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Me and my biggest fan

Hey hey guys,

In the way of life updates, I gave two interviews recently and they both came out over the last week! So I thought I should put it here because people say nice things about me in the interviews, and I love compliments. HAHAHA.

My interview with Alvinology here


My interview with Marketing Interactive here

But in random musings and observations – all my media snippets of late have been using the same picture of me at Singapore Fashion Week two years ago, which is a sure sign that I really need to either 1. take better pictures or 2. go for yoga more regularly, because I’m pretty sure that photo is the last time my chin was relatively sharp. I SAID RELATIVELY! RELATIVELY TO NOW! Don’t go nuts on me u crazies.

Yah ok so that’s all I really had to say. Bye bye.



  1. that Bukowski poem/quote at the end was on point. as always. im gonna re-read it so many times it gets etched in my mind.

    also, I know DWP was a few posts ago, but ergh, it was such an amazing Netflix series. so, so relevant and fulfilling. did you watch/like Black Mirror??

    • jemmawei says:

      Ahhh Black Mirror was a hit and miss. My favourite episode was the christmas special at the end of season two, White Christmas. The rest had their ups and downs!

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