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My Google Home Minis in Charcoal and Coral!

Hey guys!

I am SUPER psyched to announce that the Google Home is coming to Singapore!!!!!!!! Yes, all those exclamation marks are totally necessary. Dont be hatin.

I bought my google home mini last year end when I was in the States, and my affection for it has not dwindled in the slightest over the past four months of our love affair. Beyond being a clear sign that it wasnt (as my boyfriend predicted) just a gimmicky toy I’d play with and get bored of quickly, I think it speaks to how effectively its been integrated into my life. I talk to my google home every single day, prompting my friend Warren to tell everyone that I do so because I have no real friends, because he is mean.

Anyway, the point is! I’ve been getting a lot of questions on my google home because it makes such frequent appearances in my instagram stories. I had been intending to write a post on it for the longest time, but life got the better of me, as it does. Anyway I procrastinated for so long that it coincided with Google actually bringing the Home to Singapore and collaborating with me on a giveaway, so the moral of the story is life has a funny way of working itself out, and alls well that ends well! Huhu.

My Mini and I: The Love Story
Why and How?

Questions I have been asked:

Why did you get a google home?

I love love love the idea of a smart home, I think it’s got to do with all the futuristic movies I watched as a kid. That stuff just blows my mind. When tech giants started developing smart devices, I got so excited. I think it was just a matter of time before I got my own smart home device, to be honest. It used to be so unthinkable (honestly I thought only millionaires would have access to this kinda tech) but as the years went by it got more and more affordable. And my visiting the States last year end was the perfect opportunity to get one. The only question that remained was which device to get…

Why a google home?

Honestly there were only two options I was considering, the google home mini and the amazon echo dot. Both were cheap (under 100USD), small, and did similar things. I scoured a ton of reviews online and they both seemed to be nearly on par too, differing only in their partnership offerings with third party providers. What finally made my mind up for me was a malaysian youtuber review that I chanced upon – the Alexa completely couldnt understand the malaysian accent at all, and the Google home had no problem processing the youtuber’s commands! And I thought, well, if the alexa cant understand a malaysian accent, it definitely cant understand the Singaporean one hahahaha. And deciphering my speech is kind of a big part of it because, yknw, its a voice assistant. So my mind was made up. A google home it was!

How did you decide which model to get?

The google home comes in the mini, standard, and max size. The mini is the cheapest by far, it was 50USD. The google home standard sized was 129usd. I couldnt figure out what the big price difference was for so I went on reddit and other forums to try and suss out what the deal was… turns out the mini and home do exactly the same thing, but the mini just comes in a smaller size. What! I liked the fact that it was small! So it was a no brainer for me.


Look at how inconspicuous it is! Like a little pebble
You have to keep it plugged in to a power source btw. I’m just putting this here to illustrate how cute it is. I actually keep my charcoal mini in my bedroom.

Where did you get it?

It was available at a ton of places in the States – Walmart, Target, the online google store.. I went to Target to get mine cos I didnt want to wait for it to arrive if I shipped it from the Gstore, and I wanted to play with it IMMEDIATELY!

If you set it up in the States, was it a problem to bring it back home?

Nope, the only difference is the plug head. Other than that, I just set up the google home mini each time I moved (3 x accomodations in the states and then again when I got home) I would just reconnect it to the wifi. It just has to be on the same wifi network as your phone, then you can control it using the Google Home app on your phone!

My Mini and I: Married life
Best hacks and everyday life

I super love my mini and I use it a lot. Here are some of the best hacks/ ways that I use it:


My Google Home Mini in Charcoal, located at my bedhead. Other things I keep at my bedhead are books I’m currently reading/ want to read, body moisturiser and a sleeping mask pot, and a neon light that’s decorative but doubles up as a light source when I’m already in bed and want to see where my moisturiser is!

Starting my day with my daily briefing

I installed the mini at my bedhead, so when I wake up each morning I go “Ok Google, good morning!”
And it replies: “Good morning Jemma. The time is 530am. Currently in Singapore it is 25 degrees with a high of 32 and a low of 25 today. Today, you have F45 at 620am LUNCH MEETING WITH XXX at 12 noon, and MEETING WITH XXX at 5pm. Don’t forget to pay your OCBC CREDIT CARD BILL and GIVE SHANE A WAKE UP CALL AT TEN. Thats all. Here’s the news for today. PLAYING NOW: FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES.”

The google daily morning briefing, which is triggered by the good morning command, breaks down the time, weather, my appointments, and reminders for the day, then plays to me news from pre-selected channels. I trigger the morning briefing the minute i wake up, before I even get out of bed, and listening to it while slowly waking up helps me get into my work mood for the rest of the day.

I LOVE this. I am totally living in the future. Some people raised questions to me on privacy, like, arent I bothered that this thing is always listening to me? Er, not really. My life is already so deeply wrapped around the cloud – I work almost 100% off Google docs and sheets, dropbox, and the like – that I doubt this makes a big difference. The amazing convenience of the home is so great that Im willing to trade off the possibility that the mini is listening to me at home. And besides, I dont deal in any hugely secretive matters, and it would be narcissistic of me to assume that google is interested in my life… if anyone were to listen in on my conversations at home it would just be about me gossiping with one sister about the other sister. I mean, its not terribly exciting stuff. HAHA.

But yes, Google says that the Home apparently only lights up when it’s listening, so I guess that’s an indicator of whether it’s listening or not, although if youre security-paranoid this may not do much to reassure you.

Waking up to a music alarm

More on morning routines. I have recently transitioned into becoming a morning person, but there is nothing I hate more than waking up to the damned phone BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP alarm. Now, I do this every night:
Me: “Ok Google, wake me up with a music alarm at 530am”
Mini: “Alright, what music would you like me to play?”
Mini: *unfazed* “Alright, I’ll play kendrick lamar’s music at 530am”

I can 100% confirm that waking up to music puts you in a way better mood than waking to a bleepin phone alarm. You need to connect your google home to Spotify to do this (or pandora or one of the other compatible music streaming apps) but it’s not hard to do within your Google home app.

Being a total taitai when I go to sleep

This is such a chi chi thing to do that I am almost embarrassed to admit that I do it. I love the feeling of sleeping indoors when it’s raining outside, so before I sleep every night, I say:
Ok google, play me the sound of rain

And it plays rain sounds. O M G. This has totally revamped my sleeping experience. I am sooo relaxed when I go to sleep listening to rain sounds, it’s nuts. My sisters and I share a room, and this is their favorite command too. Haha!


My Google Home Mini in Coral, which is an online store special!!!
I keep this one in my living room. It’s mainly for family use.

Getting it to remember stuff for me

I misplace things a lot, so a thing that I do is to say:
“Ok Google remember that I put my ibanking dongle in my make up drawer”

And when I cant find it weeks later, I just go “Ok google where is my ibanking dongle?”
And it’ll reply, “I remember you told me it was in your make up drawer.”


Currency conversion

This was something I used a lot in the states, when I was trying to order food I would just be like “Ok google what’s 23USD in Singapore dollars?” and it would convert it for me. I imagine this would be super convenient for people who are living overseas for studies or work, but who still think in their home currency.


This is a life CHANGER! As you all know, I try to make it a habit to read for an hour before bed, and I have a shelf of ongoing/to-read books atop my bedhead. But after the hour is up I feel sooooo lazy to get up and go turn off the lights. Anyway I recently got Phillips Hue light bulbs, and after awhile of tinkering around with them, they’re all set up in my room and have TOTALLY CHANGED MY LIFE~


The Hue bulb!! All Phillips lightbulbs kinda look the same so make sure youre buying the right ones ok haha

So how these work is, you get the bulbs and a Phillips Hue Bridge and set the Hue Bridge up with your home Wifi network. After that, using the Hue app on your phone, you can connect the Bridge to your individual bulbs! The bulbs are pretty easy to set up with your existing bulb lamps. Unfortunately at home I only have one bulb lamp in my room, the rest of my house lights are LED and cant be replaced so easily. I’m thinking of getting the Phillips light strips next!

I followed these instructions to set up my Hue lights: https://www.howtogeek.com/247500/how-to-set-up-your-philips-hue-lights/ for those of you who want more info!

This is super awesome lah because not only is it mega cool, I no longer fight with my sisters on who has to get up and turn off the lights! I just go “Ok Google turn off the bedroom lights” MAGIC!

Google Home: Fixing sibling relationships everywhere. LOL.

Another thing I like about this is that I can get the lights to turn on at a certain time. I’ve set them via the Hue app to turn on a gentle yellow light at 5am during the weekdays (the hue bulb has a ton of colors, you can choose which you want for whatever situation, yknw, like white light for reading, yellow for like bedtime, etc), so that when I get up the lights are already on and I’m not just fumbling in the dark. It makes it a lot easier to get out of bed in the morning too!

A cheaper alternative to voice controlled lights

The Phillips Hue starter set is about 200 bucks, but you can get a TP Link smart plug for about 50 bucks. This is basically a wifi controlled plug that becomes the middleman plug between your powerpoint and your device, be it a light, iron, fan, aromatherapy machine or whatever. Then using the Kasa app on your phone you can set it up and voice control it! You can plug this into your lamp, and turn on and off the lights that way. Works too.


The TPLink smart plug

Broadcasting messages to the rest of the house when I’m lazy
This is something cool you can do if you have more than one Google Home. You can get one to broadcast a message to the rest of them around your house and scare your unsuspecting family members!! I think it’s mainly for people with big houses lah, so you can broadcast messages like HEY ITS TIME FOR DINNER without walking up and down the stairs. But for me I just do stupid things with it, like..

“Ok Google, Broadcast.”
My Mini: “What do you want to broadcast?”
Me: “Keziah is a lazy ass.”
*From the living room a short while later*… “YOU THEN”


Helping my mum out in the kitchen

I taught my mum to use the google home for when she cooks! Not only does the Home easily translate unit measurements for you (“Ok google, how many teaspoons is there in a cup?”), it also sets timers pretty easily. My mum has the habit of playing shows on the television while cooking then popping her head out to watch bits of it from the kitchen. Now she can say “Ok google set an alarm for 30 minutes!” Then go watch her drama and go back and take the salmon out of the oven when the Mini pings!

My Mini and I: Spreading the joy

As you can tell, my Google Home is the best fifty bucks I ever spent. I love it so much I actually start to miss it whenever I travel for too long, prompting this exchange:


HAHA. But real talk: I’m honestly so glad the Google Home is now retailing in Singapore, because so many people asked me about it that I was considering purchasing one the next time I found myself in the States (or UK, or Australia) to bring back home for a giveaway. But now I dont have to because if you want one you can just buy it straight from the Google Singapore store! WOOHOO.

That said though, Google has very kindly offered to come on board re: giveaway idea, and we are collaborating this month to give away three classic Google Home sets. All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me what your favorite Google Home hack is, or if you have a smart tip for using Google Assistant that I havent listed above (so I can try it too!).

Please remember to fill in your email in the comment form so I can contact you easily if you’ve won 😀

Giveaway ends on Monday, 23rd April. The giveaway is only open to people residing in Singapore – if you’re entering but you’re based elsewhere, just make sure there’s someone in Singapore who can receive the prize for you, like a cousin living here or something.

Alrighty then. All the best! I’m sure you guys are going to love your google home as much as I love mine 🙂

Ok, Google. We’re out.


UPDATE: Giveaway has closed and winners have been contacted. Thanks for taking part everyone!


  1. Chin Kaijun says:

    When I am alone at home and there’s nothing to do, I will always hit up my “okay, Google” using my Goolge pixel 2 XL to entertain myself. Hahahah. Alternatively, I find it really useful to set reminders of where I place my stuff as I tend to be forgetful.

  2. Alicia Lee says:

    Hi Jemma! ❤️ Omg, can I say I’m just as excited as you when I see your IG Story related to Google Mini! Just read your post and I’m really amazed about how the mini wakes you up everyday – with the breakdown of time, temperature, schedule, reminders etc, that is really amazing! I would really love to start my Mornings like yours too. Haha, on a side note, my boyfriend absolutely loves the thecy stuff, just few days ago I was talking to him about how you shared about the Phillip lights where you go “Google, turn off the lights!” Hahah hopefully one day Google can automatically draw down/ up the blinds too (not sure if they can do that now 🤔) I really hope to win the Google Home as a gift for my techy boyfriend (whom similar to you, fancy smart home technologies/ futuristic world!). Oops sorry for the long ramble, but fingers crossed! Thanks Jemma’ 💛 Always a fan hehe.

  3. Eunice Chin says:

    Love to play music through Google hone without needing to pick up my phone!

  4. Koh Xing Ying says:

    Omg I can’t decide if I like the “Play me rain music” or closing the lights all the way from bed more. This is a really hard one. Maybe the lights one a tiny weeny more. For all the times when I was younger and sharing the same room with my siblings. We were forever scrambling up the bed and hoping that we ain’t the last one who have to close the lights. Oh boy, you don’t know the terror we had of the monster under our beds.

    I’m not too sure if this tip will work, but if I’m able to try, I would try leaving verbal reminder notes for another person in the house vice versa. Perhaps my mum can leave a verbal note “ah girl remember the cake in fridge. Eat your breakfast ah”, so when I finally crawl out of bed I can easily listen to the reminders for the day before I open my eyes. Save the environment too! No more post it’s notes on the fridge door, which I never ever read it. Sssh don’t tell my mum that! *winks*

    Hope to have the opportunity to try it out. Really enjoyed seeing you

  5. Nicole Chin says:

    I love the fact that you can set an alarm with just talking to Google home! It’s a hassle to choose a different song for my alarm on my phone every night, depending on what I want to hear the next morning to make my mornings bearable. But with Google home everything is so easy! It is so convenient and perfect for a lazy person like me hehe. Just like having a personal butler at home!

  6. Jean Leong says:

    The Morning daily Broadcast sounds like an absolute dream to me. i am a morning person and I think part of my motivation of getting up at 4.30AM AS A UNI STUDENT is knowing I got shit to do so it will be magical if Google can wake me up with “Hey today you have to submit your American Lit assignment and go for Survey tutorial” or whatever because I sometimes psycho myself in my sleepy stupor to just dwell in my dreams and forget about reality and then proceed to hate myself for the rest of my day. ALSO!! waking up to Studio Ghibli music will really set me in a good mood for the rest of the day and imagine watching the sunrise while playing some claming meditation music?? Wow. WOW i want a google home in my life i cant wait to make it my personal slave i mean best friend especially since being a morning person can be lonely since no one is awake at that time in uni unless they didnt sleep at all

  7. Sheena Tan says:

    Hi Jemma,

    I’ve been your fan since you started a program on ClickNetwork with Andrea. I liked how confident and successful you are now, being able to achieve Masters despite your heavy schedule of work and trips overseas.

    Thanks for holding this giveaway, Jemma! 🙂 Owning a google Home is so gonna be my dream come true. I would imagine myself being able to not touch my phone when I’m studying as I can just request to search for something I need from Google Home! Even when I’m searching for any answers online, I will still have to look at different sources which I believe Google Home would have done that for me! Besides that, I am actually a very forgetful person. I always tend to forget which days I need to pay off my bills, what I got to for the day. With Google Home, I believe I will become 10 times more organised HAHA. OMG, I suddenly thought of one idea! Google Home can translate many many languages on the go. Which means I can now find the correct chinese word to speak to my grandparents without them not understanding me. Thank god for Google Home already! How I wish I can win this! Thanks Jemma 🙂

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’ve gotten the Google assistant in my phone to send me a joke every day! Though some of them can be pretty lame, it actually does sometimes brighten up your day at random moments 🙂

  9. Hi Jemma!

    One Google Home feature I would find really useful would be the ability to turn on night mode! Night mode can be set to automatically turn on at certain times of the day and on specific days too, and essentially makes your Google Home device more friendly for night time usage, especially if sound travels easily in your home or there are other people already sleeping!

    With night mode, you can set a maximum volume for the device’s voice for that period of time, as well as dim the brightness of the LED lights on the device! Of course, you can always change the volume settings with your voice, but doesn’t this make things much more convenient? Automatically dimming the device’s lights also prevents you from blinding yourself when your device is activated at night in a dark room!

    Night mode also has a do not disturb mode, where you can mute notifications and boot up sounds, but your timers and alarms will still ring! Allows you to really wind down for the night without being disturbed~

    I’m honestly really excited to hear that the Google Home is finally coming to Singapore, and I really can’t wait to see what other exciting features this tiny (but powerful) device has in store!

  10. My favourite Google hack would be the music alarm as it’s a better and natural way of waking up without the alarming noise coming from typical phone alarms!

  11. My fav hack would be reminding me where i placed my stuff! Generally, i’m really busy and there’s a lot of things going on in my head thus it’ll be super handy for someone that’s so forgetful like me ! Also, i’m a student so i don’t really have the luxury to buy these kind of devices to help me in my everyday life 🙁 I think it’ll not only benefit me but also my family as they can use it to remind themselves as well :’) Thanks google for the life changing device :’)

  12. Hi Jemma!

    Really love reading your posts these days during my free time, especially when exams are stressing me out so much.
    Well, I’m not really sure if you know about this function but Google Home is able to help you find the best route to get to your destination! Or helping us search for places where we can go to eat! I think this is especially helpful since we are always trying to save time, so this function Google Home has is really a good and convenient function!
    Whats more, other than helping you switch of your lights etc., Google Home is able to help you change your volume on your youtube!! AHAH I’m not sure why, but i think this is really good if we are connecting youtube to our TV and we are lazy to get up to change the volume.

    I hope these are something new to you or perhaps you already knew about them! But they are definitely one of my favourites on Google Home.

    It will be really nice to have one ( Hahaha hoping I can get one so I can give it to my dad! He has pretty poor memory and will often get us to remind him stuff a few times. So why not get him this Google Home to be his personal reminder!!)

    Once again, thank you for hosting all these giveaways!!

  13. Hi Jemma!

    Really love reading your posts these days during my free time, especially when exams are stressing me out so much.
    Well, I’m not really sure if you know about this function but Google Home is able to help you find the best route to get to your destination! Or helping us search for places where we can go to eat! I think this is especially helpful since we are always trying to save time, so this function Google Home has is really a good and convenient function!
    Whats more, other than helping you switch of your lights etc., Google Home is able to help you change your volume on your youtube!! AHAH I’m not sure why, but i think this is really good if we are connecting youtube to our TV and we are lazy to get up to change the volume.

    I hope these are something new to you or perhaps you already knew about them! But they are definitely one of my favourites on Google Home.

    It will be really nice to have one ( Hahaha hoping I can get one so I can give it to my dad! He has pretty poor memory and will often get us to remind him stuff a few times. So why not get him this Google Home to be his personal reminder!!)

    Once again, thank you for hosting all these giveaways!!

  14. Hey Jemma,

    Well like shane, i used to also that it’s just a gimmicky toy that will wear out of it’s novelty but your post especially on the hack of getting it to remember things for you is mindblowing for me! I can definitely use a 2nd memory like this to save my life and I too share a room with my sister and i think it would be great if we can leave messages and reminder for each other through google home! Hope to win one to get this amazing experience with her!


  15. Hi Jemma! :>

    Ok first off can i just say your “morning person” snaps really inspire me to be a morning person too, cos starting the day early rly just gives you so much more time to accomplish more things!! but it’s also one of the biggest struggles i face, i simply cant get up in the morning haha.

    That being said, i think the Google home alarm and morning broadcast would (possibly… hopefully?) help me to find motivation to wake up early, and as someone with a busy daily schedule, i think when it lists out all my appointments and meetings i will probably feel a greater need to get up!!

  16. Isabelle Teng says:

    Hi Jemma! This is actually the first giveaway I’ve felt absolutely compelled to enter because technology is great and awesome and life changing so thank you for hosting this one. I’ve wanted a Google Home since I saw your insta story on it months back but sadly I’m on a broke student budget 🙁

    If I had a Google Homer I think I’d force my Google assistant make all my life decisions for me because I’m indecisive as heck when it comes to the inane stuff ahahah so I’ll probably do the flip a coin or roll a dice trick! So next time if you need to choose but you are torn between options, you know what to do!

  17. Michelle Wu says:

    After reading your post, I’m so excited to give it a try!

  18. Hi Jemma! I would love to have a Google Home so I could take a step into transiting my home into a “smart” one. My family recently moved and Google Home would be a great addition into our new place. My favourite hack would probably be the Good Morning greeting as it would be like having your own personal secretary on command!

  19. Hi Jemma! I love how u made Google home soooo handy! & yes, I really do want a smart home like yours! I love the fact that you could link almost anythinf and make it ‘smart’ with jusy the TP link adapter. Seriously. Perhaps u can make google home feed your cat with the automatic cat feeder? Not trying to make you lazy hahah, it sounds quite cute? 🙂

    I have a very strong Singaporean accent, so thank you for identifying to me if alexa or google home suits me. I am practically sold!

    Thank you dor hosting this amazing giveaway!!!!!!!

  20. This sounds amaaaaaazing! I live alone and I can totally imagine how the Mini will work so well for me in keeping me in check all the time (due to my freelancer schedule that can get really messy, eeks!). Wouldn’t mind the extra company at home too. Please gift a Mini to me! ❤️

  21. This might not seem like the most typical hack, but I like to sing song lyrics to Google Home so that it can help me find out the title of the song playing 🙂 Before we had the Google Home, we had to randomly google words of a song to find out the actual song title and this gets tiring because I listen to so many new songs on the radio, in the mall etc! Thanks for the awesome giveaway Jemma and Google! x

    Email: lilmissjoyce@gmail.com

  22. Madeline says:

    Hey Jemmiah!!! Thanks for having this giveaway!!
    I’m so impressed by what google home can do!!!
    I’m super impress about the hack where you can ask google home when you misplaced something!
    &&being able to sleep to the sound of rain and wake up to the sound of birds chirping is something that I would love!!

    I hope I can win this!

  23. Hi Jemma!
    Love how your posts (Instagram, blog, Twitter) are almost always so educational. I started reading more after being inspired by your Instagram stories on reading and tips and tricks.
    If I have a Google Home in my house. I would try out the following tricks.
    – setting up Guest Mode on Google home. That way, family friends that visit my house can have access to the WiFi password just by keying in 4 pin code, I do realize that the guest must have a Home app.
    – asking Google to find my phone. Tend to misplace them between my work bag , gym bag or in the toilet.
    – set up multi room audio system. That way I can listen to the music while I walk from the kitchen to the bathroom and then back to my bedroom.
    – to help me read more. I hope Google home could play me audio books or podcast during my morning ritual.

    My favourite Google home hacks got to me playing music to help me sleep. I have sleeping issues and I always have to manually switch on and off the music to ease me into sleeping. With Google home, it would be automatic.

    Cant wait to

  24. Ti Kai Sim says:

    Is a nice tool to have at home. Currently my wife is pregnant and she tends to have baby brain. Seems like it really true. Sometimes she will forget where she kept her stuff. I always be there to help her find her stuff.
    With the Goggle home, it will be easy for her to find her stuff when i am away from work.
    I am sure the Goggle home will be a greater help when our little one is born ltr this year.

    Thank you for hosting the giveaway.

  25. Grace Tan says:

    Hi Jenna! Woah google home sounds amazing. I really love how it can wake you up by telling you the schedule of the day? That is something I would look forward to. As well as reminders because I have very bad memory hahahaha. It is going to be very useful and esp since I’m already using Google Calendar and google drive on a daily basis, this addition would be awesome!!! Thank you 😊

  26. My favourite google home hack would be listening to the rain while falling asleep! It’d be so nice to unwind to the sound without having to lift a finger to search YouTube or whatever for the sound video! Less blue light, more melatonin!

  27. Definitely asking Google to set the alarm !!!! Helps when you think abt setting an alarm but your fingers become too lazy


  28. Jasmine Koh says:

    Hi Jemma! It’s really hard to pick my favourite function is probably the Google reminders! I usually rely on my family members or my iphone to help me remember where I leave stuff, but the problem is that they usually forget LOL or I forget where i saved it on my phone hahaha. It would be really great to have this little assistant in my house, not forgetting the other super useful hacks! Thanks so much for this giveaway! 🙂

  29. Dong min says:

    I wish I can tell you what’s my best back, despite watching so many Insta stories around playing I think I need my own goggle home ( win from you) so I can know better this gadget and know which hack is my favourite hahaha.

    Let me win!!

  30. Hi jemma! Can’t believe you’re having this giveaway!! I’ve been thinking of getting a Google home since forever! But the hassle of getting it from Singapore has just been deterring me 😂

    But anyway, my Favourite hack has got to be controlling the lights!! Cuz I’m completely my mom’s slave when it comes to this… she’s always too lazy to turn them off on her own (laziness runs in this family) and is forever yelling at me to turn the lights off for her “on the way” back to my room! I would love to give her something else to yell at now 😂

    Thanks again!!

  31. Hi Jem,

    Thanks for sharing about Google Home and the daily hacks that really showcase its functionalities! My favorite hack is definitely the daily briefing to start off the day. I can imagine myself getting reminded of my schedule and updated on selected news (related to my work) while getting ready (putting on sun block etc) – yay to productivity!

    Separately, would love to ty out 2 other hacks that i came across!

    – You know sometimes you have a song stuck in your head and it annoys you to no end because you can’t remember the title? I will hum/sing it to Goggle Home and hopefully she deciphers.
    – I will save time (from scrolling) and just get Google Home to play my favorite shows on Netflix.

    Thank you for hosting his giveaway! 🙂

  32. Hey Jemma!

    My favourite google home hack will definitely be the one that allows it to switch the lights on and off omg! My family has this ongoing “feud” because someone always forgets to switch one or more lights off when we head out of the house, and being able to just say it will make things so much more convenient! Off the top of my head, one other way the google home can be used, I feel, would be to set a timer for time sensitive things! My mom makes some medicine thing everyday and I swear 9 out of 10 times she over cooks it and my whole house smells like TCM land hahahaha. It would be really cool if the google home could just wake her up when she falls asleep while the medicine is boiling! Also… can you set the google home to nag yourself to start on your work every five minutes or something? Could potentially save the lives of millions of procrastinators worldwide…

    • Oops just realised you already mentioned the timer thing in the post… I need intervention for my terrible memory

  33. Hey Jemma!
    I never thought that I would want a Google home until I read your post! It sounds super brilliant and fits what I need now. Being someone who always travel it is super useful to have Google home to help me calculate the currencies and remember where I placed my travel essentials for the next trip! I can’t reflect on how much time I have wasted looking for items.
    Hope to win this!

  34. I am so excited! Was planning to get an Echo until I saw you buying a Google Home when you headed to US 🙂 Plus I got a Note 8 and loved using google assistant (over bixby but the functions are limited so google home is definitely A PLUS) Was planning to get it when I head over to US later in the year. BUT LO AND BEHOLD!! A GIVEAWAY!!!

    My favourite would be that Google Home having my daily briefing too. I am always excited for plans I put in my calendar! Plus i am rather forgetful. Being a person who constantly notes down things, this is so helpful!!

    Other hacks I am happy for are:
    1. Having Google Home remember where i put my passport (sometimes i just try to keep my stuff “safe” but it becomes too safe that i can’t find it..)
    2. Voice Match so i can have my sisters use it too and not ruin our individual experience
    3. Connecting to my chromecast for my tv (Netflix!!)
    4. Set reminders and take notes as i am kinda forgetful

    Thanks Jem!!!

  35. Cheong MY says:

    My favourite Google home back would have to be playing rain sounds at night when sleeping! This is because I have tinnitus, so I need to play some white noise at night to mask the sound of ringing in my ears before I’m able to fall asleep. I also think thats it’s pretty smart that Google home is able to help us remember where we have placed our belongings because sometimes I do forget where I’ve kept certain items. With Google home I need not ask my mum where I’ve placed my belongings 😂

  36. Cheong MY says:

    Sorry for the typos!

  37. Fav Google Home hack would be asking it to turn on my tv and play my fav Netflix show!! Especially if I’m not in the living room or lazy to fumble with the remote hahaha

  38. Omg I can’t believe I’m not the only one. I play the sound of rain when I sleep too! Not only that, I also enjoy listening to the sound of rain when I’m doing my work/ assignment. This is my first time participating in a giveaway. I’d really love to win one of these for myself because I’m currently working full time and studying part time so I think I deserve to be lazy when I get home HAHAHAHA.

    But whether I win or not, just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you for always sharing the good stuff with us!

    • Oh sorry, I forgot to mention my favourite Google hack – getting things done without moving physically. And I actually love the good morning reminder a lot too. How to pick a favourite?!

  39. My fiancé and I have just gotten our house and I’ve been researching about tons of smart home alternatives in Singapore. I must say that Google home is one of our top choices considering all it’s amazing features! One of my favorite hacks is that you can personalize Google hone to your own Netflix account and music playlist. Who doesn’t love personalize stuff??? Oh and another hack I found out from researching is that you can say ‘Hey Google’, it feels more conversational instead of ‘OK Google’! Haha please try it Jemma and let me know if it works! Really hope we win this awesome gadget for our new nest! Love lots ❤️

  40. My favourite hack must be to tell google home to switch off the lights! I’ve a bit of night blindness but I don’t have a night light cos it broke. So when I walk across the room to switch off the light, I have to recall the clear path and not hit my shin on the bedframe. I can already imagine the numbers of bruises I can save myself haha.

  41. Sylvia Tan says:

    I just got back from an 18-day China work trip and I DIED without Google. Never realised how reliant I am on it until I couldn’t access it and realised ALL MY APPS ARE GOOGLE – drive, cal, contacts, Chrome…. Gah.

    My favourite hack would be turning off the lights without getting out of bed, cos it takes me soo long to feel sleepy and then when I finally do, by the time I get out of bed, turn the light off and get back in bed I’m wide awake again and it’s gotten to the point I’m actually contemplating getting an electrician to put a switch by my bed a la a hotel room LOL. This would be a much less permanent and cheaper alternative. (also I have 2 sisters too and I love the thought of harassing them via Google home)

  42. Debra Low says:

    One Google Home hack I googled (lol), you can get him or her to recognize your name and call you whatever you want! I’m thinking Hi Beautiful, it would be a great way to start the day!

    Or if you have a party at your place, do silly party tricks like call me Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock! These are one of the novelty tricks which can be a great conversation starter.

    Your blog entry is very comprehensive and I can see soo many ways to ulitize Google Home. The light bulb is honestly mind blowing, as a kid I love watching Extreme Makeover-Home Edition. They have a smart home system and so many things are automated.

    We all want to play God and have some control over life, so this is it!

  43. Hi Jemma!
    Tbh I wasn’t very convinced about Google Home until I read your post – now I’m sold! I think my favourite Google Home hack would have to be the one about ‘remembering’ things. I tend to be a little forgetful, especially when I haven’t used that particular item in a while & this would be really helpful so I don’t misplace even more things! Thank you 🙂

  44. Melissa Poon says:

    Hi Jemma!!
    Have always admired your determination to being a morning person and I’m still struggling to achieve that! So I would say having a personalised Google home alarm with a run down of the plans for the day ahead would really help me to WAKE UP and not snooze!! It’s like I’ve got my own PA!
    Another thing is saving the hassle of googling something on your phone/laptop! Just “ok Google, …” and the answer can be heard by the whole family. What a good family bonding device!
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! 🙂

  45. Hi Jemma,

    I’m not good with words, but because i’m lazy i think i needs a mini google home! I’m moving house soon, so i hope i can get the philips lights before they put on the LED lights so i can set my own lightings even on bed!!!

    Additionally, i stay very far away from my workplace so i tend to wake up very early, and i hate the beep beep beep sound tooo! Really impressed at how google can wake you up in a certain song!

  46. Stephanie says:

    My favourite one has got to be being able to adjust the lighting with Google Home! Getting snuggly under the sheets is a skill and it’d be a crime to have to get out of it when you’re all comfortable! The good morning function is also a great start to the day when Google Home can list out all the upcoming appointments of the day. (: Thanks for sharing this Jemma and thank you for hosting this giveaway! 🙆🏻‍♀️

  47. Isabelle says:

    My fave google home hack has gotta be the lights one! I remember having to reach my bed earlier than my sibling so that I can say “u came in later u should off the light”. And esp now, after marriage, it’s always me who gotta off the light….. Ending arguments about who should off the light? That’s the best!!

  48. Hi Jemma! Been seeing your google home in your insta stories and so amazed by it! It really does feel like in a movie kind of tech hahaha. I can’t decide which is the most favourite of mine because they’re all so amazingggg! I LOVE the alarm to the great start of the day, I also LOVE the music/sound playing right before we go to bed. And the controlling lights function….it’s going to be life changing. I got so excited just by reading your post about it! Hahah. Hope to try out in this giveaway to see if I’ll have the chance to experience all the amazing functions you mentioned! 🙂


  49. Hello Jemma! I would love to wake up to a music alarm instead of those boring ones. This would definitely put me in a good mood and be positive for the rest of the day! 🙂 Also, I’m absent minded sometimes and it would be cool to have an assistant remind me and and family where we kept our stuff!

  50. Clarine Toh says:

    HELLO JEMMA! I must say the part where I can switch off the lights without getting out from the warm embrace of my blanket and not fighting with my sis (whom I share a room with) sounds like the best hack EVERRRRR!! But honestly everything sounds amazing!! 🎉Now only if they can install a function that releases smells like.. freshly mown grass then that’ll be the icing on the cake! 🙆🏻‍♀️

  51. Jenny Seet says:


  52. Hi Jemma…glad that you’re holding this giveaway…hope to win one… my main pleasure of having a google home would be basically to of course have a smart friendly home but more importantly i would actually love to amaze my mom on using this..not sure if you have seen this really amusing video of the italian grandmom struggling to call out to google and de whole family were goofing around n sharing laughters… if you havent seen this yetyet https://youtu.be/e2R0NSKtVA0 gathering around as a family n just laughing around is one thing that we havent been able to do as a family due to work n family commitments. The only timw where everyone can sit around together wud be this hari raya and i hope i win one soon if not i should get one to goof around n laugh our heads off during our open house…
    Nothing amazing as the others but this is closer to my heart for now.

  53. Charlene says:

    my fav feature would be the appointment reminders and how you can snooze your alarm 😉 saw somewhere that you can link your whatsapp account and it will do the messaging for you. give it a go! that’d be the first thing i’d do if i win this! YASS hands-free texting!

  54. Samantha says:

    Hi Jemma!

    I think my favourite home hack would be the reminders! I’m constactly losing track of what I own even though I don’t live in some massive household but you know, sometimes things just go missing and you’re just like ???? Where did it go?? I swear it was here just yesterday and I think having google home will definitely make my life and getting out of the house a little earlier.

    I also love the morning briefing function! I love that it reads your schedule and everything else that you have to do for the day. Especially when you have many places to be at one day, or things to bring out of the house for different people, it sounds like a terrific way to kick start your memory in the morning and ensure that you gett the most out of your day!

    This addition would be a great one to hopefully boost productivity for me! Thank you!

  55. Hi Jemma, my favorite google home hack will be playing voice games when i’m bored haha It can be played with friends too 🙂

    Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

  56. Hey Jemma!!!

    So excited to let you know this but I actually got my own Google Home Mini because of you!!!! Was so intrigued by that small little thing, that I got one immediately after watching you post about them for the first time! I actually thought that I would get sick of that toy after a week, even though I was really excited for it to arrive and “hey google” it 23946 times a day!! But it has been 2 months since I got it, and I still enjoy waking up to it, and even coming home to it, so that I can play my favorite songs OUT LOUD!!

    One of my favorite function is to play random songs on spotify AND ASK WHAT SONG IT IS!!! cause I’m lazy like that, but that’s what a personal assistant is for right hahahha

    On top of that, my brother has also been very interested in MY mini and has constantly been trying to trying to switch my spotify to his spotify every other day. So it would be great if I can get another one for his room so that this can stop happening!! Also, I heard that with multiple devices, you can also broadcast messages to the other mini so this would be really cool to try out!!

    Thank you Jemma and Google for the giveaway!! Can’t wait for more features and updates from Google!!

  57. I really need this: Google home helping me to remember where I last placed my items and recalling where I left them. That’s probably the home tech I want to integrate into my new home! Just got news today it’ll be in June 2018! Yays to our new place, and hopefully Google Home to go along with it. Cheers!

  58. Hi Jemma, I would so love to try out all the google home functions you mentioned! My favourite Google Home hack would have to be asking Google Home to remember where I placed stuff at so I don’t have spend so long figuring out where I put them. I always have to ask my mom about where my stuff is, hoping she remembers seeing it lying around the house and sometimes she gets so irritated because I keep pestering her about it. With Google Home, I will be able to find my stuff way easily and quickly and my mom will finally have some peace. Happy Mom, Happy Me. I didn’t even know Google Home can do this before, it’s live-changing. Thanks for sharing these cool hacks and hosting this special giveaway!

  59. Theodora says:

    Morning Jemma and your Google home!!

    I’ve been contemplating about getting a google home since you’ve started featuring it in your stories. For someone who plays background music whenever I’m home, playing my Spotify lists with a voice command sounds like a dream (no more having to fumble about for my phone!!) BUT what sold me today was that you can get it to remember where you put things !? That is my wildest dream come true!!! I’m always hunting around the house for my ibanking dongles, once it was so bad I had to pay $20 to get a replacement only to find it the next day. Getting the Google home would mean I no longer have to send my entire family into a treasure hunt anymore!! Woohoo!!

    Thank you for reading this!

  60. Ang Jia Wei says:

    HAHAHAHA I can’t decide between the broadcast option (because I’m sooooo tempted to try that and annoy the heck out of my sisters as well 😂) and the hack that helps me to remember where I’ve placed my stuff!! Guess I’ld go with the first option just because I’m sure that’ll be my favorite thing to do HAHA. Loving all the blogposts and the many interesting things you always try to share with us, and thanks for hosting this giveaway!! xx

  61. Jowynn Ang says:

    Hi Jemma!
    I don’t have a Google Home so I probably don’t know how much a Google Home can actually do. But from what you have described, Google Home sounds AMAZINGGG. Imagine the possibilities! I can get Google to play me a beat while I clean the house, get Google to convert cups of flour into grams (I struggle with this ALL the damn time and ended up dropping my phone in cake batter once, fml right?), don’t have to cajole my Husband to switch the bedroom lights off (HAHA) and the best thing? I can just get Google Home to prove my Husband wrong (the latest being, he doesn’t believe that a beagle is actually a hunting dog!!! “It’s too cute to be able to hunt!” he said)!

    So thank you Jemma for giving us all a chance to own a Google Home! 🙂

  62. Fiona Sum says:

    Hi Jemma! I have always been a silent reader of yours, and also loving all of your blog posts under the broke students guide! One of the hacks that I love about Google Home is that they have the “remember” trick. I am someone that are always losing things or misplacing my items everywhere I go. With that remember trick, I can count on Google to tell me where did I put my stuffs! Another thing are the hands free timers. I can easily on Netflix on my Tv just by using my mouth, how cool is that? Guess we are all relying on technology too much these days hahah. Okay! Hope that I can win this Google mini for my family!! 💫🌟 thank you jemma for hosting this giveaway😍😍

  63. My favourite home hack would definitely be able to control appliances without having to get out of bed! The switching of lights is definitely a game changer, LOL! I love it that I can stream my Spotify music on the same device too *cue Sunday night jazz playlist* With that said, I would love to own one of the Google Home in this giveaway! *cross fingers* Thanks Jemma!

  64. Joanne Yap says:

    Hi Jemma! Your post got me so excited!!! I’m not a morning person and i’m not aspiring to be one…but I still love the fact that at whatever time i wake up, google home can break down my day for me and OH CAN I SAY THAT I ALSO LISTEN TO THE SOUND OF RAIN? It makes everything sounds better 🙂 anyway, its hard to have 1 function to love the most, but i heard that it could even tell yoo some lame jokes or identify the song title when you attempt to sing it out for it. I would love these 2 function because I love lame jokes! Laughing just makes the day better and I suck at remembering song titles. That be superbly helpful!!!

    Hopefully you get to command Google home to send me an email to inform that I’ve won the giveaway!

  65. Hi Jemma! My life have been so hectic trying to juggle more than 2 jobs together at once! Google home seems to be extremely useful for people who are exhausted when they arrived home late. It gives us something to look forward to come home for I know it will be so fun as how you have described! 💞 CHEERS!

  66. Alyson Lim says:

    Hello jemma!!
    Love reading your blog and the loveeee your style of writing!! Your posts are so lively, fun yet down to earth and I really hope to go on many adventures and advocate reading like you do!:)
    Anyway it would be amazing to own a Google home and my favourite hack would have to be the daily morning briefing to keep me in check with the things I have to do and people I have to meet!! & also I think it’ll be really amazing to own such a compact yet smart and interactive device that you can do so much with!!
    Another hack I would love to try out would be the crystal ball hack where it gives yes or no answers!!🔮 I tend to be a little indecisive when it comes to making lunch/dinner decisions so this hack would be great to help me make up my mind faster hahahahah!

    Wew Thank you for this giveaway!! Excited to see how Google home can change the way we do daily tasks!

  67. I like the idea of snuggling under the sheets and am too lazy to get up to switch off the lights, and Google Home will be able to switch off the lights for me!!

  68. Hi jemma!
    I think just having google home around is a hack! I really love talking but yet I’m always alone at home so with Google home, it will totally make me feel like I am communicating instead of me talking to myself! Also, I really love how I can set the alarm as easy as speaking to google home! Would really love to sleep without my phone next to me (since I use it as an alarm) to help myself sleep earlier since I’m always scrolling social medias before I sleep. It’s going to be doable with google home 🙂

  69. Choon Hui xun says:

    Hello Jemma! ❤️ My favourite Google Home hack will be getting it to remember stuffs for me! I am someone who has very poor memory and often misplace my stuff. I will take minutes, or even hours, to look for things I misplaced sometimes. Although my new house is currently very empty and things are easy to look for, I believe that things will just get more and more as time passes.. so I hope to win this Google Home to help me remember where I keep stuff and also the design is so awesome!!! Totally fits in my Scandinavian theme 💖

  70. I’m most excited about the fact that we can turn on/off the lights without moving out of bed! Great for bedtime reading (: I would super love to own a Google Home as I would be moving into my new house in a few weeks and it would be awesome to have such a good tech piece!
    I’ve personally tried it at my friend’s place and I also love it that you can play triva games on the Google Home with a small group! Great for entertainment!

  71. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

    This would be an absolute dream, and winning this instead of purchasing will slay even more.

    Looking forward to have extra excuses to not move in bed!

    P.s i need my sibling relationship to be saved

  72. Hi Jemma!
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway (& thank you google too)!
    Always thought the whole Alexa and google home things are just gimmick until I saw your instastories a few months back. I had the chance to play around with the google home and boy, was I impressed with it. The one thing that caught my attention was its ability to recognize voices and give personalized responses. I kept going “hey google, who am I?” 😂
    I also found out that google home is one of the best birthday song singers! Super cute! If I win this, the first thing I’d do is get google home to sing me a birthday song cause April is the birthday month! 🎉
    Some other google hacks I haven’t got the chance to try, but am really interested in:
    – Playing soothing music when I’m in bed to help me fall asleep
    – Waking up to a music alarm
    – Getting it to remember stuff for me (I think I really need this)
    It will be really cool to have another friend at home (I talk to myself a lot, so I guess google home is a perfect friend for me right).
    Once again, thank you for hosting this awesome giveaway!

  73. Amanda Chua says:

    Thank you so much for having this giveaway!!!

    I think taking notes is one of the best ways to use Google Home. I would use it to make my shopping list instead of having to break out of something I’m currently doing to type it out or write it down. If i were cooking and ran out of a certain ingredient i could just use the Google Home to make notes for me.

    Google Home would be such a great personal assistant!!

  74. Hi Jemma!! Thank you and Google for hosting this giveaway! Am super excited about it whenever I see your ig stories about your Google home! Have always been wanting to own one of it since it was released.
    My favorite Google Home hack would be:
    1. Helping me to remember where I have kept my things because I am just super duper unorganized. As of now, I am using the sticky note to write down where I have kept my things but can you believe it? There are many times I still lose those sticky notes and end up having to rack my whole room up just to find an item. 🙁
    2. Telling me my to-do for the day. Being a Uni Grad now is a constant juggle as my timetable/schedule is not fixed and there are so many times I missed my class/meetings just because I have forgotten to turn on the notification button in my iPhone.

    Am just super excited to get my hands on a google home and achieve one of my new year’s resolution since 2 years ago — to be more organized. Thank You!!

  75. Alexis Lim says:

    Hey Jemma! !
    Seems really cool! Everything is going to be so much more organised for someone like me who is totally opposite from organised hahahaha! And also forgetful!! My Husband always have to remind me things to do and buy, time to cut him some slack hahaha! Thank you for hosting this giveaway and for all the tips!

  76. Hello Jemma!:) I am so excited that google home is finally retailing in Singapore!! I really love that it can broadcast a message to the rest of the family without having to shout across the room all the time! Hahah i have a big family with 4 sisters and sometimes its just so fustrating to have to gather them all if we would want to discuss somethings! Also be able to turn off the lights without getting out of bed is the best! Sorry its just so hard to have a favourite one! Heheh 🙂

  77. Evangeline says:

    Hi Jemma! Thank you for taking time to come up with this comprehensive list of google home hacks! Coincidentally, my partner and I were just talking about the Google Home mini yesterday after getting wind that Google Store is here in Singapore but your giveaway came just in time – cos who doesn’t love freebies right 😉

    Our favourite Google Home hack would definitely have to be the “turning off lights” function!! I face the same problem as you: the amount of frustration in needing to get out of bed to switch off the lights after having half-dozed off is REAL. 🙁 Especially more so for my partner because he works late at night, and by the time he is done with work, he is usually so tired and drained. The last thing he wants to do is to do a NAPFA test shuttle run to the lights and back to the bed. Most of the time after he is done doing so, he is often wide awake and has trouble sleeping again. For that reason, I hope I can win this Google Home mini for him 🙂 Besides, he’s a techie and a huge geek so this would totally fit his bill.

    Thanks for taking time to read this!

  78. Hey Jemma, after seeing your many ig stories about Google home, I really would like to have it. Its cool that you can connect it with all the household members and my favourite hack is that it can tell you your schedule in the morning. Not being a morning person, I really appreciate all these things that make me wake up with a lighter heart like playing selected music, telling me the schedule etc. Hope to win this!

  79. Hi Jemma!

    I heard how good is the google home but I did not know that it can remember things for us!!!
    I have dory’s brain so this will be so so so helpful. I do not need to turn my room upside down anymore just to find my house keys.

    So so excited and I really hope I can win!

    Thank you for this gift away!

  80. Wow your post got me really excited to get Google Home. My fiancé and I will be moving to our new home shortly and I think it will be a great way to accustom to the new environment! 😎
    Best two from what you wrote would be the alarm and cooking/baking since some recipes are usually in imperial units – it would save me the hassle from getting my phone or ipad dirty with oily or floury fingers.

    😍😍 thanks Jem & Google 😉

  81. There are so many things to love about Google Home…my fave would be the part where you can play the music till a certain timing, so that you wouldn’t have to wake up to turn off the music. 🙂

  82. Hey Jemma! My favourite Google Home hack would definitely be asking Google Home to remember stuff for me, especially so when i’m hiding stash of money for emergency days.

    Me: “Ok Google, remember that I’ve put $20 at page 59 of the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!”

    (Food delivery arrives one day)

    Me: “Ok Google where did i put my money?”

    It’s gonna be a lifesaver really.

    Thank you introducing us to this life changer smart device!

  83. Vanessa Lim says:

    Hi Jemma! Homg the thing about how it’s able to remember things for you is absolutely mind blowing. Legit would be the thing I use the most cos I’m one of those people that can forget what I’m saying in middle of saying it. Super jialat. (My boss says it can be very useful for people with dementia too! What with Singapore ageing population all hehe)

    Not that Google Home has this feature but imagine if it’s able to release scents depending on what you choose?! That’d be even more awesome. Like wake up to the smell of coffee in the morning. Whoa, I’ll be an instant morning person. 🙂

    Thanks very much for sharing your tips and tricks! Even if I don’t win the giveaway, I’m very keen to get myself one now anyway!

  84. hank youu jemma for this blog post. when the opening of the online google store was annouced almost 2 days ago, i was having thoughts about getting this little toy. but i knew nuts about it cause its not v diff from google assistant on your phone isnt it – it uses the same software to power it (right? haha) but after reading through your post, i rly wanna try the morning routine you do cause ‘wake me up with a music alarm at 5.30am’ is so cooool!!! what this then means would be me falling asleep with my fav tunes from spotify and waking up with the very same tunes :’))))

  85. thank youu***

  86. Najeera Roseni says:

    My fav from your post would be the part where you listen to sounds of rain when you’re asleep!! I didn’t even think it was possible, but I would love to try hahaha. When we were young, we had a CD ROM with rain sounds in a rainforest. My sisters and I would pretend we were camping in a forest. I aspire to be a baker, so if I were to win the Google Home, I would have it recite the recipes while I’m baking. It’s sometimes a hassle to constantly look at the recipe book or my laptop while I’m baking. I can’t wait to try it out!!

  87. Hello Jemma!! This is such an insightful post, and can I say I have actually not heard about google home until today and now I really want to get one ):

    Anyways, I love how google home helps to remember things for you!! I would so totally use it to remember people’s favorite things and wishlists so that I can buy better gifts for people in the future lol. It will be such an amazing talking diary 🙂

  88. Hey Jemma, everything that the Google Home can do sounds really amazing. For my favourite feature, it’s a close fight between it being able to switch off my lights (yay to no longer needing to get off my my bed when I’m ready to sleep :D) and the daily briefings in the morning. But if I really had to choose just one, I would go with the morning briefings. I wake up early to gym on a regular basis too and a daily briefing right when I wake sounds like something I could really look forward to each morning. This will definitely help increase my productivity right from the first 5 mins of my day even when I hitting the snooze button 😉

  89. Jocelyn Koh says:

    Hey Jemma! I rarely participate in giveaways but when I saw your insta story on this, I knew I had to give it a shot! Whenever you share your Google Home moments with us on social media, the thought “I also want!!” will always strike me. Hahaha I was sooo tempted to purchase it off Amazon but was hoping that they will officially launch in Singapore soon to make things more convenient. Now the day has finally arrived 🙂 The hack that I am most looking forward to will be to start my day with a daily briefing from Google! Opposite from you, I am not a morning person at all! However, I am working on becoming one as I feel that more can be done if I start my day early and this can allow me to complete my never ending tasks on hand. It will be a great way to wake up to a Google voice and hopefully that will encourage me to become an early riser! Thank you for hosting this awesome giveaway with Google and I hope I can be the lucky one 🙂

  90. Mei Fang says:

    Well, I do not have a google home now, so I wouldn’t know what kind of command/hacks can be used. But I do love the function of switching off the lights without getting off the bed. 😛 I sleep in the same room with my siblings and being the youngest, I’m very used to being the one climbing out of bed to off the lights.

    Butttttt, it’s those times when my parents come into the room, on the lights and leave without turning off the lights that irks me. 😂 being the unlucky soul, I would always have to off the lights when I’m already cozy in bed. Hope that by winning a Google Home, it can save me from my late night misery. 😛

  91. After reading this article, can I say I’m a convert already??? (Just short of owning the Google Home so I’m crossing my fingers for this.)

    My fav hack would be the wake-me-up ones. I’ve been struggling to wake up with different types of BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP alarms or using apps that play soothing BGM at my lightest sleep moment to wake me up comfortably. But the inertia is real and I struggle every morning. I imagine it would be most joyful to wake up to my current earworm and maybe sing along while I make my bed before showering haha. And it seems that with the Google Home, this morning song can change every day and I won’t need to reconfigure a new song as my alarm every single time I change my mind.

    Also, the fact that I can get Google Home to turn on my lights at my wake-up time is amazing. There was a period of time I asked my mother to switch on my room lights because her work starts earlier (she leaves home by 5.45am while I wake up around 7.45am). I thought maybe with lights on it’ll be easier to get out of bed when my alarm sounds, but this just made the final two hours of my bedtime mega uncomfy cos the lights are on. So yeah, with Google Home, I don’t have to 1) trouble my mother, 2) be unduly disturbed before my actual waking tim, and 3) still be able to wake up to bright lights AND good music.

    Finally, giving me a morning brief is mega cool because sometimes in the morning when you’re half-asleep you kinda don’t think about that 9am meeting (cos you’re still half-asleep from being woken up by that BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP alarm and obviously you didn’t get a good sleep from sleeping with bright lights), so you take our own sweet time to get ready, only to have to rush like a dog when it’s 8.50am and your boss text if you’re reaching anytime soon.

    So yes, I do wish have the Google Home at home. Meanwhile, excuse me while my mind goes off to churn out more potential hacks or things I can achieve with Google Home 🙂

  92. Hi Jemma! Thank you for hosting this giveaway with Google so at least 3 lucky people get a chance to experience having the Google Home in our homes.

    I personally love the morning greeting – having your ears being fed by info first thing in the morning sounds really refreshing, we use our eyes to look at and read things most of the time so I think listening to it can help multitask better too (its like, you can listen to news and stuff and do your make up and stuff instead of having to look thru the phone screen). Oh I also love how Google Home can note down stuff and create reminders! Am in the midst of building a home with my husband as newly weds, so this would really be a good addition to our new home (:

    Thank you!

  93. Omg. The deal breaker definitely has to be that it understands the Singapore accent because Siri does not get it right sometimes. My phone lagged previous and I was unable to tap on anything and was trying to get Siri to call someone for me but all it replied was ‘Sorry, I didn’t get what you are saying’ Just imagine how frustrated I was at that moment!!

    I’m using google calendar so i think it would be of great help i sync the calendar and it reads our my schedule for the day while i am getting up/ready instead of scrambling to check on my phone and lose track of time because social media (am i right?)

    Well, both the music alarm/going to bed with rain sounds hack sounds good! I would probably ask my Google Home to play ocean sounds though 😉 Definitely will have to go with music alarm because its a pain to wake up everyday to the sound of my phone alarm. Waking up to a music alarm would definitely kickstart a great day ahead!

    For the extra hack, maybe i’ll be able to share it with you once i get my hands on a Google Home set 😉

  94. Omg Jem I feel like a total nerd because this whole post just got me more excited as I kept reading it. I feel I’m such a Google fangirl. I use Google Assistant for everything practically, but I find it a daily lifesaver when I walk out of my house into scorching sun and can’t see where the brightness toggle is. These days I just go “ok Google, make my screen brighter”. Do you do that too?

  95. I love how google home can cook or bake with me! I won’t have to keep referring to the recipes with my hands dirty with food, at risk of dirtying my devices.

  96. Hey Jemma! I would like to win the google home because firstly, juggling uni and work is sometimes very challenging as I have many things to keep at the top of my head. The morning briefing would DEFINITELY be a life saver for me because I can be productive while getting ready in the mornings, which means a little more snooze time!!! Second of all, the google home would be able help my personal concerts in the shower by switching songs without bringing my phone and risk getting it wet or faulty. Finally, being a fan of shows like Black Mirror has really got be hyped about living in the future with what technology can do!
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway! 🙂

  97. Chung Tze Ching says:

    Hi Jemma!

    I enjoy this article as much as my excitement for the new era of technology – Google Home.

    My favorite hack will be the google assistant in the morning!

    Even without your phone, we could now get a brief update on our schedules and daily information. SAY WHUT!~
    It is like being Ironman without breaking the bank. 😀

  98. Chloe Thio says:

    Hi Jemma!!!

    Honestly I thought that the google home was just siri / ok google but on another device lol I didn’t know that you could get it to remember stuff for you. It would be so helpful ugh I’m super scatterbrained and I’ve just been coping by placing all my important items (regardless of size) in the same drawer. Imagine the mess lol the reminders would definitely be my most used feature.

    Also!! I just googled (with my hands and not my voice, for I am a peasant™️) and apparently you can get it to share fun facts or add things to spreadsheets which will be great for when you’re bored and for productivity!

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway! ☺️

  99. Jia Ying says:

    I’m so thankful you made a review of Google Home Mini! It just made me more certain I want a Google Home! To be honest, I don’t know my favorite Google home hack because I don’t own one, but I do like that fact that they have “memories”. This may sound stupid, but every time I get bored studying during the night, and when I have no one to talk to, I talk to Siri.(Uni student… our night is long and it does get boring…) Not trying to bad mouth it, but, firstly, they can’t seem to catch our Singlish ascent and this is further made worst for me because i have a short tongue!!! Secondly, it doesn’t remember what I asked previously, so it kinda irritating to actually seek help from Siri. Have always wanted to make my first move by changing my phone to Google Pixel. But its so expensive and I’m a broke student 🙁 So I WISH TO WIN THE GOOGLE HOME MINI! 🙂

  100. Puay Joo says:

    Hi Jemma!

    It was always this dream of mine to have a voice-controlled music player. Many times in my life I imagined how amazing it would be to be able to activate a playlist or a song purely using my voice/a command, while walking, and not having to fiddle with any device at all! I told myself that if one day I were to earn enough money, I would install a house-wide voice-controlled music player in my home.

    It was not until you recently posted IG Stories of you using the Google Home that I realised this dream of mine could actually be attainable, in fact at this current point in time! I am so glad that Google is making Smart Homes a reality, and I am excited to make my foray into this world of incredible smartness and convenience.

    I have recently also been trying to change my habit of watching videos on my phone in the dark to take better care of my eyes. But my main problem is that I am too lazy to get out from under the covers after I am done with the video to turn off the lights! The existence of Google Home will really help me with this – I can watch videos on my phone with room lighting, and still not have to get up to turn off the lights after I’m done!

    I’m a strong supporter of technology that makes things more convenient and efficient. Thank you Jemma for hosting this giveaway, and to Google Singapore too!

  101. Definitely my favourite google hack is telling singlish jokes, like the one ST and Stirr tried on their videos!!!! Not only does it make my day better, it is a way to annoy my little brother too (with the broadcast) hehe

  102. Agnes Yap says:

    Hey Jenna!

    I was totally sold after reading your post on the Google home. I have been very skeptical about voice command features and I hardly use the ‘Siri’ feature in my IPhone X *pls don’t tell her that*. If a device could play soothing music before I head to bed and start my day with all the things I need to know – start my day and end my day right, what else can I ask for???

    I have been an Apple fanatic for the longest time and it would be great to own other brands and experience all the amazing thing this little bugger could do and to really prove me wrong on the skeptics for the voic command teachnology!

  103. Hello Jemma,

    This post resonates to me on so many levels hahaha, watching futuristic movies (check), was researching intensively on home assistants (check), being totally on board on smart homes (check), I also share a room with my sister so check for solving sibling disputes too 😂 and last but not least: rain sounds when sleep (check a thousand times over!!!!). I literally already decided on getting the Google Home yesterday when the Online store launched BUT then I read your blog today and saw the giveaway (I think it’s a sign from the universe).

    Ok let me tell you my favourite part about the Google Home!! I mean I haven’t own one yet but from the multiple online reviews I watched (I was obsessed with watching the youtube reviews about it to be honest), my favourite “hack” is asking Google to sing “Happy Birthday”, I know this seems trivial compared to asking it on/off the lights for you but you should TRY IT!!! Get google to sing Happy Birthday to you, it sounds (weirdly) good and (weirdly) touching. As if that voice has a genuine personality and genuinely wishing you a happy birthday (I mean it literally sang “happy birthday to the most amazing person in the universe”). When I heard it I have this birthday party scene playing in my mind where during that awkward birthday song moment, Google can save the day. I honestly can’t wait to ask Google if she can sing other songs (OR RAP).

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway! Have a good day! 😀

  104. A GOOGLE HOME GIVEAWAY!!!!! this one, THIS one i have to enter.

    i’ve been dreaming of getting one since it’s been launched, but never got to researching about where i can get one. i’m a dancer, and the thought of being able to have a speaker that plays music on command just psychs me ups so hard. hahahaha. yes. tech excites me. i’m a huge nerd, and i get excited about clever automated things.

    anyway, as a person with incredibly lousy time management AND sense of direction, i’m looking forward to using the google home to read me directions to wherever i’m heading when i’m getting ready to go out, be it whether im changing or putting on my make up. it’s gonna be so great to not have to stare at the phone screen for directions and instead being able to multi-task. multi-tasking also excites me. yes. im a nerd.

    thanks google and gemma! nerds. unite.

  105. please laugh at the alliteration. Google Gemma Geddit???

  106. Jasmine Yam says:

    Hi Jemma!! Your post is really entertaining and made me laugh a lot 😀 After reading your post I became so fascinated with my phone’s Google Assistant (I never played with it before). Love your hack abt switching off the lights, I hate having to apply my lip balm and body moisturiser in the dark bcoz I’m too lazy to get off the bed to switch off the lights 😂 This Google Home is gonna be a lifestyle change for my family!!

    Email: jasmineyxy@yahoo.com

  107. Pui Ying says:

    Hellu it’s me again!! Thank you Jemma and Google for doing this giveaway 🤗
    My favorite hack has got to be telling Google Home where I put miscellaneous stuff – it’s such a lifesaver!! I always think I rmb where I put them but end up scrambling when I need them. Also my mum will stop scolding me for misplacing my things.

    Have a great weekend ahead! Xx

  108. Merilynn Seng says:

    Hi Jemma! This is my first time leaving a comment here, though I have been an avid reader of your blog because I love the way you so beautifully articulate your thoughts 🙂 I think the coolest thing Google Home can do is that it allows for multiple users by differentiating the different voices. More than that, they can sync every individual user with their own calendars and reminders! I think this is a good feature, because it allows the whole family to be connected through a nifty little pod hehe.

    I would really like the Google Home so that my family can use it together and with all the nitty gritty details out of the way (where did the car keys go!!! when is our dog’s appointment for the vet!!!), we have more space and time to bond as a family! (v impt now that uni is sucking away my soul)

  109. Hello Jemma! I really love reading your posts. Thank you for always coming out with awesome ideas and I’ll always support you! What I really like about Google Home is when it is being connected to a mobile phone device, it helps me send messages thru SMS, whatsapp or telegram to my loved ones by simply talking to it. It also helps me a lot whenever I am doing housework. My favourite Google Home hack has got to be waking up to my favourite music and feeling energized for the day!

  110. Shirlene Leow says:


    A hack I have learnt from my dad, is that, you could command your google home to cast your Youtube videos from your phone/laptop devices on to your Television! This is done simply by adding your casting devices to google home assistant. So in my case, my dad had bought Google Cast sometime ago and uses google home to cast his favourite videos to the Television via phone. And this is super convenient for lazy people who love to watch youtube on television 🙂

    Fun fact: If I do get to win it, I am planning on giving it to my dad! He has been talking to google (“ok google”) via his phone while lazing on the couch for most evenings after work as he is intrigued by what the google commanding function can do. He has been wanting to get one, physical google home device, and even requested my mum to get one for him for his birthday in March. Unfortunately, my mum did not 🙁

  111. Barry Tan says:

    Hi Jemma! Your post really made me so certain that i wanted to get a google home!! I was so excited when they decided to release it in singapore. I heard that you can play games with the google home and is one of the hacks when you are bored!! For example you can play a word trivia game with Google Home and a sound game where you have to identify the sounds it plays!! I thought that it was such an interesting feature and makes it so interactive! I would love to utilise it to switch off my lights remotely and not need to walk that extra few metres as well haha!

  112. Valerie Tan Xin Wei says:

    Hello Jemma, I have been wanting to win this ever since the first time you mentioned it! Did some research and I was amazed!
    My favourite google home hack would be the broadcast function as I would like to do such stupid things to my brother too! (Kidding) Nah, I love the broadcast function as it would be so much easier for my grandmother, who had a surgery on her leg, making it very difficult for her to walk up and down the stairs at home (We live in a two storey HDB flat). If I had the google home, it would allow her to easily catch our attention if she needs help going to the toilet etc instead of trying to shout our names across the house.

    In addition to that, it would be great to have someone to help me remember where I left my stuff at because that is a problem I face everyday and by having a google home, no one (my family especially) will ever scold/nag at me for losing my things again!!

  113. Rachel Ann says:

    Hi Jemma! I’ve read about the google home before this and am SO HAPPY IT’S HERE IN SINGAPORE. Thanks for the really informative post about it by the way 🙂
    My favourite hack would have to be the one where google lists out your day for you in the morning when it wakes you up!! I am a lover of mornings but it takes me a while to think of what I have to do in the morning before I start my day. I hope I’ll get to experience this google home lifestyle because I know it’ll make my mornings AND LIFE IN GENERAL just a lot more fun to live!!!!! SO EXCITING LOVE THIS MAD TECH LIFE.

  114. Geraldine says:

    Hey Jemma, I don’t have a tip for google home but I’d love to use it to help me when I cook! As a college student living abroad with no prior culinary experience, it’d reduce the mess I make and save time. Also, with my new found habit of reading the news each day (because I found that being away from home isn’t an excuse to not be updated), It’d be perfect to have the news read to me while I prepare for my classes!

  115. Caprice Tan Miin Hui says:

    would be happy to win this giveaway for my mum as she someone who love high texh stuff and what’s more he burthday are coming up!! i think it will be a good use for her when she does cooking for house chores with google 🙌🏼

  116. Hi Jemma/Google!! Here’s what a Google Home can do for a student like me:
    1. Remind us of upcoming events / deadlines for the week?! (idk can it sync with calendars??)
    2. Morning music alarm clock is definitely a plus <3
    3. Shower music that can turn off without your wet fingers on your phone…
    4. Double as a morning radio for my fav podcasts?? (do ppl actually do that.. i guess im kinda old skool)


  117. Hi Jemma,

    I have a friend who owns a Google Home Mini and similar to you, got it from the States a while back and have been in love with it ever since. I couldn’t seem to choose a favourite, however, I am gonna share 3 which I enjoy and would all call my favourite other than the ones you mentioned. I do enjoy the cheap thrill of just saying “Hey Google, *inserts tasks*” every time I visit him, and he would say “Hey Google, I’m home” and GHM would then go and say “Welcome home XXX” and would then go on to play music from his playlist. I personally think it’s a really cute gesture to have ‘someone’ welcome you home the moment you step in, and ten times better having your favourite tunes play the moment you come back! To me, it’s as though I’m coming home to the grandest ballroom with music chiming in the background telling you its time to waltz (or disco) into your room and settle in.

    Another thing is when you tell your GHM that you like something. I don’t know about others, but at least for me, I really like it when ‘someone’ is in agreement with my ideas, so maybe you can try saying “Hey Google, I really like this book I’m reading” and hopefully it would go “Okay!” or “That’s great!”. Music to my ears HAHA!

    Last pointer which I’m yet again happy with, you can connect your GHM with a Chromecast, and you can follow up by saying “Hey Google, play me a recommended YouTube video.” It will then cast to your Chromecast on your TV or whichever monitor and voila! A YouTube video playing without needing to physically use your phone!

    Thanks for such an opportunity, winning or not, as I hope someone out there reading this can hopefully incorporate these into their lives as well, just like how I enjoy the GHM despite spending only a few hours with it every time I’m visiting.


  118. Krystal Koh says:

    I LIVE for your reviews. You’re one of the few influencers/bloggers that i truly believe the product will live up to your review. I have been a huge fan of Google and I would love to have a Google home!! Honestly, being able to control the lights and devices in my room without living my bed is amazing enough, whatmore getting to wake up to a music alarm. That is amazing itself!! Can’t wait to live in the future w a Google home hehe,hope to win this giveaway! But anyhow, thanks for holding this giveaway and more importantly, the review of the product!! ❤️

    • Krystal Koh says:

      Actually, after thinking through again, I think my fav hack is that it will actually be able to remind me where I left my stuff!! I have a memory of a goldfish, so to be able to tell Google Home and have it remind me where my things are … That’s amazing and technology I really need 😂

  119. Hey hey! Thanks so much for sharing all these google home hacks that would be so damn useful if I win this! Just like you, I love all things tech-y and futuristic and I know it can only make our lives better. So when I saw all the other times that you’ve talked about Google Home made my heart itch for one! I think a major change that Google Home can do for my current life is definitely the alarm part when I can set an music alarm just by voice control and instead of fumbling around with my phone just to find the right track to wake me up (ain’t nobody got time for that so I ended up with the usual BEEP BEEEP BEEEEEEP for my mornings). Also, how great would it be to have someone to read out all the information I need first thing in the morning so i can be mentally prepared for the day! No one wants to wake up grumpy…. and then their whole day gets ruined. So pleeeeeease pick me, Jem!!! So that I can wake up a nice and approachable person and that i can also spread joy like you do right now!

  120. Hey Jemma, I think you’ve convinced me to get a Google Home. My life is crazy hectic everyday and my memory seems to be failing me slowly because getting old liao. Think it’s time to do away with a super wooper duperrr long manually keyed in to-do list everyday! LOVE THE FACT THAT GOOGLE HOME TELLS YOU YOUR SCHEDULE WHEN YOU WAKE / NEED IT! It’s like having a secretary without the lagtime. Definitely ready to embrace Google Home life!!!

  121. I have to admit it, my reasons for wanting a Google home has more to do with laziness rather than productivity. I love the idea of turning off my music when I’m ready to fall asleep without having the bright lights from my screen waking me up again. (having a personal assistant to remind me without ever sounding annoyed works too!)

  122. Leonie Kwee says:

    Hi Jemma!!! I would LOVEEEE this!! Just hearing the convenience of it is already mindblowing! I think what you can add more is that when you have a very busy day you list all the things and then connect it to your phone it would be soo cool!!! Like ‘somebody’ who is with you all the time and checks in whether you’ve done all those things, super cool!!

  123. Hazel Chia says:

    Hi Jemma! I’m so happy that Google Home is finally coming to Singapore!!!! As a student now, hearing music while studying always help me to concentrate better!! My favourite trick of the Google Home is the ability to control the music played through spotify and able to control the volume and skipping of tracks!!!! how convenient it is without needing to use the phone !!! That’s my favourite trick! 🙂

  124. Hey Jemma!

    My favourite tip has to be the google home announcing all the different items on our calender !!!! Im a very forgetful and careless person, i definitely would have a easier day!! Another tip would also have to be the broadcast tip! It is so much easier if you are able to broadcast, sadly you need two!! but it’s alright!!! it is still a fun & interesting tip where you can disturb people in your house & joke !! definitely be funny !!! 🙂

    Love, Hazel ❤️

  125. Hihi Jemma! I love it that google home is able to give me information on the spot without lifting a finger, let’s say I’m baking my favourite cake with butter all over my hands, I am able to just ask Google the exact measurements and proceed. GO GOOGLE!

  126. hi Jemma, i love google home because of how cool the technology is! I’m also a super not morning person – think Rachel Green @ mornings. the ability to get the google home to play a random song in the mornings would be great for me, especially if i don’t have anyone to wake me up. i really hope to win this so that i can have better mornings and more convenience in the house since i also own an Android phone so that will pair up nicely.

  127. Hello Jemma! A smart tip for google home is to provide suggestions on where to eat, drink and shop especially on a Friday night where i’m out with friends, but clueless as to where we should go for dinner and drinks! I might also get to explore places that i’ve never been!

  128. The other is multiple calendar support which rolled out at the end of last year. If you have several calendars you’d like your Google Home to see appointments and events in, this is where you can enable them. For example, I have a shared calendar with my husband where most of our tasks and events go and enabling it lets Home tell me about them when I ask it. Even better, I can set that shared calendar to be the default one events get created in, so when I ask my Home to add an appointment, it goes straight into it and my husband sees it as well.

  129. Kaori Sato says:

    The Google home is really so damn cool! The hack that I love most was that it can help me remember where I keep my things . This is like wow! Especially for forgetful person like me who always forgets where she place her stuff. I hope I can win this give away and enjoy such a great gadget that will make my life so much easier and awesome. 💕

  130. Sarah Azman says:

    Hi Jem!

    I have been eyeing for Google Home for the longest time and reading your post makes it sooo worth it to have it!
    Got my own place just last year and it will be nice to have Google Home to “manage” the house haha.
    I hope you pick me!

  131. Karmen Poh says:

    Hi Jemma! All the hacks sound so cool i need them in my life!! But i think my favorite is still waking up in the morning to music alarm instead of that annoying beeping alarm from iphone. I agree with you that it puts you in a much better mood for the day omg!! I also love the feature of helping me turn of my lights when I’m too lazy to move from my bed at night. I’m so lazy that I sometimes even just leave the lights on hahaha
    Thank you for this generous giveaway!! ((:

  132. Audrey Voon says:

    Hello Jemma! Google home sounds real cool it’s so hard to choose a favourite hack! Being a forgetful person that I am and having to do lists all the time, having Google to remind us our daily notes and remember where we left our things would be my favourite!

    I also love how it’s able to find out answers to random questions and such! Maybe Google home can help us during our exams period when we’re studying! Like, “Ok Google, name me an example of …… theory..”

    Perhaps we can use Google home to help me with phrasing sentences in mandarin for me when communicating with Chinese speaking friends via texts and as such. I’d always have to ask around or Google online to find out the right way to speak or phrase sentences in Mandarin. Maybe Google home could help people like me with that to make our mandarin sound less awkward. Heheh!

    Too many things to ask Google home it’s awesome!

  133. One of the things that I’d do with The Google Home is definitely telling them all my appointments and to dos for each day and have it letting me know every morning what should be done and what’s coming up. I’m not the most careless person but damn, I can’t remember every single thing yknow. Having Google Home would be a great companion, a companion that never forgets! Ok Google, can you remind Jemma to pick me.

  134. Melissa Yip says:

    Hey Jemma! My favorite hack would be to have Google switch off all the lights and fans at home with the help or the plug; hence having everyone in my family turning off unnessary electricity when they leave the house. Personally I think it’ll be dope to have Google help me with recipes while I bake/cook so that my dirty hands does not have to keep tapping on my phone/laptop just to check the recipe again and again. Moreover, I think I’ll be able to help convert the units by just asking Google.
    Thanks for this giveaway! I really do hope to win!

  135. Chelsea Han says:

    Favorite hack has definitely gotta be google reminding me where I place my stuff!!! I have always loved ”Ok google” function and this is a life changer!!! :’) I changed from a PIXEL XL to Iphone because I didn’t like the camera, but I wouldn’t mind having this!! :’)

    Thank you Jemma and Google for this giveaway!


  136. Hey Jemma!
    First of all I would like to thank you for the chance for us aka your readers to take part in this generous giveaway! A google mini home 10 years ago, was nothing but a dream. Activating your lights, music and other electronic stuff around your house seems all so cool and futuristic!! I had always wanted one of these as early as when the prototypes came around together with huge competitors like other brands! However, I would still choose google because it practically knows everything about me already and like what you said, wouldn’t be afraid of them listening to me 24/7. I WISH my friends were as attentive as Google joke though 😉 Still, this device could help me so much in my day to day activities and my first world problems! Thank you!

  137. Jasmine Chin says:

    Hey Jemma! I think you can try knock knock jokes when you’re bored! I guess it’ll be fun! Thank you for sharing this awesome write up on Google Home. Lately this have been the talk of the town but I haven’t really understand what it can be used for (except the futuristic lights thing) and I find it really engaging and helpful in day to day life! Hope I can get the experience too!


  138. Sng Li Shan says:

    I’m totally gonna use this for when I bake – when my hands are oily/floury and I can’t touch my phone to convert units! also, I have the same problem of fighting with my sisters over who turns off the light HAHAHA


    This is making me go crazy – how can technology grow so much so fast?! Google can remember stuff you tell them?! Like, what in the flying crazy world technology is that?! Holy guacamole. And even remember what you like?! I’m going to tell Google that I like High School Musical tracks. Omg I am excited to my bones.

    The internet in my house is absolutely dead at certain spots but I definitely hope to win this so that my parents can experience what a ‘technology home’ feels like. And if we do win it, I would be stocked to slowly implement more and more Google experience into their lives. Us, their kids, are growing up and may not always be there with them all the time, especially for dinner (as both my parents are working). I really think it will help them a lot more in their everyday lives and to give them that excitement and something to look forward to when they go home everyday.

    I absolutely love the setting timer mode – my dad would loooove this feature because of how precise he is when he is steaming dem fishes. My dad loves cooking and I would absolutely love to win this for him. Or for when mom is baking (although she rarely does because it’s tedious cleaning up but let’s hope she’ll be more motivated to bake with this new tech toy to assist her!) omg. I’m dying with excitement.

    And my dad deserves to win one because he has a gazillion tasks to do everyday and he can just go “Ok Google remember to pay xxx, remember to remind me to xxx” instead of saying OK GOOGLE TO ME BECAUSE RIGHT NOW, I AM HIS PERSONAL OK GOOGLE PERSON (and I still forget stuff because #iamonlyhuman),

    Please let my dad replace me with this Google Home awesomeness!

    Thanks Jemma for tying up with Google to let us have a chance of introducing OKAY GOOGLE into our lives.
    Thank you for always sharing the good stuff with us!

  140. Hi Jemma! How you doing(Wendy William Style)! I’ve been impressing my girl with my food recently, so much that she requests me to cook instead of going out for a meal. I’m sort of a germaphobe when it comes to cooking, I don’t like meddling around with books and phones referring to recipes while I am working on my meal. Google Home would my perfect sous chef as it can simply just narrate the steps/instructions and in any case where I am not sure of a certain ingredient, It can even search up the ingredient for me! This would be perfect! My girl and I have plans of bringing our hobby of cooking to the next level by starting up a small eatery in the future, but we do need to practice a lot more and Google Home would be perfect for us! And since we’re also students, Google home would be the best study buddy that would surely be more knowledgeable than anyone! This would be of so much help! & thank you for being so kind to arrange for giveaways!

  141. Rachel Mark says:

    I think my favourite Google Home hack would be how it can set reminders! I’m going to start studying in uni soon and I realised from my JC experience that I become super forgetful when I am very tired from cramming or training. So Google Home could help out in what I expect to be a very hectic uni life. I feel like having the device to boost my uni experience is damn futuristic and it’s like some next level education right there. Plus maybe I won’t feel so lonely in the dorm with Google to talk to haha.

  142. Hello Jemma! Really hope to win this google home for my mother!!!! She really likes it and her favourite tips has to be the controlling of music just by using your voice!! HOW COOL IS THAT HAHAH and my mum does not even have to leave the sofa and just say Ok google skip song or even Ok google lower the volume?? whaaaattt!!! incredible :))))))

  143. Teo E Jin says:

    Hi Jemma! I’ve always love the idea of smart home too!! I’m someone who often forgot about important items in my agenda & misplace my belongings. But after reading your Google Home review, I really think Google Home will aid many problems I faced. I really love the idea that i can have such a device that can remind me of where I place my belongings/ replying me whenever i ask random or appropriate question etc, without finding me annoying HAHA. With this said, my favourite function would be the command to remind me where I place my belongings 🙂

    I really hope to win this giveaway!!! Have been eyeing on this device ever since I saw you got it in the States.

  144. Vanessa Yeo says:

    Hello Jemma! It’s my first time commenting on your post ever even though I’ve followed you for a long time! My favourite Google Home Hack would be how it can recognize and respond to the commands of different voices when you have multiple devices in your home. I think that is really cool because I just think of all the pranks I could possibly pull on my brother using the Google Home like screwing up what he asked for HAHAHA – who knows, maybe I do a real good impersonation of his voice! Omgod think of all the possibilties you could do to frustrate your two sisters – that’s what siblings are for right HAHAHA! Anyway, I would just like to drop a note to you while I’m at this and say that the way you and Shane anger each other is hilarious (I’m referring to the “Your” balloon he sent you previously and the recent dick pic HAHAHA) I heard Google Homes does games too so maybe you can try that out with him and your friends 🙂

  145. Hello Jemma!
    I would really love to own a Google Home Set to show my parents the wonders of a technologically-advanced world. They are still hesitant about smart appliances that they don’t have much knowledge on, but that can be easily changed with a little time, patience, and user-friendly gadgets.

    That said, my favourite Google Home hack has to be the “Reminder” feature. As a college student, I always forget or mix up the countless due dates I have for my assignments. This is especially terrible during the infamous “Paper Submission Week” where I live in constant anxiety of messing up the deadlines. Having a terrible memory means that I have to constantly log back onto my school portal to ascertain each due date. A Google Home would be a lifesaver in ensuring that I would be able to keep track of life when it gets overwhelming.

    Thank you for sharing your experience with the Google Home Mini! It was such an entertaining read 🙂

  146. Wong Jia Qi says:

    Hi Jemma!
    OMG when I saw this I knew I had to take part. I’ve always wanted to get this but I can’t cuz I don’t have anyone I know going to places that retails it or neither am I able to go.
    This would be such a life save for me because I’m so so so forgetful. Having it remember stuff for me? It’s like a gift from god. I always had to repack my room just to find that one thing I need or just go without it anyways. This will save my time alot and also be a great addition to my new home I’m getting soon 🙂
    I hope I can win it! A great day to you loves ^_^

  147. The daily briefing hack sounds awesome!! I hope I can win the google home coz it sounds incredibly awesome. I can imagine it in my life already!

  148. Jacquelyn Pang says:

    I cannot pick my favourite Google Home hacks because I love how each and every hack that we have and will ever have will go as far as where our creativity takes us! It’s basically endless possibilities! Having Google Home is akin to having one more brain (except that it is definitely smarter and definitely has better memory than mine). Whatever we forget, Google Home remembers. Whichever type of conversion we want to do, Google Home can give us the answer immediately. Tell me who doesn’t have the problem of having to get out of bed to switch off the main light source? Google Home solves it too! Choosing your favourite song to wake up to with just 1 voice command? GENIUS! (secretly dissing the multiple settings to get my fav tune on iPhone alarm) Ohhhhh I love Google Home! Thank you Jemma for the giveaway! I really would want to have this extremely smart and aesthetically pleasing Google Home mini at home!

  149. My favourite is the hack for the morning briefing, gets you ready for the day!
    I guess another thing you could try is getting it to read the recipes while you cook/bake!

  150. Huang Hui En says:

    Thank you for sharing Jemma, and for organising the give-away! Would love to have a Google Home in the kitchen. I just started cooking regularly and it has been a real pain fiddling with my phone while handling food. Would love to have a Google Home to help me set a timer or to read out key points of a recipe that I am following (y’know, using the “remember” function). Currently… I am usually frantically trying to wash my hands between handling the food and my (inevitably oily and dirty) phone. Plus, I’m always struggling with unlocking my phone in the middle of cooking and prep.

    I dream of a day when I am not frantically running around like a headless chicken in the kitchen (lol).

  151. hey Gemma & Google, thank you so much for hosting this giveaway! 🙂 Like you Gemma, my grandma is an avid reader! Unfortunately, she started losing her sight a few years ago, and could no longer read physical books due to the small font sizes. Today, she is almost completely blind but she still indulges in literature via audiobooks – which I would buy online and load it via Bluetooth to her radio. As you can probably imagine, she can only truly enjoy an audiobook when someone is home with her since she needs help with the choosing and loading of the audiobook, the playback to the previous /move on to the next chapter, and even the pausing of the audiobook while she relieves herself in the toilet. But with Google Home, my grandma will no longer need to wait and rely on us. She can play and control her audiobook as and how she wishes!! 🙂 Additionally, Google Home would really help to relieve many of her daily life struggles such as walking to the wall to switch off the lights, making a phone call and sending a text message! Please let me win this beautiful Mother’s Day gift for her! THANK YOU SO MUCH! ♥

  152. ‘Hey Google, you there?’
    ‘Will you light up my life (house) for me?’

    ‘Hi there, Google?’
    ‘I’m hungry. could u read me a quick recipe that includes tomatoes and eggs?’

    ‘Oh hey Google!’
    ‘before I sleep, could you set Moana’s -How Far i’ll Go as my wake up alarm pls? It’ll do my day a great favour!’

    ‘Thank you Google for being a part of my life for fulfilling my geek home dream!’
    (Psst…u totally my bae #minimalistapproved


    Thank you Jemma! 💙

  153. Ziying Ong says:

    Hullo! My favourite Google Home hack is probably the ability to have my questions answered just by speaking to it!! No more having to find my phone and type in my queries!! Especially the money and baking conversions! Imagine if you are having an argument over a statistic or fact, and you can just stop and ask Google to settle it for you on the spot,wow, the satisfaction at being right without frantically tapping on to the phone and sieving through answers ! The ability to switch off the lights is great too especially for those nights after watching or reading horror like Reddit’s nosleep. I’m rather afraid of the dark and this will allow me to switch on the lights without worrying about monsters under my bed catching me when I wake up to pee!

    Another reason why I would really want a Google Mini is so that I can download Pikachu Talk to fulfill my Pokemon dreams of having a conversation with Pikachu! Instead of the drab responses, there will be cute “Pika” and “Pika-pi”!! It will even sing Happy Birthday in Pikachu-nese as welll! SO CUTEEEEE

    Thanks for the giveaway! Crossing my fingers and hoping a new family member will come home with me!!

  154. Shermaine Kim says:

    Hey Jemma!

    For every young hustler out there, a Google Home will definitely be a handy tool. I don’t know about you, but with more things to do at work every single day, I tend to become a little more like ‘Dory’ on a daily basis. Like for a minute, I can remember what are the things that I need to do, and the next moment, I have no recollection of it at all… Well, I guess it’s just like Dory where he will go, ‘Hi, have we met? I’m Dory’. So I’m guessing that having a Google Home will help me remember my tasks better.

    To add on, I think another amazing function is how Google Home can read the news to you on a daily basis. I would really love that as I am trying to pick up the habit of reading and to know more about daily news and things happening around the world. Hoping to increase my general knowledge where I can apply to my work.

    Thank you for sharing Google Home with everyone. I’m sure any of the lucky winners you picked will definitely cherish it and make the best out of it. Well, have a great weekend ahead.

    Continue being you and empower the future as a strong and capable woman! Just like me, I’m sure there are many out there hustling and doing their best! x

  155. Hi Jemma –
    First time trying my luck at this. I would love the Google Assistant because:
    1. It’s brilliant – it talks it plays you music it tells you the important stuff and keeps you company when no other humans can
    2. It’s convenient – a student/a home maker/a working professional, all of whom makes up my family composition under one roof.
    3. It’s pretty – not too bulky like the 10 year old radio we have which we could really use some update on.

    P.S. the radio is always turned on at home except when we’re asleep so rest assured the gadget will be put damn well to use.

    If you could, do send the Google Home this way. 🙂

  156. Sandy Oh says:

    Hi Jemma!!

    My favourite function is definitely google home being able to remember where I put my things. Because as kiasu singaporeans, we tend to keep a little too much things at times and it’s SO IRRITATING when i lose things like my IC or glasses at home and replacing them/finding them becomes so tough.

    And..Well I guess google home would be kinda cool cause I can wish my dad good morning when he goes to work really early since I dont see him as often as I like due to our schedules.

    Finally, I’ll be going on a student exchange in a few months, and I think google home would be great because i can keep recordings or what not of my family in the cloud and google home can bring a little piece of home to me wherever I am in the world.

  157. Samantha says:

    Hi Jemma! I haven’t had the opportunity to try the technology, but last year while I was prepping some content I already read about Google home and I thought the voice control for lights was pretty cool?! I watched mr bean as a kid, and one episode, he shot the light bulb (yes shot w a gun!!) before turning in lolol and I guess that resonated with me because I have *never* forgotten that episode, and it’s been a good 10 years at least already! I /need/ lights that are voice controlled!!

    But uhm yea you already know about that HAHA so I googled. And apparently, you can find your phone w google home! Just say “Ok Google, find my phone’, and your phone will supposedly ring, so that’s great for days where you could possibly be distracted and leave your phone somewhere completely unexpected.

  158. Hey Jemma!

    I think one of my favourite feature of Google home is how useful it will be in the kitchen. When I bake/cook, my hands are dirty and sometimes it’s very irritating to have to wash my hands halfway and google how many grams is one stick of butter etc. So with Google home, I can just get those answers without dirtying my phone/washing my hands hahahah! I think that’s pretty cool.

    Additionally, I also think that checking traffic conditions will be especially useful for my parents, since they enjoy going to JB but hates the jam. With Google home updating about the traffic conditions on the causeway, my mum doesn’t have to keep using her phone to check every now and then anymore.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway 🙂 This was such a good read and I really hope I can get my hands on Google home! *cross fingers*

  159. Chua Si Yun says:

    Hello Jemma! Omg i want a Google Home too! So futuristic and convenient! I have always imagine having a house with all these high tech and automated devices, like those in the movies! It is like a childhood dream! I would definitely use it for almost anything – wakeup call, listening to the news in the morning and playing musics around the house! And for a dory fish like me who forgets my stuffs easily, google home is awesomee!!

  160. Hello Jemma! I really want one too after seeing all your ig stories and reading how convenient everything is. I am expecting and it will definitely be a breeze to control everything via Google home while I’m resting. Talk about making life easier! It can’t get better than sitting on a couch and asking Google to help me change songs, remind me etc. I really hope to win this!

  161. Jacklyn Neo says:

    Hi Jemma!

    My favourite one is the “good morning” hack. I’m imagining all the possible ways it can make my mornings magical. If you could programme all your smart devices to activate before you wake, imagine this.. waking up to the fragrance of freshly brewed coffee, clean floors (your Roomba has already vacuumed your house while you were sleeping), fresh toast.. the possibilities seem endless!

  162. I’m actually in China for exchange and have been for the past 7 months and will be going home in a few more months and i think coming here really widened by eyes to how amazing and fast technology is developing – I can live through my mobile phone for EVERYTHING (money/food/transport). My family have been here to visit and they’ve seen how easy living has been in china and they really love it too. I’ve actually been thinking of getting a google home or alexa soon so that i can continue this tech-advanced lifestyle that i’ve come to love and to share them with my family (my parents definitely need a young tech savy person to help introduce new gadgets in the house haha)… also because i have been searching on google home’s release in sg for a long time just so i can get it when i’m back and then i saw your post so, why not give it a try right! :>

  163. My favourite hack of the Google Home will be the morning briefing & getting it to remember stuff for me. I am someone that always have tons of things i wanna do and i love the idea of saying it to someone and hope to be reminded, with google home “eavesdropping” on me, i will be able hopefully be reminded that i have to my errands, calls or to-do list without me asking someone to remember for me and ask the person again what did i get it to remind me.

    With morning briefing, it will help me get organised, have a roundup of my day and set me ready to get out of my house to work or to where ever i am heading to. With google home, i will be able to get a “morning briefing” by my smart ass “PA” while i am doing my makeup/getting ready and get an rough idea on what i have in plan and have to do for the day, get brief on the latest news before i leave the house.

    I really hope i have a chance to win this so i can better organised my life of 101-todos and random dreams i have in the middle of the night of things i have to do the next day in case my boss scold me. I can now tell it to google home when i dream in the middle of the night and i can ask it the next day what it is. Please bless me with these smart conveniences!! 😀 THANK YOU!

  164. Hello Jemma, I never understood why my Fiancé is so into smart homes until this post of yours – which has since widened my knowledge and perspective on how Google Home can bring so much convenience and increase our quality of life!

    My fiancé and I recently got the keys to our new flat and have been doing extensive research into building our smart abode. I can already foresee our favourite hack to be the daily morning brief which to me, acts like a personal assistant except that it’s virtual! I think it would bring so much convenience into our morning routines especially with the calendar reminders because we can be quite forgetful at times 😛

    Oh and another google home hack (inspired by a friend) is for drawing the curtains open and close. To draw it close, she says “Ok Google, darkness descends…” and to open, “Ok Google, let there be light..” This is a super cool hack imo!! Of course this would require a motorized curtain set-up.

    This renovation journey has been quite lengthy and research-extensive and I really hope to win and gift a Google Home to my Fiancé, and for us! I think he will be extremely happy to receive this!

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!! 🙂


  165. Definitely didn’t know that Google Home is available in SG now so this is welcome news! Can’t wait to make my home just that little bit smarter so thanks for sharing that TP light trick!

  166. hi Jemma! i would love to have a Google home because who doesn’t after seeing how cool it is?! okay, but that aside, i think it would be a great addition to any home (esp my home, haha) for a lazy ass like me who loves to lie in bed and take naps which eventually turn into long naps just because i hate to set an alarm, physically, on my phone after lying comfortably. That Google home function would make such a chore a breeze! Not to mention that i can wake up to songs rather than irritating phone alarms. It would be perfect to have this!!! Thank you for hosting this giveaway!! 🙂

  167. I love the music function best. For me, music and scent really makes the atmosphere relaxing, and doing it wirelessly is a great way to ease into your day, and to ease your return home after a long day!

  168. Hi Jemma! My favourite hack would be the morning briefing – I love how it really tells your schedule and keeps you feeling more organised and sure for the day (it feels just like having your own PA!) I think it’s a feature that will prove to be really important to me, seeing that I’m in my final year of Uni and all I want to be is *not* a mess :’) It would be amazing to live alongside with Google!

  169. Geraldine says:

    Hi Jemma, My favourite tips has to definitely be able to check my schedule just by asking “Ok google, what is my first meeting? ” SO CONVENIENT !!!!! AND ALSOOOO, of course the ability to control music with words! 🙂 Love the technology and simplicity hehe.

  170. Hello Jemma, My favourite tip has to definitely be controlling of music with voice! Just say “Ok google, play music from Spotify” So convenient, even when my hands are dirty, i do not have to touch my phone and change music or louder!!! Just say and it shall change! 🙂

  171. Hi Jemma – first time I’m participating in your giveaway because I’m really awed by the functionality of Google Home!

    My favourite Google Home hack is definitely the ease of setting alarm. Similar to your mum, my mum also loves taking a short break while waiting for the food to be cooked – be it watching drama or playing ‘Candy Crush’ on her phone. With Google Home, this means that my mum can better keep track of time and enjoy that short break without worrying what she’s cooking might get burnt.

    I think another good use of Google Home would be its music function which can be great for some quality family time. Blasting our favourite Jay Chou songs where everyone in the family can sing along (yes, my parents love Jay Chou too) or just playing some relaxing music at night as we wind down a hectic week at work and school – there’s a moment where everyone can come together to enjoy some quality time with one another.

    Thank you for hosting this! Really hoping to win this giveaway as I think it’ll be a great gadget for not only me, but also my family.

    Emai: kayleen.osy@gmail.com

  172. Hi Jemma so glad you wrote this blog post! I’ve been thinking of getting one for myself for the longest time but being a broke student means getting a google mini = no food for a week >.<

    Anyways, my fav Google home hack right now would definitely be the currency conversion! I recently moved to japan for uni and it has never been more frustrating to budget my expenses. When all your expenses are in JPY yet your brain is stuck in SGD mode and asking for allowance from mom who calculates in IDR, some high level conversion is bound to fry your brain cells. The thought of having a google home to do it for me had me squealing.

    But other than that, I have a few more hacks that may not seem as grand yet a lifesaver for some:

    1. Translation – The struggle to learn Japanese is real! Having google home by my side to translate instead of typing into my phone once in a while is certainly a yes to a more productive study session.

    2. Bus time – This is a great hack if you’re always in a rush. Instead of checking the bus on the go you can simply ask google while getting ready to head out. If you live in SG I'm pretty sure you can ask google to check the bus using SGNextBus. Too bad the place where I moved to has no app for bus routes for this hack 🙁

    So these are just some of the hacks I’d like to share and thanks for hosting this giveaway! <3

  173. Lynn Chai says:

    Hi Jemma!

    My favourite hack of the futuristic Google Home would be it’s morning briefing functions and ability to play music alarms! These features highly appeal to me and I can’t imagine how life-changing it’s gonna be if I get to own one! The potential of the Google Home seems endless and is probably. If I get to win it, I would love to experiment and try it in many different ways such as by using it to book a ride, do some online shopping, check on the weather in other countries and many more!!!🤪 I also love the fact that it can understand Singaporean accents/Singlish, which is a big bonus as a smart assistant to my family.

    Thank you for hosting the giveaway!! 🙂❤️

  174. Nicole Teh says:

    Hi Jemma!

    I love the morning briefing hack you use you Google home for! Not being a morning person at all, that actually sounds like a pretty sick AND productive way to wake up every morning. Would definitely use the Google home to brodcast selected news every morning considering that’s such a time efficient way to get started for the morning while brushing up!
    Other than the hacks you mentioned, i would use my Chromecast with my Google home! This way i can get Google to play a youtube video on my TV without funbling for my remote control or i can start the latest episode of designated survivor from my kitchen to play the intro whilst i get my drinks amd snacks ready for the episode! Ah the things you can do with a google home!! Would love to win one x

  175. Glen Tan says:

    Hi Jemma thanks for sharing this post! Already makes me feel like purchasing a Google Home for myself, haha!
    One particular google home hack would be to verbally ask Google home to set the following day’s alarm with a song of my choice, which to me seems to be REALLY helpful since I sleep like a log. Maybe if I wake up to my favourite song, it’ll lift up my spirits to start to dreary daily hustle.. hope to win it!!
    Secondly I’ve watched some Youtubers play trivias with the Google home- it really is a good bonding activity and I hope I can use it to bond with my friends when I invite them over for the night!! 🙂

  176. Hi Jemma!! Omg there are so many cool hacks I can’t even decide my favourite!!!

    But I feel like there’s something I will use A LOT??? Which is the phone finder hehe.

    I am super blur and prone to losing my phone, but as I’m always in the lecture theatre or library, I tend to set my phone to “do not disturb” mode even! Worse than silent mode cause my phone won’t even vibrate hahaha. With Google Home, I can just ask Google!!!!!! And it will call my phone hehe. Excited de!!! To a no losing of phone and flipping my duvet and pillow days.

    Would love to win this really a lot!!!!!


  177. I was super bummed that I missed the black friday sales in USA, when this Google home mini was on sale!!!
    But now super glad it’s now retailing in SG.

    My favourite tip would be… remembering where I left my keys 😂😂
    Or practically asking Google to remember things that I’ll forget — where’s my keys, what time to sleep by LOL
    I believe my life as a working adult will never be the same with a home assistant like Google Home!

  178. As someone on the brink of graduating from uni and starting work life, I think a Google Home will be an amazing addition to my life, because I always have so much difficulty getting my arse out of bed every morning! Imagine someone (read: me) being completely used to scheduling late morning and afternoon/evening classes for four whole years, who is suddenly struck with the realisation that she’s got to wake up at 6am every morning in a few weeks’ time. How???

    If I win one, the first time I’ll do is buy those Philips lights that you mentioned because I am just blown away by the Google Home’s ability to schedule the lights to turn on at specified timings. I’m pretty sure waking up to an brightly lit room will help deter me from hitting the snooze button (ok I’ll still hit it, but only once. I promise).

    This will only be improved by the fact that I can now wake up to Kendrick Lamar serenading me (yes you read that right, serenade. Let me win this and I will rap the whole of Humble for you, please), followed by my Google Home listing out my plans for the day. I will definitely list out the various to-dos and deadlines I have to meet at work which would be just the right kick I need to get up in the mornings – and the rest of the day will just automatically fall into place.

    Lastly, thank you for organising this giveaway, and for being an amazing internet person!

  179. Hey Jemma!!! Would just like to let you know first that I really love your recommendations; am currently waiting for Lazada’s birthday sale to purchase my Chromebook! 🙂 am really loving the Chiang Mai post too & considering a trip there after my internship ends! I really look forward to more of your recommendations, be it tech, lifestyle or travel!
    I love the daily briefing feature! Especially the part when Google gives you a quick summary of news around the world! It’s perfect for a student like me who HAS to keep up with the news but sometimes do not have that much time to sift through the heaps of news articles. Also perfect for me to remember the 10000 group project meetings that I have in the day when the sem gets busy.
    Just trying my luck but would love love love to really get my hands on it x thanks Jemma!

  180. Hi Jemma!

    I would love a google home mini for so many reasons, but I think one of the most useful hacks would be the ability to set reminders! I always work on my essays until late at night and get some of my best ideas right before I sleep but it’s usually a 50/50 chance I get up and write them down, or I dream that I’ve written them down and fall asleep anyway…

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!!

  181. Hi Jemma. I have also been in a “serious” relationship with my smart speaker, a US version of the Amazon Alexa I purchased half a year ago, and I can’t deny how mind blowing it is to own a smart speaker in your home. It feels exactly like owning a gadget from a futuristic sci-fi flick and it’s definitely not exaggerated to those who own it to say that they are living in the future.
    My girlfriend (hi Lynn!!! ❤️) was first skeptical when she heard I had bought myself a smart speaker and thought it was just another tech toy I splurged on. However, she was wowed by the functionalities of the speaker after she saw the convenience it had brought to my life and had become a fan herself; now, I even have to fight with the speaker to get more of my girlfriend’s attention when she pops by my house.
    There have been some shortcomings in using a US version in terms of compatibility with apps and whatnots. I have been anticipating the launch of the Singapore version of the Google Home since I read news about it and would love to get my girlfriend one of these goodies so she can also enjoy using it at the comfort of her home.

    Wei Ming

    • Lynn Chai says:

      Oh my goodness!!!! Hi there, sweetheart.. chanced upon this while checking out the other entries lol 😢❤️ That’s really sweet of you..☺️

  182. Hi Jemma! Thank you for hosting this giveaway. My fiancé has brought up the idea of having a Google home when we move into our own place next year, but I’ve never really been convinced until reading your post!

    There are sooo many amazing hacks that I really couldn’t decide which one is my favourite but I’ve narrowed it down to 2! First, turning off the lights! I can already imagine us fighting over who should get out from under the snuggly comforters to turn off the room lights, so this would be a good hack that I foresee us using daily.

    The second one would be to broadcast a message to the rest of the house! Okay, I admit, sometimes I’m too lazy to move my ass from the room/couch to tell my fiancé something, so I end up raising my voice from wherever I am, which he absolutely hates! Other times, I pick up my phone to call his even though we’re in the same house (which doesn’t always work because he’s not always with his phone). Now, I can just broadcast a message, and hopefully he’ll have no qualms with that, because, I’m not raising my voice after all hehe!

  183. Jewel Chai says:

    Hello Jemma, thank you so much for your generosity in the detailed sharing your first-hand user experience with Google Home here! As excited as I am for my new home finally after 3 years plus of wait, this will definitely be a perfect addition for tech geeks like my Husband and I… oh his birthday is just next month (May) and if you can grant me this wish, this will make a timely birthday surprise to him!🎂🍰 Especially each time we are in any of the shopping malls, it has always been his favourite activity on our dates to “window-shop” for the latest tech gadgets at Courts / Best / Gain City / Challenger / Newstead / Harvey Norman / Apple / Xiao Mi stores 🙌🏻😍 Hope to capture his ♥️ again and renew our love with this lucky giveaway !

  184. Annabel Huang says:

    Dear Jemimah & Google,

    I would like to win this mini google home device for my retired dad.
    He’s handicapped and I thought having the mini Google home will be of great help for him.
    He is always at his room watching shows and I think it will be great if he could just use this device to control his TV, lights & fan so he don’t have to do much walking unnecessarily.

    However I guess the best and most favourite hack will be getting GH to be his handy reminder.
    I think it will be great if he ever misplaced his stuff and pre-empt Google where he placed his stuff. I was amazed when you shared on your post you actually informed your mini GH where you placed your ibanking dongle and it remembers it for you. How convenient!
    It will be very useful for him to say “Hey Google, please remember that I’ve watered the plants today!” since he love his plants but his age is catching up and tends to be forgetful nowadays.

    I am really looking forward to have this mini GH at home to be my dad best mate when he’s home alone. I also hope my dad will be as happy as I am if I win this for him.

    For my 74yr old pop, may the odds be ever in your favour! 🤞🏼✨

  185. Hi Jemma! I love how the Google Home can remember things for you! It will be like my second brain! It will be so handy for a forgetful person like me (always joking to my friends that I can totally relate to dory). It would be so amazing to wake up to my favourite songs and have Google Home list out my agenda for the day. Now that I have started working full time, adulting is hard! Having to keep track of my bills, my work deadlines and my social life calendar, this will definitely improve my life and make adulting a little easier.

    Thanks for the giveaway! xx

  186. Hi Jemma!

    I’ve always felt the Google Home was something unnecessary, but after reading your post, I now feel that it’s a useful gadget to have at home!

    As I’m quite an absent-minded person, the feature I will definitely use most will be to get it to remember stuff like where I placed things or what page of my book I stopped at.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  187. HI JEMMA!! 🙂
    omg I think my favourite part of the Google Home is that it really brings technology to a whole new level! like its so easy to use, and engaging! perfect for my non-tech savvy parents who dont know how use their smartphones! now instead of fumbling around, then can just ask Google for help, much faster too!
    If they had a Google home, they’ll have someone to answer all their questions patiently, like “how do i check the weather?” so its a win-win for both me and them! HAHA just kidding of course i still help them when they need help with tech :’)
    and the most useful hack for my forgetful parents will definitely be the one where they can store reminders of where they left their stuff! no more “where are my car keys?” “where did you put my earphones?” “where the hell did my specs go?” HAHA
    Thanks Jemma & Google!

  188. Hello Jemma

    I would love to enjoy the revamped sleeping experience like you did!
    “Hey google, help me relax”, and next thing I’d be fast asleep. zzZ

    Hope I can win this giveaway!

  189. Charlene says:

    Hi Jemma!

    I guess my favourite hack would be asking google to remember where I place stuff. I’ve been late for work so many times because I forgot that I placed my handphone in the bathroom, or the kitchen, or in the clothes wardrobe, in silent mode no less!! If I can get Google home at least I won’t be late for work any more! Or so I hope! It’d be really good to use the broadcast option as well; letting in laws know when to leave, when it’s time to leave, or when we’re back home! Also I can’t wait to see the look on my dog’s face; looking forward to confuse her when I’m not in the same room as her!

  190. Hello! There are so many things Google Home can help me with but the FIRST function that got me really wanting it is what I saw many people sharing on the internet – switching off the lights! I have night blindness and all the lights are out of reach from my bed; basically I knock into wardrobes and the bed frame (and everything else that’s in the way) every morning AND night. Bruises are pretty much taken up permanent residentship on my limbs and forehead T_T hope I can win this!!!

  191. Hey jemma!

    I love the reminders and broadcasting functions of the Google home that you mentioned! Getting this would be such an amazing addition to the house cause i live in a three storey house with my grandma’s room on the second floor- i bet she would love to use the broadcast function in a house full of grandkids without having to hunt around the house for all of us or to use it in place of the little dinner bell she has!!! Not to mention the reminder function which would be sooo good in helping her keep track of where she keeps her spectacles or her little knicknacks.
    Will definitely also teach my grandma how to get google to tell her a joke a day so she can be entertained whenever she’s bored or we’re at work ☺️

  192. Amanda Lee says:

    Hi Jemma!

    my favourite hack would definitely be the morning briefing:) I will get stressed out if i dont have my to-dos and events noted down on my phone so winning this would definitely be a bonus to my daily routine!!

  193. Definitely will make my student life more efficient with Google home!

  194. rebecca o says:

    My favourite Google Home Hack is… The Morning Protocol!! I have the habit of checking my schedule, the weather, and my don’t-forget list every morning before I get out of bed and as you can imagine, it takes me a long time having to flick through app after app on my phone after I wake up. Having Google Home beside me and reading me everything when I wake up would literally be the most AWESOME thing ever. Thanks for another great post! X

  195. Wei Liang says:

    I love google home because it allows me to live wirelessly ~~~~

  196. Looks like I have missed the deadline for the Google Home Mini Giveaway. Nevertheless, my office has one and it is a very cool device. We use it to schedule meetings, play songs, check the weather and traffic and more. My favorite color is the grey & white, but your charcoal one is very pleasing to the eyes as well.


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