#2065| im a slave 4 u


It was our favourite little monster’s fifth birthday last weekend, not that she cared. As evinced from her facial expression. I can’t believe i’ve been a slave to her moods and cravings for the last five years. Did you know, cats can knock on doors? This one time my sisters and I were home alone, chilling in our bedroom, and we heard this incredibly human like knock on the door. Rap-tat-tat-tat-tat. There was no one else home; our parents were out dating or something, I don’t know. We stared at each other slowly. What the actual – ?

After a lot of egging, I was nominated as tribute (sacrifice) to be the one to open the door and face whatever intruder was out there, vengeful ghost or murderous burglar. Jeez. The door was opened, the hallway was empty. I looked down. Something brushed against my ankle and I jumped. When I turned, Athena had taken over my spot on the bed, and was currently stretching out happily. That cat has the worst case of FOMO, did I mention? She can’t stand it if people are congregating behind closed doors. She needs to be in on the action, is what I’m saying.

We couldn’t for the life of us figure out how she managed to knock on our door until one evening we watched her trail my mother to her bedroom, where my mum promptly shut the door on her face (they have boundary issues, its an ongoing debate). Following which she turned her ass to the door, leaned on her front two legs, and kicked the hell out of that door with her hind paw. Rap-tat-tat-tat-tat.

It was genius. Actually genius. For months i’d been checking with my cat owner friends about the knocking, but no one else had a cat who knocked. Athena must have invented her own way of knocking, the way she learnt to sit on my chest and extend just one claw to pull the edge of my sleeping mouth open when she wanted food at 445am in the morning. We were conflicted about this new development. Is it better to have a dumb cute cat who’s also affectionate, or a snobby cat who spends all day sleeping and puts her ultra-intelligence to use only to intrude on your personal boundaries? It’s hard to say.

Either way, what stands is that life is a perpetual equal parts joyride and equal parts annoying af with her around. Happy birthday, you twit.


#1777| bitch on heat

jemma x athenaDSC02721DSC02723

Well not really, but you know what I mean. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about Athena and there’s a reason for this I swear- I think she hates us. I just don’t get it because we feed her on time and give her a lot of affection and stuff and all the time she just sits there and glares at us like she’s plotting to kill the entire family. And for a cat that’s so damn expensive (she’s a purebred ragdoll) she sure plays hard to get a lot. It’s like wooing a girl who wants to see your entire family dead. She’s lucky she’s so cute. Anyway, the point is, it’s dead hard to get a photo with her unless she’s asleep and we all like our loved ones sentient (i assume), but recently she’s hit puberty or something because she’s currently on heat and wants to slut it up with anything that moves. Thus- voila! Photo opportunity with Cat who doesnt run away when you want a hug, and post title explained.

Of late school hasn’t been too crazy (or maybe it has and I just haven’t been paying attention) but either way I finally managed to catch up with some of the best people in school over some really weird looking food


Obviously I refer to the last picture because Tentacles. Sashimi makes me SO HAPPY it’s ridiculous.


Photos taken with the Sony NEX 3N c/o Sony Singapore

Suddenly I understand selfies. I’ve never had so many photos taken of the hand outstretched, snap away variety till today- Sony lately sent me the most gorgeous of prosumers in the form of the compact little pink 3N with that flip screen thing that’s so .. vain. So much presumed vanity, I love it. All my girlfriends suddenly want to be around me all the time. I’m trying very hard not to think about what that implies.


Googled a pic and this is what it looks like, for those of you interested. It comes in black and white too but this is my favorite because it’s pink like my soul, ok.

So super compact I’ve been slipping it into all my handbags, which is something I’ve never been able to do with my DSLR without the tax of shoulder aches. Last month Sony sent me their NEX 5N in Silver, which has a similar flipscreen and is supposedly a better model, but I much prefer this one because c’mon, I dont need micropixel perfect clarity if all Im snapping is sushi and my face, and this one is more compact. The flipscreen feels a little more secure as well, and I think the price point is more competitive so.. yeah. Definitely a recommend for people on the go.

Thanks so much Sony Singapore!


PS. thanks for all the entries so far, and for those of you that haven’t: girls don’t forget to enter- Dream Shoe giveaway ends this weekend!

#1397| instagram of 12.12.12

1. i tried telling my cat that the geek look is on trend this days but she is just not buying it.

2. not sure if there’s any tree at all under all those lights.

3. was joined by a quiet kid sneezing excuse mes while hiding in a corner of kinokuniya alone

I’ve been trying to decide if i should get a kindle/nook e-reader for the longest time you guys, context being: i read a lot. On the other hand, as always it’s a case of want versus need. I tried telling cindy that if we only bought things that we needed we’d all be living in gunnysacks and underwear and eating potatoes but she just yelled at me: YOU ALREADY HAVE AN IPAD. Well. I suppose she has a point there. It’s christmas season you guys, and the sky has taken to interpreting the traditional white christmas saying by cheerfully raining down on all of us after toasting us to a crisp in the mornings. Let no one say our local weather has no character or temperament. In other news, I’ve just finished Angela Carter’s The infernal desire machines of dr. hoffman in time for next semester’s course readings to upload and announce that it’s a core text for one of my mods. Christmas surprises all around! x


#1362| What we do while waiting for the bus, otherwise known as PLS BUCK UP TONG TAR.

For some reason my cat legitimately believes we cant see her if she hides under our clothes. Retard. Also, I took forever to pack my luggage because she kept hopping in. I dont know what is up with her obsession with getting all (what she thinks is) ninja like one moment and then going all IN YOUR FACE the next. But anyway, yes, i did say luggage- I’m hopping off to Bangkok tomorrow with sexylexy, cinch and han because that is how you do recess week. (Y)

On a somewhat related note, Sony Singapore x Waggener Edstrom couriered over their NEX-F3 camera to me so I wouldnt have to lug around my DSLR on the trip- incredibly thoughtful and generous of them i am thinking. The cherry on top was the moment where i sleepily signed for the package in my PJs (they couriered it to NTU again!) and i realized they’d sent it over in pink. So very considerate.

Love how Sony x Waggener always personalizes their blogger/digital influencer relationships, rather than just sending off products from a faceless organization.

Anyway, I’ve christened the nex-f3 the Lady, because it 1. looks good and 2. is honestly a girl’s camera. I mean, ok it comes in black and white too, but the 180 degrees flip screen is something that girls will just go crazy over.

You see what i mean. It’s like photobooth, but high quality. Im using it with the 18-55 lens, which is the same one my own DSLR is on.

Ok anyway since it’s so light i’ve been toting it everywhere and just snapping away with it, so I proudly present to you: photoset LADY x WHAT SCHOOL LIFE IS LIKE RE: WAITING FOR THE IRREGULAR BUS C.

Yep. A combination of too much HL2024, Friday afternoon, and general bus-company directed angst. If you look carefully, you can see other students who were also waiting for the bus directing mad weird stares our way. But those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music and all that. Your daily dose of Nietzsche, thank you and welcome.

In other news, I also celebrated Edwin’s twenty third, surprise part ii, with Candice, Amanda and Martin today around the suntec/cityhall area. This one really warrants a full blogpost all on its own, which i promise to do when i get back from the land of smiles, sawadeeka, and thai milk tea, but till then:

Seriously, Eds. That’ll teach you to say you don’t like cats. Happy twenty third!

And to the rest of you- goodbye! I’m going to shop myself silly, and I’m intending to take a real break so I’m not even bringing my macbook (I dont remember the last time i went on a holiday without my macbook, goodness) and work will simply just have to wait. This is going to be sweet.



#1347| inCider information

A series of busy days string along into weeks and it is always the most lovely to return home to a cat who likes to snuggle. Ladies and gentlemen i present to you the reason i like to hermit around in my room instead of enjoying the great (and too hot) outdoors.

Other things in my life going on right now besides having prolonged conversations with my cat:

Learning the hard way that people dont take you seriously when you call dibs on a bag, and that fighting tooth, claw and nail is the only way to really get what you want.

a.k.a. Andrea, Joyce and I attended the Carlo Rino Fall/ Winter 12 Collection Digital Influencers Preview event this morning- a full post on that upcoming but essentially it means a lot of pretty bags and an image overhaul for the brand. It was hosted by the girls from ACCESS communications, and it was really well done, so bagus to them!

After that i had about three hours to burn before my next meeting so i went back to my favorite place in town to curl up with a book: Parlour by Ashley Isham, once again the only customer for hours due to its quiet tucked away corner.

At about four i met Amanda, Josh and Lucy (our newly elected publicity and publications directors) for a working discussion on the year’s direction amongst other things. No moment happier, really, when things start really taking off and blooming. Whether due to spurts of fatalistic tendencies or an irrational need to jump ahead of myself, i find myself thinking about the end of college life, graduation, the long, long stretch into endless working life yawning ahead of me,.. and the scarcity of my time left as a student horrifies and excites me in a grotesque blend, although surely there are three years left and my concerns are not immediate. But of course they say in three years a lot could happen.