from friends made me realise that my girlfriends were always lying around with sheet masks or cream masks in the evenings, while I still struggled to remember to drink eight glasses of water a day. I solved the water consumption bit by downloading an app on my phone that rewarded me emotionally everytime I drank a glass of water by making this animated plant grow up (it’s called Plant Nanny, this app), but there is no app to my knowledge that will tell me to mask regularly.

Somehow, I found it hard to dedicate twenty minutes of my day to masking, especially when I’m always on the go.. But I knew it was important, especially given my lifestyle habits of travelling, working late, etcetera, so after months of experimenting, here’s what I came up with:

Multitasking and Masking for the Modern Millenial

(As you can tell, I’m pretty pleased with all my alliteration going on..)

So firstly, I don’t know how you guys feel about sheet masks, but I’m pretty on the fence about them. I dont mind them that much, but I do mind how they restrict my movement, and how I basically have to lie there while it’s on my face or risk it falling off if I run around doing things. As you can tell, I’m not really the kind of person who can sit still, and I really feel a bit panicky if I’m not doing something I can objectively classify as productive. This is why the discovery of gel, cream, and other types of application based masks has definitively changed my life. It’s just so much more.. mobile.

Secondly, over the past year, I came up with some ways in which I can integrate masking into my weekly routine, so that I can have nice skin without disrupting my normal routines that much. Heh. Here we go:

1. Do a clarifying morning mask over the weekends when you’re getting ready for your day.


Realistically you cannot do this on a weekday because you will be rushing to work, ok? I used to work advertising in an office job, I remember how it goes. So do this on a weekend, when your mornings are significantly more elastic, time wise. You cannot do exfoliating /clarifying masks too often anyway, it will irritate your skin, so once or twice a week is good and I usually do it over the weekends anyway.

Using a mask that’s more on the clarifying/polishing/exfoliating side in the mornings is great because you accumulate a lot of dead skin on your face overnight. This is why they always say you should wash your face properly in the mornings (besides you know, needing the cold water splash to wake up). Here I’m using a chinese ginseng and rice clarifying polishing face mask from The Body Shop’s Expert Facial Mask range. All those words basically mean one thing: it’s an exfoliating mask. I do it while setting my hair (people with fine hair, do you feel me? Flat fringe woes are a real thing), brushing my teeth, etcetera. Then I wash it off and put on a day moisturiser, something light and hydration-focused, before sunscreen.

I find that this makes the skin tone less dull, instantly, and over prolonged use, contributes to that coveted skin glow that all those television people go on and on about. It’s also a really great way of making you feel like a winner early in the morning already, so no matter what happens during the day, you’re pretty much set! 😀

2. If you’re in the habit of following a TV series, schedule in a masking session the day each new weekly episode drops.

Unless you’re bingeing on netflix, in which case theres no weekly schedule.. but you can still mask anyway. The way I see it is, youre going to be sitting in one spot for half hour to full hour blocks anyway, watching your show. WHY NOT BE BEAUTIFUL AT THE SAME TIME? Hahahaha.

Because I love the chinese ginseng mask so much, I use that quite frequently when I’m watching shows. The texture of this particular mask means that it wont be likely to drip, unlike sheet masks which usually leak serum, and so it’s quite a convenient wash-off mask to use.


(Right now I’m watching Season two of The Flash, which just dropped on Netflix. HBU?

Please remember to follow up any exfoliating or clay mask with a hydrating moisturiser. Or if you’re binge watching something, follow up with a hydrating mask, because why not? The general consensus, really, is that you can do a hydrating mask every day if you’d like. But more intense or targeted masks, only once or twice a week, to reduce the risk of skin irritation.

3. Do a moisturising mask before bed – while you do your nightly reading.

As you might remember from a few posts back, I am a huge proponent of committing to a nightly no-electronics, hour long reading session before bed (Five ways to read more daily / jemmawei.com). Because nourishing the mind is important, okay?

But while you nourish the mind, might as well nourish your face at the same time. I like using a honey mask in the evenings, because you’re likely to do this after you shower, and I find that the damp skin + honey combo always makes the honey mask more effective. I’m using the honey mask from the same The Body Shop Expert Facial Mask range, it’s called the Ethopian Honey Deep Nourishing mask. It’s also the same one I mentioned in the previous Skincare Sundays blogpost, and I did promise to talk about it more, so here I am!


I find that honey based masks are particularly good if you’ve had a gruelling few days. I like using it after swimming or diving trips because honey is the stuff of the gods and actually reduces inflammation (in addition to fixing your sore throats, ulcers, so on and so forth..). And plus, it’s mega hydrating and naturally anti bacterial, so you can still use it even if you’ve had a breakout. It is mega, mega decadent.

Protip: in addition to using it on damp skin, also warm it up in your palms first before applying it to your face. That way, the honey melts a bit and the mask is more effective. This is true of all honey masks, not just the one from The Body Shop, so please take note!

4. Do a mask while doing desk-bound work at home.


Maskin while marking..

This picture is from submissions period last semester, when I was teaching a couple of classes at NTU. Marking season is intense, any tutor will tell you that, and since I was gonna be stuck in one spot all weekend (MY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND BY THE WAY) marking and marking and marking, I figured I better get something out of it. I tell you, doing a mask while working is so gratifying, because you really feel like youre being doubly productive. When I posted this photo to Facebook, it was like an epiphany for a lot of people. I got so many messages from friends saying that they are SO going to do this now whenever they do work late at night or at home. This is half sad because it just shows how we all really live in a society where we cannot stop working, but it is also half optimistic, cos now they all will have good skin.

Anyway! I usually work out of my office at The Hive, where masking is impossible unless i want a reputation as a madwoman, but I still do work at home on occasion. Of late, I’ll do work at home while accompanying my sister who’s staying up late studying for her A levels, and we will both do masks together. Very satisfying!


This Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow mask is hands down my favourite mask from The Body Shop Expert Facial Mask range. My baby sister summed it up best: we did the mask together for the first time last year, and when she washed it off, she gasped and said: oh my gosh, I’m beautiful!

Gotta give it to that girl, she’s all about the self confidence. Love it. But yes, my sisters and I do this mask together often, it’s our favourite because of how visibly and tangibly smooth your skin is after. With that said..

5. Do a mask together with your friends/family

Masking is just so much more fun when you do it with other people. Maybe it’s because I grew up with two sisters, but we love doing girly stuff together like painting our nails, doing face masks, and talking about how dumb boys are. The motivation to get off your ass and do a mask is just so much more compelling when you have someone to do it with!


Don’t know if you guys remember, but I used to snapchat my masking routines with my sisters every freaking sunday. This was all using the different masks from The Body Shop Expert Facial Mask range, which, full disclosure, I got as a media gift. But I love it so much, and I checked the prices online and they seem really reasonable for such great masks! This charcoal one, for example, is $32.90, and my sisters and I have been using it on and off for like, six months. Because it’s an applicator mask, you can decide how much you wanna use on your face (and even if you just wanna use it on a particular problem area and not your whole face!) and so it’s easy to ration out the mask, as opposed to if you use a sheet mask cos once you use it it’s basically done.

6. Do a mask while you do your chores.

Same concept as number 4. masking while working. But while you iron your laundry or fold your clothes, why not do a mask? I did a #jemmainajiffy video on this while back, and I just realised that the masks used in that video were also masks from this range (which I guess goes to show how much I like them), so I’m going to just include that here.

7. Lastly, do a multi-mask when you wanna treat yoself

Some days you just wanna have a bit of self-pampering, okay? Another advantage of applicator style masks is that you can put more than one mask on your face, depending on what you need. This is great for people with combi skin, because sometimes the different parts of your face just need different kinds of targeted treatments. Here I’m doing something recommended by The Body Shop team, called the replenish and recharge facial for sleepy and stressed skin, which sounds exactly like my entire existence.


Basically, it’s the:

– Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance Mask on my forehead and nose
– Ethiopian Honey Mask on my cheeks
– British Rose Plumping mask on my chin and neck

And I while I wait the fifteen to twenty minutes for my skin to soak that all in, I listen to music and/or take a power nap on my couch. Protip: keep your hair out of your face while doing this with a cute headband, because #photoOp. It really is the most luxurious thing, taking a nap. Such a rarity as adulthood sets in.


And tada! That’s it. Not bad right? Because of all these multi-tasking habits I’ve accumulated, I find that I’ve really started masking significantly more over the past year. And a lot of this is because of the mask set from The Body Shop lah, honestly, before I discovered it I was soooo lazy to mask! But I guess there’s just a lot of fun involved in picking a mask and doing it with my sisters over the weekends or in the evenings, and I really do like the masks, the Charcoal and Ginseng ones in particular.

I think getting into the habit of masking also falls in line with the larger theme of learning to take care of yourself as you get older. Mentally, it makes me feel more.. adult, if that makes sense. I feel more responsible for my own skin and therefore life, and I feel as though I’ve really taken ownership over my complexion. Does it work? You tell me. Here is a photo of me post-masking, with completely no make up and unedited except for color hor.


I mean, I feel pretty happy with where my skin is at right now. I should probably clarify also that I dont really go for facials, I think I go like max once a year and sometimes not even then. Mostly when I go not cos I really wanna do something to my skin, but cos I’m stressed and feel like I just need to be TREATED RIGHT. Haha. I feel like if you have a good and regular home skincare routine, you don’t need to go for a facial unless you want something a little more intensive done, like a laser facial to get rid of pigmentation or the kind of facial to target acne scars. But for normal cleansing and moisturising, I feel like it’s more economical to make it a habit to just upkeep your skin regularly, and it’s worked for me so far.


As mentioned earlier, all the masks I highlighted in this post are from The Body Shop, this is their Expert Facial Mask Range that you can purchase individually instores or online. Having used it for a pretty long time now, like almost a year, I think I’m being pretty objective when I say that it’s really worth the money and is a fantastic product! It’s also super affordable compared to other products in this genre, and I’m personally a fan 🙂

Alright, what a long post! Ciao, then, till next time. Happy masking!


#2094 | Skincare Sundays – How to survive a long haul flight without incurring shitty skin


Hello hello,

Back again with Skincare Sundays. Shane and I were at dinner with another couple friend of ours who are soon to be married, and they were telling us about their honeymoon plans. Somehow the conversation landed gently on the topic of skincare w.r.t. flying – and after listening to me go on about hydration for about ten minutes, our friends politely suggested that i blog about it instead. So here I am.

I haven’t been flying as much this year because, yknw, #thesis, but last year I was in and out of the country every month. And lemme tell you! My skin took a hit for sure. Particularly irritating to me was the flight there – somehow it’s always worse than the one back when it comes to skin related issues (Vice versa for jet lag though). But any flight above six hours and I find myself landing in my new destination with skin that seems determined to exact revenge for the gruelling flight by making me look dull the next couple days or so. More often than not, this comes in the form of patchy dry skin, and red bumps – not exactly pimples, but just bumps on my skin. Irritating? You bet.

In hindsight, this shouldnt have come as a surprise. Flight air is notoriously drying, especially since the air is pressurised, recycled, and very low humidity. The air is also dirty – I mean, cmon. All the bacteria everywhere! All this leads to inflamed and stressed skin. Also, the dry air makes your skin oily cos you overproduce oil to compensate, and then thats part of how you get travel pimples and what not. Anyway, enough was enough. In the style of Titus Andromedon, I was done: you gotta go, girl!

So equal parts neurotic and equal parts in the spirit of sharing, but here I am writing my post on what I (try to) keep to nowadays with regards to long haul flights..


Here’s things to do a day before your flight:

Eat food low in salt
. Sodium dehydrates you and the effects are worse when youre on a plane. So just cook something simple that isn’t too salty or greasy, or keep that in mind while ordering if youre eating out.

Do a hydrating mask the night before. I actually personally like to do a clay and then hydrating mask because I feel like before travel, you gotta pull out all the stops. Right now (and for the past year) I’ve been using the Himalayan Charcoal mask and the Ethiopian Honey deep nourishing mask from The Body Shop’s at home facial experience set. These are super masks for when you’re at home, but I wouldnt bring them on a flight because the clay would be a pain to wash off mid flight, and I also dont want to risk the honey mask spilling. Better to use it at home. But this is a really good mask set, so I’ll talk about it more next time.

Make sure you drink the necessary 8 cups of water the day before. Water may not have an immediately visible correlation to how your skin looks, but it is required for your skin cells to be healthy. So it’s kind of like a extra water doesnt help but not enough water will be extremely detrimental kind of situation. Plus it’s not just the water you drink right before you go on the flight, it’s the amount you drink over roughly the 24 hours before you board that your body holds.

Here’s what to do right before you leave for the airport:

Shower at home, but wash your face with a gentle cleanser, preferably an oil one. I’m using the Shu Umeura yellow one that I bought last year because Roz swears by it (as do all the beauty gurus in the industry) but it is so expensive (to me) that it’s really more a luxury than anything. My friend told me that MUJI does an oil cleanser that is VERY good and also only about 15 dollars? I havent personally tried this, but I thought I should put it out there for those of you who do want to try.

If youre the type to wear make up to the airport like me, then bring make up removing wipes. Biore and Skin Food both do very good make up removing wipes, but for the last two months I havent been able to find the Skin Food ones, I think they discontinued it 🙁 The Biore one is fantastic also either way, just slightly pricier – get it stocked up in Japan if youre ever there cos its half the price.

Apply a hydrating serum and sunscreen before leaving the house. Don’t forget the sunscreen! UV damage is worse when youre on the plane for obvious reasons, but somehow people always still forget to SPF when they’re flying.

Bring an empty water bottle. You cant bring water through the gates but if you fill it up after check in and before you board, that’s fine. This is especially useful because they mostly serve water in those dinky little cups on airlines which hardly gives you enough water, and you might be embarrassed / it might be too troublesome to keep asking for more…


Here’s what to do on the plane:

I hope you have a travel sized set of your favourite skincare items because you’re gonna need them! The good news is, most moisturisers do come in containers that are less than 100ml because lets face it, skincare is expensive. When travelling, make sure to pack the more intensive moisturisers (if you use more than one kind) because travel in general is very harsh on the skin.

My personal favourite plane mask (and off-plane too, but it’s just sooooo good for flights) is the laneige water sleeping mask, which is gel based and very soothing to the skin. I think of it as a lazy mask because you can slap it on and just go to sleep without having to worry about scraping it off later – sheet masks when left on too long can be dehydrating to your skin, something that really messes my head up everytime i hear it.


But if you’re the type to keep your carry on bag really small, I’d suggest asking for sample sets from the Laneige staff when you purchase normal products in store. I actually started off using the Goodnight with Laneige sample set on flights which I got as part of a gift, but then my girlfriend took it cos she tried it and loved it -.- HAHA. So now I bring the entire tub on flights. But yes, this is really useful cos its tiny and also cos you can put both the sleeping mask and lip mask!

I checked with the Laneige brand people, and they say that the most failsafe way of getting the Goodnight with Laneige sample set is to get the actual items on their Lazada online store, and they will usually throw in the Goodnight with Laneige miniatures too. I’ve also ever gotten it as part of a store-bought package before, but come to think of it that might have been because they were having some promotion. So if you want free samples from Laneige, their online store is generally the way to go.


It comes with the lip sleeping mask as well, which is a crowd favourite. So good – I mix it in with my lipsticks sometimes.

I would also top up my moisturiser at least twice on the flight, because plane air is very dry. Please also frequently drink water – and theoretically if you stay away from coffee or the free alcohol they serve, you’ll find that your skin won’t take such a hit. I say theoretically because I have never managed to stay away from either. LOL.


Here’s what to do when you get off the plane:

Your face will probably be a bit shiny from the leftover residue of your mask, but there will also be a build up of dry/dead skin, so when you get to your accommodation, use a gentle exfoliating scrub to wash your face. I personally love the Black Sugar Mask from Skin Food – I bought it in Korea for $7, but it costs twice that in Singapore, so stock up if you ever head to Korea. It’s so gentle and your skin feels great after! I use this after flights, and also once a week when I’m home in Singapore.

The first night you’re in your new destination, MOISTURISE INTENSELY, as you want your skin to adapt smoothly to the new climate and you don’t want it to go into shock because when it goes into shock all sorts of nasty things happen. If you already bring the Laneige mask on board like I do, then you can just continue to use it throughout the trip, and your skin will be the better for it.

And don’t forget to body-moisturiser it up as well! I use the Nivea body moisturiser cos thats what I’ve been using since I was a kid and it’s the perfect mix of affordable and intense. Haha.

I think that’s basically it. Everything else is left to fire, flood, will of God. Those things you can’t control. But the ones you can, you must. We all must do only what we can.

Happy flying, y’all.


#2089 | Skincare Sundays: The Hangover


My verrrrryyyy squeezed out bottle of AOS moisturizer..

I am by no measure a beauty blogger but I do love my skincare. Two years ago I had a series called Mocha Mondays because due to the freelance life slash gig economy I was perpetually working out of cafes, but then last year I got my own office space and so I rarely got the chance to go cafe hopping again. And to be honest, the cafe life was stressing me out because I’m not the hugest fan of running around looking for a place with wifi and power sockets and paying for brunch because I cannot stop thinking: WOW IF I MADE THIS AT HOME HOW MUCH WOULD IT COST and YES I understand that you’re paying for ambience but is ambience really like, worth twenty seven dollars per egg white spinach omelette? Hmmmmmm.

Anyway. I digress. I cannot deny my love for starbucks and so I always ended up working out of a starbucks anyway, reliable as they are, and now with my own office here I am not Mocha Mondaying as often as the term ‘series’ demands. Something else, then, and I cast around for something else I enjoyed both doing and talking about. Which is, you know, SKINCARE.

It’s funny because this year has seen a total surge in my frenzy re: skincare. Because I took up diving late last year, I have been slowly oxidising in the sun, and so I get tanner and tanner, and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s seriously messing up my makeup. None of my makeup shades match anymore, and its annoying the hell out of me! And of course the other lifestyle factors like staying in and air conditioned office and also travelling and also, aging, I guess, and the wearing down of the invincibility of youth. All of which contribute to a growing interest in my skincare which I already have been nutszo about previously, so.

Here we are. Skincare Sundays.

Today I thought I’d kick it off with the Hangover. Not that I’m perpetually having hangovers (I’m not, I’d like to think I’m quite the responsible drinker), but it was catchy as a title haha. The thing is, I love my wine, and I love hanging out with friends after work and catching up over a drink or two. As we all get older, this vague ‘after work’ period gets later and later because #life, so often these sessions get pushed back even later and ends up stretching late into the night.

And although I’ve been a happy follower of the 10 step korean skincare routine, aint nobody got time for ten steps when you get home at three in the morning bleary eyed and tired out and ready to crash.

So for nights that I just want one really intense end-all moisturiser, I’ve been using the Allies of Skin 1A Overnight Mask. Because it’s so potent, it’s essentially like slapping on an intense multivitamin on your face before collapsing on your bed and going to sleep. You don’t have to use it with anything else – serum, eye cream, etcetera – because it’s meant to be all that in one bottle. And I can legit feel my face drinking it up – which is especially important after a night of drinks because as you should know – alcohol is very dehydrating. I would never go to bed without putting on my nightly skincare, especially not after having a few drinks that night – which is precisely when most people would forget about doing it.

I have been using this for over a year now and this stuff is legit. You can see a marked difference after using the product, but the main reason why I don’t use it every single day is because this stuff is expensive. A bottle goes at $139 for 50ml, and while that technically makes up the cost if you buy the products separately (eye cream, serums, moisturisers), it’s still a big upfront sum, especially if you’re only just getting into skincare. Allies of Skin is for sure a luxe skincare brand – and it’s one that’s worth its salt. Many of my friends who work as make up artists swear by it, and I trust them because skin is what they work with, day in and day out. But it’s still a luxe product, and so I rationalise it by rationing out to target the days when I’d specifically need something so intensely hydrating. You can kinda tell by how squeezed out the bottle is as pictured above! And the strategy has worked for me thus far.

One more tip: Always drink a glass of water when you get home before bed and first thing when you wake up – your skin will thank you!