#2108 | Graphic Graphic


Creative work: Martin Hong
Client: Kenzo Parfums
Hair: Mervyn from Hairloom

So right after my Laneige film concluded I had a job come my way to shoot a freeform ad for Kenzo, and of course I engaged Martin to conceptualise and create the piece since he’s the strangest person I know. It’s actually a GIF, but I quite like it as stills too so I’m putting it here just for the memories. The actual ad went live on instagram awhile back, and I absolutely love how old school cinema the visuals are styled by. From Kdrama romance to avant garde it seems there is nothing my friend cant do. (And yes, I am generally very proud of my friends!)



  1. blossompuff says:

    Absolutely love posts like this!! I admire your writing so much!!! I genuinely feel that out of so many bloggers in Singapore, you’re one of the few who deserve to be up there (in fact I think you’re pretty underrated). Although I have to admit I’m not a loyal reader (rarely read blogs nowadays cos yknow uni students don’t have a lot of time haha) but whenever I need some inspiration I would always come to your blog :). Love the writing, love the content, love the authenticity. Thank you so much for being an inspiration! Keep up the good work, Jem!

    P.S. Have you ever thought of writing your own book one day? I’ll definitely be the first to buy it if you came out with your own book! 😀

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