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My time in london has had the unintended effect of endearing candles to me — previously unable to understand why anyone would drop fifty dollars on a scented lump of wax, now I gaze longingly at the likes of the Jo Malone and Diptyque shop windows, painfully aware that I am shedding layers of my skin only for the most basic of chinese girls to emerge. Was this the metamorphosis marketed to me regarding adulthood? One would have hoped for more political astuteness, or clarity of mind, but I suppose there are worse things than a keen appreciation of a citrus scented home environment. You know, the word I think I’m searching for, is hmm.



  1. I started getting into candles when I moved into my first apartment! Though I wouldn’t drop $50 on a single candle, I’ve spent quite a lot on Bath & Body Work’s three-wick candles :3 Just this year I learned about their Candle Day annual sale, where their $25 three-wick candles were on sale for $9! I went a little ham… -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


  1. […] See this blog post for backstory, but yes, belated to the party as I am, I am now extremely into scented candles and I think they make excellent gifts. […]

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